In Growlersations’ 25th Episode, Big Texas Beer Festival Founder Chad Montgomery Details Civil Pour, His New Coffee-Meets-Beer Business On Walnut Hill.

You have found Growlersations! A growler is a 64-oz. glass jug used for taking beer home from breweries, and  BrainDead Brewing’s Sam Wynne and Jeff Fryman like to sit down every week and crack open a couple of them with a different guest or two. Typically focusing on North Texas restaurant and bar industry veterans, the conversation always gets a little better after a growler or two has been mixed into it.

We took a nice long summer vacation, but Growlersations is back! That’s right: We’ve still got beer, and we’re still drinking it!

For our 25th episode, we get back on track with our good friend Chad Montgomery, who just opened Civil Pour, a spot unlike any other in town. At its home on Walnut Hill Lane, they they take their beer as seriously as they take their coffee — or is it the other way around?  Either way, the spot is nuts: Fancy contraptions abound and take advantage of all the latest available technologies — from their draft system and growler-filling machine to their pour-over coffee assistants.

All that provides us plenty to talk about — and that’s before we get into the fact that Chad, one of the founding members of the two-day Big Texas Beer Festival, is also one of my co-founders at North Texas Beer Week, which kicks off on November 2 and runs through November 11. Oh, and he’s a big help with BrainDead’s big annual Festicle event, which goes down this Saturday, November 3.

So, yeah, there’s plenty for us to chat about.

It sure was nice to get back to Growlersations. I hope you enjoy it, too.

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