Alex Gaskin

Humor Us: Dexter Givens, Jr.

Did You Write New Jokes Today? Did You Get Funnier? Dexter Givens, Jr. Did. And He Wants To Know: What Have You Done For Dallas' Comedy Scene Today? Dexter Giv...

Humor Us: Chris Tellez.

Comedian Chris Tellez Left Dallas For Austin Early Into His Stand-Up Career, And The Dallas Comedy Scene's Loss Was Austin's Gain. Welcome to Humor Us, a colum...

Humor Us: Mitchell Clemons.

Mitchell Clemons Hates Networking, But He's Managed To Make Connections And Open For Mick Foley -- Twice. Welcome to Humor Us, a column in which local comedian...

Alex Gaskin


Alex Gaskin is a writer and standup comic in Dallas, TX. His writing has appeared in Central Track, Irish Film Critic, and Dallas Entertainment Journal. He’s performed standup at comedy clubs, bars, a convenience store (twice), and comedy festivals. He interviews other Dallas comics for Central Track’s Humor Us series. Find his Twitter self at @alex_j_gaskin.