DTX Selects, Ep. 203: The Difference Between Hemp & Weed.

Talking Texas’ Stance On Hemp Versus Weed, Tay-K’s Sentencing And Dirty Dallas Cops While Sharing The Choicest Cuts From The Local Underground.

On the third episode of the second season of DTXSelects, your favorite locals — Rodney Blu, Bry Chanel and Narco — are back to pick apart a little local politics as they discuss Governor Greg Abbott’s antics in Austin. In the wake of the state relaxing its foreheads in regards to hemp, minor marijuana arrests have followed suit, which really grinds the gears of the Gov and his gang.

Also discussed this episode? The frustrating, layered situation regarding Arlington rapper Tay-K’s sentencing, and the increasing instances of Dallas police misconduct.

But that’s not all. We’ve also got Narco paying tribute to two burgeoning local apparel brands and Bry Chanel giving you a recap of Bric’s Smokeout to go with her hand-selected picks of events to put on your calendar.

And, per usual, DTXSelects 203 also features a 30-song tracklist curated by the DTXSelects hosts and mixed live this month by DJ Waygood. That pool boasts new and exclusive music by artists from and residing in the DFW including Reb Creezy, Tay Money, Terrence Spectacle and more. See the list in full below.

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Track List:

0:00:11 alreadyRADIO theme x Sean Dream
0:02:25 Years (prod. x Potillo) x Reb Creezy
0:05:25 It’s Me Forever! (prod. x JohnnyJon) x Jarvis Hodges
0:08:28 ViCES (prod. x Versus Beats) x Scuttino
0:11:13 Still So Nice x ProdBySora

What’s with Governor Greg Abbott and the rest of our state government’s stance on weed?

0:16:30 2 Plan B’s x Saint Clair
0:18:19 Bonnie & Klyde x Band Man Fari
0:20:16 Candy x ChristianMingle
0:21:50 Fresh Princess x Tay Money
0:23:49 Platinum House x Hood Spaghetti

The Race is Over: Let’s break down Tay-K’s sentencing.

0:31:14 Feel Better x Wolf Taylor
0:34:55 LOL x MiLK
0:37:01 OMG x B. Anderson
0:38:47 Sport ft. Fresh Heir x Rikki Blu
0:41:37 Bath Salts x Deaf G1rl

There’s some dirty policing going on in Dallas these days!

0:49:17 Match My Crazy ft. M3CCA x Jahn Dough
0:52:47 Sunday ft. Big Tape x Ari Tha Homie
0:55:48 No Service ft. David Morgan x Mikul
0:58:40 HL 1 x Dizzy Made This

Bry In The Streets: Breaking down the shows you need to know about!

01:04:22 Wholesale ft. Dandii Sun x Christian
01:08:06 Incense x Jay Luse
01:10:43 Quickie x Neaux ID
01:14:13 PUKE FACE x Keelon Donnel

Narco Shows Love: Some local clothing operations are really out here making waves!

01:20:42 LayUp Freestyle x PSO Kwama
01:22:10 Black Range x Plot$
01:25:37 Balance ft. KissdKilld, Coach Tev x Terrence Spectacle
01:28:46 Standin’ Still x Cursive

Peace to El Paso: PlanetDTX 💕’s ELPTX

01:33:30 That 70’s Show x Jaqueline Haupt
01:36:40 Vintage Ferrari Coup x Guitaremoji
01:3858 Fallback Sunny ft. Sohza + Yellow Jones x Falak Fahim

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