No Stickers at Your Polling Place? The Dallas County Elections Office Says There Should Be.

Despite political affiliations, most people can agree on the following: Today’s a great day in America, a chance to have your voice heard, an opportunity to exercise your democratic rights. And, usually, it’s also a chance for you to boast about taking part in your civic duty in the form of “I Voted!” stickers handed out at polling places.

So, um, how come there weren’t any stickers this morning at the Bryan Adams High School polling location in Casa Linda when we voted? Originally, we thought it just an error at Bryan Adams. Then tweets from our readers poured in.

We weren’t alone. Voters at Robert E. Lee Elementary in East Dallas too left stickerless. Same with some early voters.

Perhaps making the matter all the more frustrating? Some local businesses — including coffee shop The Pearl Cup — are offering discounts to those bearing stickers today.

Somewhat miffed, we rang up the Dallas County Elections Office this morning to find out what was up. Turns out there are supposed to be “I Voted!” stickers at all voting locations in Dallas County today according to one official we spoke with, who asked that we only identify her by her first name, Jasmine.

“It depends on the location you went to,” Jasmine told us just now over the phone. “All of the locations should have some. Maybe they ran out.”

Considering that we were among the first 100 voters at Bryan Adams this morning, that much seems doubtful. And — if we’re being real pessimistic — it might make us feel a little less confident about the uniformity of the voting process throughout the county.

Still, Jasmine offered up something of a consolation: “People who want stickers are welcome to come to our offices and get some.”

Depends on how much 10 percent off a coffee order is worth to you, but, hey, there you go, my fellow disappointed, stickerless members of the voting public.

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