Here Are The Weirdest Search Terms That Brought People To Central Track In 2015.

The Internet is obviously a very strange place, and the day-to-day distractions of working on it ain’t exactly normal, either.

But, really, there are some small perks to it, too. For example? One of the bigger kicks that we here at Central Track get out of operating exclusively on the Internet is sharing with one another the weird terms that people searched for on Google only to somehow end up on our site.

(We are boring people.)

Anyway, let me tell you: Ever since we launched our “Look At This Fucking Dish” feature back in the fall of 2013, some of the search terms that have brought people to this here site have become downright explicit. Our Dallas Sex Week series didn’t really help matters, either. Neither has any coverage we’ve ever done about the band Bukkake Moms.

But given that pageviews are the name of thsi here the web publication game, I guess we’ll take it — especially since, in the grand scheme of things, those sexual searches are on the lower end of our SEO spectrum.

We still think that the murky end of that spectrum is hilariously revealing in general, though. And, to that end, we’ve decided to share with you below some of the funnier or eye-opening search terms that brought people to us.

Some of the reveals this list makes:
• The Internet really loves sex/porn
• People are very curious about hosts on The Ticket and, specifically, their salaries
• Some people search for some seriously dark shit (see: “dallas suicide spots,” yeesh)
• One dude out there is wholly obsessed with learning more about the Fort Worth goth scene
• People feel a lot of guilt after stealing their roommates’ food
• People are every bit as curious about what you can and can’t mail as we once were
• Oliver Peck’s shirt-buttoning decisions are perhaps questionable

We sincerely hope that we helped these people find what they were looking for, even if we doubt that we did. Hey, maybe next time.

Now, onto the search terms themselves…

Central Track’s Weirdest Search Term Hits Of 2015.
• “i work at true religion”
• a good noon meal
• a paragraph writing about transformer film which you like
• a man gets to legally smoke marijuana in texas
• a pic that say bye bye july
• adorably
• adult sex toys off i20 in texas
• any goth scene in fort worth
• any lost treasure near buffalo gap tx
• are there any tree houses with bathrooms in them?
• are there bakkake clubs in the new orleans area
• asshat bears at bar image to share on facebook
• australian miniseries from the 80’s with a girl who has a motorcycle accident
• azz parade
• bam margera dick
• bars frequented by milfs in dallas texas
• baseball cap for bald
• best porn wallpaper
• big ass fuck suck
• big tex was an inside job
• bruce lee fight vids downlod
• bukkake whores
• can you mail urine
• can you send syringes in the mail
• can you sit down and eat at pecan lodge
• culinary terms for deep frying
• dallas suicide spots
• define local song
• denton hipster
• did nina phams boyfriend get ebola
• does ceaser the ape have a soft spot for humans
• eat your feelings away with doritos
• eat your fucking food district
• eating my roommates food
• eating roommates food once
• facebook dance hipster
• famous authors named william currently living in dallas, tx
• female celebs pics having fucked by big dicks
• fingerblast
• food selfie
• fucking images
• fucking photos
• freeballing
• fresh cock
• geto boys actions speak louder than words who was they talking about
• girls who have don gang bang scences in porn films ranker
• gothic girls in fort worth
• hidden camera inside the urine
• hot dog sleeve
• hot spank
• how do humans track hail
• how do i download sister nancy bam bam to kindle for free
• how fast is the goatman
• how many slurpees does it take to fill 44 olympic sized swimming pools
• how much money will get to pornstar for fucking
• how to get my soft mustache into thick mustache
• in dallas tx-how do i know if a certain person is dead or alive
• ingredients of nachos
• is concrete cowboy a gay bar
• is concrete cowboy in dallas a gay bar
• is dolly parton a narcissist
• is it illegal to send needles in the mail
• jake the ticket
• jewish area of bishops arts district
• josh hamilton cocaine
• josh road rules
• just asses
• justin bieber xxx hot
• ktck the ticket salaries
• left out of secret santa
• lesbian hangs near rest room looking for a pickup compilation
• list of male porn stars that play stepdad
• love quotes for her from the heart
• mechanical bull ride boobs out
• messy splosh
• mike tyson should beat up mark wahlberg
• my sister made me wear her cheerleader uniform and have gay sex with her boyfriend sex stories
• narcissiscm in burlesque dancers
• narcissist that owes you
• new fucking methods
• oliver peck one button shirt
• ralph macchio dead
• selena gomez dumb
• sex facts
• share a coke with logan
• shit on a van seat
• simple method of puting dreadlocks on my hair
• skinny people are easier kidnap, stay safe eat pie to tshirt
• sober dog fucking image
• space is super gay
• submissive haircut dallas
• the pretty booty
• top hat on fleek
• was cory graves on ink masters
• wash denim skater skirt outfit ideas
• what does name gladys mean
• what is local song
• what is up with mos def
• whats going on with that video of the 17year old gettig shot
• when did the panic of 1837 start
• when your ex gets a bad haircut
• why does oliver peck only button his top three buttons
• why does oliver peck wear his shirt with one button buttoned
• why is there usually lots of cars at adult video stores in lone areas
• winking owls not bad
• wolfgang gartner is he a satanist
• woman kicked out of kessler theater
• women tied naked to tree and blindfolded stories
• young black dallas rapper
• young tall male stripper from colorado
• your mom tossed my salad bonus scene

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