First Event From DJ Sober’s New Brand Is Leon Bridges Birthday Bash At It’ll Do On July 7, Where A Portion Of The Ticket-Sale Proceeds Will Go To Charity.

One of the more charming things about the North Texas music scene is that, even though he’s long broken out and become a global star since having himself one of the single-greatest years in music boasted by any area musician in history, soul revivalist and R&B crooner Leon Bridges can still be spotted out in the wild on a regular basis, hamming things up and partying alongside schlubs like you and me.

Among the more surefire places where he can be spotted? Pretty much wherever DJ Sober is, basically. Like Dirk Nowitzki before him, Bridges has become an unabashed fan of Sober’s noted ability to blend anything from indie rock and classic hip-hop to modern-day trap and smooth R&B into his sets.

So perhaps this bit of news shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise: When Bridges turns 28 years old next month, he’ll celebrate that fact during a party helmed by Sober.

On July 7, DJ Sober will host an event called “Leon Bridges’ B-Day Bash” at the It’ll Do Club in East Dallas. Notably, the event is also serving as the very first in the resume of Sober’s new event production and promotions agency called Them Two, which he’s formed alongside his manager and business partner, Rosalinda Ruiz.

In addition to a turn-up, the party will also serve as a philanthropic affair, as a portion of the proceeds from the $20 tickets to the event will be donated to the Keen Group, which “delivers innovative environmental education, health education and the arts programs to youth” within Tarrant County, where Bridges resides.

This is one of two cool announcements out of Bridges’ camp today, as it was also announced this morning that Bridges will tour South America next summer as the opening performer on a five-city run from the increasingly palatable Harry Styles.

Whether Bridges will also perform at his birthday party on July 7 is less obvious, although, the flyer does promise some “surprise performances,” and, well, Leon already has a history of performing at other people’s birthday parties around town, so… well… y’know.

Them Two presents Leon Bridges’ B-Day Bash with DJ Sober on July 7 at the It’ll Do. Head here for tickets and more information.

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