On The Republican National Convention, Melania Trump, Alex Jones and Baseball Computer Hacks.

If you’re a listener of KTCK 1310-AM or 96.7-FM, you probably feel like you already know TC Fleming and Jake Kemp well. And if you’re not a listener of The Ticket? Well, whatever. You’re about to get real familiar with these two just the same through their own channel of this podcast called It’s Just Banter. Wanna hear past episodes? You can check out IJB’s archives here and on our Soundcloud page. Wanna subscribe to the podcast on iTunes? Do so here.

Did you guys know the Republican National Convention is going on right now? It is, and we spend the first half of this podcast discussing it.

Me, I think it’s dumb that Melania Trump’s speech has become such a flashpoint. All speeches written by someone else anyways, right? Maybe we should be paying a little less attention to that, and a little more to the fact her husband is trying to build a wall between us and Mexico. Also, Alex Jones was at the RNC and that was fun!

In the second half, Jake and I try to think over how we would have handled things if we’d been the judges in the trial of the St. Louis Cardinals employee who hacked into the Houston Astros’ computers. The real judge gave him almost four years in prison, and we just think that’s nuts.

Listen in and find out why! — TC Fleming


















































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