Love Was In The Air At DJ Sober’s Satin Sheets Party.

[Slideshow] DJ Sober Took His Recurring Valentine’s Day Party To The Top Of Jefferson Tower This Year. And, As Expected, A Sexy Vibe Followed.

All photos by Manuel Frayre.

We’re pretty committed around here to the fact that 214 Day > Valentine’s Day, as far as February 14 holidays go.

But, hey, if you live in Dallas and news of 214 Day has yet to enter your sphere and/or your heart hasn’t yet blackened to accept the notion that Valentine’s Day is but a massive capitalistic conspiracy, then the party for you to look forward to each February 14 is without a doubt DJ Sober’s recurring (and sex-positive!) Satin Sheets bash, which for years now has proven itself an alluring time.

The same was true of this year’s offering, which went down this past Thursday night at Oak Cliff’s Jefferson Tower — a place Sober’s come to know fairly well in recent memory through various pop-up events he’s hosted there. What was different about this year’s party, though, was that it didn’t come with a bedroom-ready mix from Sober to help attendees get into the right mindset for the function.

Perhaps that’s because Sober was busy these last few weeks preparing a new exclusive mix of dance tracks for the folks over at The Fader? That mix, which you can listen to below, checks off a lot of the same boxes as Sober’s Satin Sheets series of mixes do, albeit with a far-less-heightened laser-focus on R&B.

Hit play on it as you scroll through the above Manuel Frayre-snapped slideshow from this year’s party, which also included guest DJ sets from frequent Sober collaborator Sudie and Viva Latina, plus hosting efforts from model Chasity Samone.

Combined, these sounds and images are a definite vibe.

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