A Digital Graffiti Project Aims To Bring New Perspectives To The George W. Bush Presidential Library

As The Ellen Show recently showed, the George W. Bush Presidential Library at Southern Methodist University Is a pretty interesting place to visit, unless you’re a five-year-old, in which case you might find the information presented therein to be a tad surface-level. (Until the president himself shows up to ham it up with you, at least.)

Another thing a five-year-old also might argue about the presidential museum? That it presents a pretty one-sided picture of 43’s legacy.

Enter a new digital graffiti/augmented reality project from artist Ellen Chenoweth, which she says serves an attempt to provide visitors with additional information about Bush’s time in office. Via a smartphone app called Layar, Chenoweth’s efforts allow uses to point their phones at 10 hotspots within the museum to be see relevant images, video and texts about President Bush’s years in office that aren’t otherwise represented in these halls.

“The intent is not to tear George W. Bush down, but to provide a more complex view of the administration’s policies and the Bush legacy,” Chenoweth says via press release.

She continues: “Bush has described the library as ‘a place to lay out facts’; the installation aims to promote this mission.”

The digital exhibit can be accessed through April 28, 2017. More information can be found here.

Cover photo via the George W. Bush Presidential Library’s Facebook page.

















































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