Dozens of Attendees Felt the Burn at Tony Robbins’ Dallas Seminar Last Night.

In 2014, Dallas was cited as one of the least walkable cities in America. So it stands to reason that we’d need to partake in a little more practice before graduating to hot coal.

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins didn’t think so, though. And now he’s probably regretting that stance.

Yesterday, Robbins kicked off a three-and-a-half day seminar in Dallas at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Center. And things quite literally got off to a hot start: Last night, it was reported that a few dozen attendees were left in need of medical treatment after attempting the fire walk portion of the seminar, in which participants are encouraged to overcome their fears by walking on a stretch of hot coals. Reportedly, part of the problem was that people were pausing along the way to take selfies of themselves mid-stride.

Robbins, so you know, is the author, speaker and life coach that was once featured in wacky Jack Black comedy Shallow Hal. He’s otherwise made a career out of helping people unlock their best selves, and his client list is peppered with corporate titans and celebrities.

To be fair, the fire walk isn’t new to his seminars, and it rarely causes serious injuries. He’s even had Oprah attempt it. These exercises tend to only produce a brief uptick in self-confidence, and the occasional blisters — although, as in Dallas, noise was made about some injuries during a San Jose session in 2012.

Hopefully, no one suffered any especially serious injuries last night. Of the dozens who received treatment on site, it’s been reported that only five people needed hospital attention for their burns.

Will this affect the chances that Robbins comes back to Dallas? Will he even be welcomed back? I mean, last year’s Exxxotica convention didn’t put anyone in the hospital, but the city’s still fighting tooth and nail to keep them from a second appearance at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Center.

It’s doubtful the city will spend thousands of dollars per day on lawyers trying to prevent Robbins’ use of the convention center in the future. But, then again, they’ve certainly done dumber things — some as dumb as walking on hot coals.

But at least we can all rest easy knowing that nobody had to see anyone dressed provocatively in the process.

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