Quiz: Do You Suffer From Affluenza?

After his lawyer argued that he suffered from affluenza, and thereby didn’t know that not every circumstance could simply be fixed with money, 18-year-old North Texan Ethan Couch was given 10 years probation for killing four people in a drunk-driving incident.

And now, following a clear beer pong-related violation of that probation, Couch is on the run from authorities, proving once again that he just doesn’t get it.

If anything, this recent news has got us thinking that maybe affluenza is a legit thing after all.

In turn, like all good hypochondriacs, we then started wondering if it’s something we too can catch.

Do you have to be born with it? Is it contagious? Is it terminal?

So many questions! Before answering any of those, though, we’ve got to figure out if you’ve already caught affluenza. You can skip the doctor, though, because there’s a quiz for that.

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