Giving Props To New Music Videos From Josh T. Pearson, Emotional Xan, Snow Tha Product, Parquet Courts, Sad Cops, T.Y.E, Hanna, Ari Roar and More.

OK, so, it’s nowhere close to awards season, but over the past course of few weeks, we’ve just continuously been impressed with music videos we’ve come across that either feature Dallas acts or were shot locally.

Furthermore, for one reason or another, we haven’t had the chance to share any of these clips just yet.

But now we’re planning to change all that. Here, we’re sharing with you 14 of the most visually arresting clips we’ve seen in recent weeks. And even though the locally dominated Billboard Music Awards have already come and gone, that definitely won’t stop us from handing out a few local video honors to these clips.

Without further ado, the winners are…

Biggest Mind Fuck.

Artist: Josh T Pearson
Song: “Straight At Me”
Directors: Fidel Ruiz-Healy and Tyler Walker of the American Standard Film Co

Best Literal Depiction Of The Phrase “It’s Lit.”

Artist: Emotional Xan (feat. G.U.N.)
Song: “Break Shit”
Director: N Focus Films

Best Interior Design.

Artist: Snow Tha Product (feat. Castro Escobar)
Song: “Gimme Time”
Director: Woke Ito

Best Middle Finger To Fort Worth’s Smoking Ban.

Artist: Midland
Song: “Burn Out”
Directors: TK McKamy and Midland bassist Cameron Duddy

Best Skipping Scene.

Artist: Parquet Courts
Song: “Mardi Gras Beads”
Director: Brother Willis

Best Backwards Running.

Artist: Sleepy Zuhoski
Song: “On a Cloud”
Director: Weird Life Films

Best Depiction Of The Phrase “Brains Over Brawn.”

Artist: Sad Cops
Song: “Numb Hand”
Director: Austin Roa

Best Time Management.

Artist: GrindHardMack
Song: “1 Min Story”
Director: Sack Right Visuals

Best Thinly Veiled Brisk Ad.

Artist: T.Y.E
Song: “Woodtown”
Director: Dance Dailey

Best Twist Ending.

Artist: AV The Great x GasHouse Smitty
Song: “Spot Hot”
Director: Infinite Kreationz

Best Cage Fight.

Artist: Hanna
Song: “Swangin”
Director: German Torres

Best Money Stack Placements.

Artist: Jvn
Song: “Paid in Full”
Director: Zay Jones

Best Nods To Hip-Hop’s Origins.

Artist: Rakim Al-Jabbaar
Song: “The Antitode”
Director: Huey Rawls

Best Color Coordination.

Artist: Ari Roar
Song: “Calm Down”
Director: Kristin Saal

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