Got Something To Celebrate? There’s A Steakhouse In Dallas For That. A Breakdown Of Which Area Steakhouse Merits Which Major Life Scenario.

In a city practically synonymous with steak, you’d think figuring out where to find a cut that suits you wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the case. Approaching and dissecting our city’s wealth of steak dinner options can sometimes be an overwhelming task. Without going to each spot around town, can you ever really understand the nuanced differences between one spot and the other?

Probably not. But, hey, that’s where we come in!

We want to guide you through Dallas’ steak options — but not just by shouting out the best you can find around town. Rather, we want to be practical here: Below, we’ll let you know which spot you should head to based on which major life moment you’re celebrating with a cooked-to-your liking prime cut of beef.

We’re taking the guesswork out of the equation — and making your choice as clear as the clarified butter sliding down your dinner.

For Graduation Day: Fearing’s Restaurant.

Inside the Ritz-Carlton Dallas hotel, past an ornate arrangement of flowers in tall glass vases and through the dimly-lit Rattlesnake Bar, you’ll find one of the best new steak programs in town. The restaurant’s new Butcher Block Menu features all A Bar N Ranch beef grilled over mesquite and served with luxuriously rich sides like lump crab mac-and-cheese and duck fat tater tots. Want more than just a prime cut? Spoil your favorite graduate with a chicken fried lobster or foie gras ‘rossini’ supplement. Hey, degrees don’t fill empty stomachs.

For When You’re Finally Meeting The Parents: Pappas Bros. Steakhouse.

Fancy a way to impress your future in-laws? How about a tour of the ridiculous wine room at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse? Whether you’re a filet guy or a bone-in gal, there is a steak with your name on it at Pappas. For a steakhouse steeped in so much tradition, staff training and attention-to-detail, Pappas could just leave pretty-much-perfect alone. But instead the team at Pappas recently introduced a new cocktail menu featuring modern, hand-crafted drinks like the Extra Fancy Gin & Tonic — made table-side, and featuring Martin Miller’s Gin, Fever Tree tonic, lime, strawberry, grapefruit peel, lemon peel, and basil. Only the best for the ones who raised your significant other.

For Your Anniversary: Knife Modern Steak.

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Remind your partner why you’re such a great catch by taking date night up a notch at Knife. When celebrity chef John Tesar opened this spot, it immediately became most unique steakhouse in Dallas. And it still is! Whether the kitchen is using the sous vide method to make lesser cuts of meat just as incredible tasting as the most expensive ones, or aging steaks to 240-day perfection in a custom-made chamber, the steak at Knife is worthy of celebrating in and of itself.

For A Birthday On A Budget: Dunston’s Steakhouse.

Nothing like a wood fire for a steak

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If you’re looking for a celebratory steak without breaking the bank, but you’re looking to do better than the typical trip to the Outback, head to Dunston’s Steakhouse, in either Park Cities or near Love Field, where old school rules. Steaks, loaded baked potatoes, catfish, teriyaki grilled chicken, chili, and other comfort foods are on the home cookin’-centric menu. Happy birthday, indeed.

For When You Get Your Big Promotion: Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse.

The finer things in life are seared. #DelFriscos

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When The Man adds a bit of extra padding to your wallet, it’s time to blow it on some beef and bottles. Prime rib lovers should head to Del Frisco’s for an unforgettable 16 ounce slab surrounded by a typical dressed-up Dallas steakhouse dining room. Glitz, glamour and glass from floor to ceiling, plus an enviable wine collection, private dining room space and a patio, no matter which location you visit.

For When Your Team Aces The Pitch: CBD Provisions.

What do you do when you win a big account? After you’ve earned a heap of praise from the big boss? There’s no “I” in steak. Take the team to CBD Provisions inside the swanky Joule hotel downtown and raise a few glasses. Impress the boss; take the reins and order the pig’s head carnitas for the table to start, and then peruse CBD’s new steak menu, which launched in February and features family-style sides alongside A Bar N Ranch rich Wagyu cuts and 44 Farms grass-fed Black Angus beef, dry-aged a minimum of 45 days, with some longer than 90 days, seared to absolute perfection.

For Your Brother-In-Law’s Birthday: Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse.

While the all-you-can-eat option is always a swell idea for any growing boy, not all buffets are created equal. The newly built Fogo de Chão restaurants in Uptown and Plano are an upgraded version of their former selves, with gorgeous grilled meats sliced off of sticks right onto your plate until you turn your card over and whisper “mercy.” If you think you’re too full for dessert, consider the papaya cream, which is basically a liquored up milkshake, and chill out.

For When The Whole Damn Family Comes To Visit: Corrientes 348 Steakhouse.

If you’ve got a lot to celebrate, a lot of people to feed, and a table of folks who like meat, take them downtown to Corrientes 348. But don’t worry–vegetarians and pescetarians should expect to love Corrientes 348 as well, as the grilled menu allows those ingredients to shine brightly. Everyone from your youngest cousin to the oldest grandparent will love the stellar service, expertly-grilled meats and curated wine list. The best part? At Corrientes, dishes are sized to share and served family-style, so everyone can try some of Dad’s tender lomito, or your pan-seared fish.

Cover photo courtesy of Corrientes 348.

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