Do You Love Dallas Enough To Get A Dallas Tattoo?

Dallasites Marked 2/14 By Getting Inked With Fresh, Dallas-Themed 214 Area Code Tattoos At Spinster Records’ El Chuy Pop-Up.

All photos by Karlo X. Ramos.

For more than two decades, Oliver Peck and Co. have been offering $20 Friday the 13th tattoos every time that date rolls around.

But, as we’ve known for some time now, Dallasites don’t necessarily require much prodding or the allure of longstanding tradition to jump on the cheap flash tattoo train. Any excuse will do, really — be it to celebrate the anniversary of a beloved bar or just the fact that Red Bull is yummy.

Yesterday’s excuse was the simple fact that February 14 (read: 2/14) is kind of similar to Dallas’ 214 area code. And, in turn, many a Dallasite jumped at the chance to rep their city permanently on their skin by inking it with 214-centric designs — everything from Triple D logos to crude portraits of JFK — as part of Spinster Records’ 214 Day El Chuy pop-up shop.

Photographer Karlo X. Ramos was on hand to document the thing. Check out his pictures in the above slideshow.

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