Dallas Reddit Got A Prom Do-Over Saturday Night.

Dallas Reddit’s Prom On Saturday Night At The Quixotic World Got An Upvote For Being Well-Planned And All Around Fun For Everybody.

All photos by Breanna Loose.

In case you’re not familiar with Dallas Reddit, well, it’s a very social group of about 4,600 people. And they’re not the stereotype you’re thinking off — y’know, a bunch of dorks sitting at a computer screen all day trolling people.

No, no. These are people who regularly interact with each other through Facebook and Reddit and occasionally get together. Also, they like to party.

In fact, some 238 of them threw on their tuxedos and best night gowns and partied the night away pretty hard on Saturday at their annual Dallas Reddit Prom. Hosted at The Quixotic World, there was no need for sneaking in flasks or pre-gaming at this event — although that surely happened, too.

In the end, organizers tell us they were pleased with this year’s black-tie event, which went off without a hitch, although they’ll likely shoot for a springtime prom next year.

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