St. Vincent Has Been Working At A New Dallas Taqueria This Weekend.

The DFW taco landscape is certainly an overwhelmingly crowded one. So how’s a new taqueria supposed to make a blip on that radar?

How about by hiring alt-rock megastar St. Vincent to wait tables, maybe? That’d be a start! And that strategy sure seems to have helped new Lake Highlands spot Resident Taqueria earn some national shine on its grand opening weekend, anyway.

As noted by a few astute Instagrammers, the Dallas guitar wiz born Annie Clark has been helping out her chef brother-in-law and sister by bussing tables, refilling drinks and whatnot at their newly opened Dallas restaurant this weekend.


We’re not sure how long Clark will ply her craft at the restaurant — especially now that assholes like us and the ones at Stereogum, Pitchfork and Complex have effectively blown her cover — or if it was ever intended to be more than an extra hand on deck for opening weekend.

But, either way, for all the pub she’s helped Resident notch right out of the gate, we’d say her work there is done.

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