Check Out The Second Of 42 New Murals Coming To Deep Ellum. Then Submit Your Own Idea For One.

A few weeks back, you might recall, we told you about Adrian Torres’ new elephant-themed mural on the easternmost edge of Deep Ellum and how its presence actually signaled something greater — the arrival of 42 murals in total coming to various, currently bare Deep Ellum walls.

Earlier this week, efforts on the second mural in the series — 42 Murals project co-manager Lesli Marshall’s Pecan Lodge piece — wrapped. And, just as Torres’ efforts were memorialized in video form upon completion, so too now have Marshall’s. Posted just days ago, this clip, clocking in at almost four minutes long and directed by Daniel Driensky, follows the making of the colorful and psychedelic mural, which itself aims to share the backstory of how Pecan Lodge, once a stand in the Farmer’s Market, became one of Deep Ellum’s hottest attractions. Check it out.

It bears repeating, though, that there are still 40 more murals slated to go up as part of this project — and that visual artists of all sorts are invited to participate in and submit ideas toward the effort. Remember, too, that submissions are due by this Sunday, August 23.

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