Dallas Beer Kitchen Fights Through Lower Greenville Construction Woes With Its Adult Happy Meals.

Been to Lower Greenville recently? No one will blame you if the experience elicited a feeling somewhere between exasperated and “OMG FUCK THIS SO HARD.” All the construction going on that way these days is an inconvenience to say the least.

Frustrating as it may be for you and me, though, it’s even more of a kick in the pants for the businesses along that strip.

But rather than suffering through the headache, at least Dallas Beer Kitchen, which was recently saved from the brink of closing, is doing something about it, aiming to put a smile back on its crowds’ faces through a new offering it’s colloquially calling an “adult happy meal” that serves food and beer pairings in a single package.


“It was just us listening to the customers talk about what they enjoyed, and how they liked just coming in here,” new general manager Abel Cisneros says of the new item. “We have customers that’ll come in three or four times a week, and they’ll say, ‘It just makes me happy.’ And I’ll say, ‘I know, it’s like an adult happy meal.'”

In place of the golden arch’s traditional cheeseburger or questionably edible chicken nuggets, DBK’s adult happy meals include options such as chicken-fried chicken (a gravy-smothered chicken breast served with garlic mashed potatoes) and the Fat Boy (a 1/3-pound cheeseburger served with a side of garnished fries) for $5, with the diner’s choice of an on-draft beer coming at just three bucks more.


In other words, it brings a sense of joy that those cheap-o plastic toys never could.

Oh, and lest you were concerned that the name implied a happy hour timeframe, take comfort in the fact that the adult happy meals are available throughout the day. Says Cisneros: “Basically, right now, it has been happy hour, every hour.”


















































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