Here’s A Dumb Thing To Brighten Your Day: Check Out The Pooping On Bluebonnets Tumblr.

We like a good Tumblr page around these parts — y’know, supposing it’s at least a little subversive and not just some “Fuck Yeah [Insert Celebrity Here]” fanpage.

Pooping on Bluebonnets is right up our alley. It takes Instagram photos of people posing in beds of bluebonnets around Texas, then inserts a poop emoji into the image to show just how ridiculous these people — including Ariana Huffington, LOL — look when they pop a squat on the side of the road in the name of the ‘gram.

It’s pretty dumb, I concede. And yet it is also very funny. I mean, it’s no Stage Dumps (RIP), but it’s pretty solid. Check out some of our favorite of the Tumblr page’s doctored images below, then remind yourself to do better.


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