Decent Market At Ellum Art Co. Was P Decent, TBH.

Check Out All This Kickass Stuff That Local Brands Were Selling At Sunday’s Rather Humbly Named Decent Market at Deep Ellum Art Co.

All photos by Anton Schlesinger.

Well, it’s the second week of March in Dallas, and if you’re not sneezing on some touring band that’s making its way to Austin for SXSW, then you must not be suffering from allergies.

Bands like that are everywhere this week, and you could find them starting with the 6 p.m. to midnight stretch on Sunday night at new-ish spot Deep Ellum Art Co., which featured three New York City bands, a London band, an L.A. band. a Toronto band and, wouldn’t ya know it, two Dallas bands — shouts to Hall Johnson and Medicine Man Revival! — on a single $10 ticket as part of the “Decent Market” showcase.

It was already a super decent time — hence the “Decent” part, one guesses — well before the time the bands started. Hence the “Market” part of the name: From 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., this deal was mostly a spot for scoring cool gear and art from local vendors. Yeah, there was music — — this time it was Nashville, L.A., London and Dallas that were repped — but it was mostly Dallas-area creatives and brands who ruled the landscape both on the inside and shockingly large outside of the more-than-capable venue.

We’re talking booths from folks like┬áStem & Thorn, Shamsy Roomiani, SMITH II, fresherthan, Dallas Zine Party, Deep Red Press, Arts Cream Truck and literally dozens more. The wares were on point, as the above slideshow shows. Better still, the crowds were thick.

And we — along with the team behind This New Band and Skate of Die Fest, who killed it in throwing this thing together — were a presenting partner!

If you missed out and you’re also the type of person who looks down their nose at people who don’t support local arts and business, you’re basically the goddamn worst.

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