Here Are Some (Sorta) Pandemic-Themed Dallas Songs For When The Omicron Variant Has You Stuck At Home.

You might have noticed we took a break from our weekly Things To Do In Dallas column this week and replaced it with Covid Briefs. Yeah, we went back to the early days of the pandemic to remind you of how bad shit has hit the fan.

Apparently, we need to remind some of you. Still. That’s OK, though. I mean, it’s our job, isn’t it? Here at Central Track, we found ourselves stuck at home after multiple events and concerts canceled due to the Omicron variant. While we’re all still healthy, we’re still trying our best to stay that way. We’re taking it easy, really, but we’re still going to bring you the best content we can. While masking up, of course.

We’re not going to lie, it’s pretty lonely staying inside all and we’re sure you understand the pain. We’ve been getting through this with the help of our favorite Dallas songs, so why not share some with you too?

If you’re stuck at home, in quarantine, we think you need some tunes. Not just any, though.

I’m an Aries. It’s a law that I must make everything dramatic before I start seeing the brighter side of things, which I know will always come. So, I made this playlist for the quarantine blues for if you’re stuck at home sick or protecting yourself from the world.

Some of these songs will remind of you of March 2020, former President Donald Trump’s denial, covid protections, trips to CVS and staying the fuck home.

I told you I must make it dramatic.

Have a listen. Stay safe. Listen some more.

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