Save This List For Valentine’s Day, Next Year Or Whenever You Feel Comfortable Enough To Mix And Mingle At Some Of The Sexier Restaurants In Dallas.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we hope you’ve got your dinner reservations set and ready for the most romantic day of the year. But, if you’re reading this and you haven’t set any reservations, it may be too late. According to The Dallas Morning News, it’s nearly impossible to get reservations at some of the higher-profile spots this weekend.

No worries, though! The great thing about this city is that it has plenty of options you can check out year-round, with or without a date that just might get you some play.

Food can be quite a sexy journey if you do it right, and we’re here to be your guide. Feel free to visit this article now, next week or next year whenever you’re comfortable stepping out and strutting your stuff.

Now, without further ado, it’s time to put that Tyrone Davis record on and get your freak on — err, read on.

Armoury D.E (Deep Ellum)

No matter your orientation, folks love a good, cultured and adventurous date. If that’s what you’re up for, Armoury makes for a great date spot where you’d find like-minded individuals looking for something a little different — and delicious. The Hungarian-inspired late-night eatery boasts some incredible bar food served until close every single day. This is also a great closing option to a date night that might’ve started as a “drinks only” kind of deal until you’ve realized after a few gin and tonics that your date is actually pretty cool.

Arthur’s Steakhouse (Addison)

We won’t ask to see your browser history, but if you’re into say, more sophisticated and mature women, perhaps Arthur’s in Addison is a great option for you. The food, the ambiance — okay, we won’t bullshit you. Demographically speaking, Arthur’s is a cougar den. This is a great option if a coming-of-age film like American Pie was something that shaped your formative years.

Atwater Alley (Uptown)

If you are on a date and can manage to convince them to follow you down an alleyway behind Henry’s, you’ll find a little door with double-A decals on it. Open the door and follow the curling stairwell that leads you up to Atwater Alley, a sexy and candle-lit speakeasy with curved leather sofas specifically designed for you to make out on. Alright, we can’t confirm the couches were specifically designed for that, but they might as well be. Plus, who doesn’t want to suck face to Wu-Tang Clan softly playing in the background?

Bowen House (Uptown)

The also lit-by-candle cocktail bar, Bowen House, is nestled in a historic prairie-style home built all the way back in 1874. Here, attractive, tattooed bartenders are just waiting to turn your libation fantasies into a reality. Don’t know what to order? It’s totally cool — you can ask the staff or you can turn over to the lone ranger sitting to your left. Because Bowen House is tucked into a cozy little building and boasts a serious cocktail menu, this spot is a popular destination for tourists if you’re looking to put an international stamp in your “playboy passport.”

Coco’s Fire & Ice (Bishop Arts District)

If you’re strolling down Bishop Avenue and looking for a little bit of adventure, keep an eye out for the “Coco’s Fire & Ice” sign hanging above the sidewalk. Follow the arrows and it should lead you to a true hidden gem. This Oaxacan-inspired restaurant and mezcal bar offers some sexy appetizers like chapulines and cooked grasshoppers. Now, we know what you’re thinking: That’s not sexy at all. Perhaps not to you, but it does provide a good way to vet out a date. Sure, they might be disgusted at the idea of you eating dead bugs — if that’s the case, dump ’em. After all, if they’re boring at the dinner table, they’re even more boring in bed. On the flip, they could be very turned on by your fearlessness and open-mindedness that it just might have y’all happily hopping into satin sheets. (Pro tip: Grasshoppers taste like sunflower seeds if you’re curious.)

Gloria’s Latin Cuisine (Any location)

This Salvadorian & Tex-Mex chain is the perfect place to start your night and stay there. Trust us, after about two of their famously strong frozen margaritas, you might just loosen up and want to go home so you can do that one thing you did that one time that your partner has been begging you to do again for the last year. Be warned, most locations have a two-drink limit for their margaritas. In case you find yourself a little too loosey-goosey, the broad menu has a lot of super delicious and healthy options to soak up the alcohol.

Lounge Here (East Dallas)

You can thank Lounge Here founders Julie Doyle and Tim DeLaughter of the Polyphonic Spree for designing such a thoughtfully sexy space. This dimly-lit bar looks like all it’s missing is a conversation pit in the middle of the room. The Casa Linda hideaway’s aesthetics are inspired by ’70s airport lounges, which are quite retro-chic and if you or your date can appreciate that.  Even if your interior decor at home consists of a lawn chair and a TV in the middle of a desolate living room, you can go to Lounge Here and live your aesthetic fantasies. Beautifully decorated spaces mean you can find beautiful, artsy people — a quality Lounge Here definitely boasts.

Parliament (Uptown)

The interesting thing about Parliament is that due to its high-profile status and unusual location on the ground floor of a quiet residential block, this cocktail bar puts you in a great position to meet some exciting new people. Or, some lonely resident that took an elevator down a few floors and is looking for some companionship. Grab a carefully crafted cocktail and stay awhile. After all, if you’re lucky enough, you might just stay the night a few floors up from where your night began. It’s all about location, location, location!

Sandwich Hag (The Cedars)

Looking to meet someone with cultural awareness and a zero-tolerance for bullshit? A socially active babe who is down for the cause can appreciate a place like Sandwich Hag — a quirky Vietnamese sandwich shop with a strict “No Assholes” policy. (Plus, canoodling in bed with someone who shares the same values is always hot.) With plenty of outdoor space to boot, trust us when we say your date will be impressed by a trip to one of Dallas’ most thoughtful, progressive and candid eateries. Say more with less and a mouthful of thịt nướng sả salad.

Tei-An (One Arts Plaza)

If you’re reading this right now and think that you can get a reservation here in time for the weekend, bless your heart. We applaud you for your optimism, really. Teiichi Sakurai’s Tei-An is one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city with some of the sexiest atmospheres out there. The presentation of the dishes, the music and the gorgeous staff in all-black will slowly orchestrate seduction from start to finish — wherever that may be. While Valentine’s reservations are for the few and the prepared, any other time is still perfect for strips of Wagyu beef grade-12 right into your date’s mouth. We’re getting hot and bothered just thinking about it.

Illustration by Jessi Pereira.

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