Post Malone Talks Getting Past One-Hit Wonder Status, And Symbolyc One And Demi Lovato Each Drop Song-Of-The-Summer Contenders.

Over the weekend, Denton’s new, long-awaited 92.9-FM KUZU radio station launched with a 24-hour all-local playlist.

After seven years since the idea first germinated, four years since the wheels were set in motion and a year since it was announced as coming soon, the local radio station finally went on the air on Saturday afternoon. It has a wide variety of shows programmed that you can check out here, and the brand-new, nonprofit station is also accepting program submissions as well as donations as it take shape.

There are worse ways you could spent your future earnings, no doubt.

Speaking of cash: At this point, you’ve probably already dropped some cash on Post Malone‘s music. Makes sense: His platinum-selling “Congratulations” single has been a chart-topper all year long, only to catch a second wind when its remind featuring Future dropped last month. So it’s no surprise The Recording Academy — y’know, the folks behind The Grammy Awards — asked the former Grapevine resident to sit down, speak with them about the origin of the hit record and perform an acoustic version of it for their Facebook series “Behind The Song.” The biggest takeaway here? Malone’s comments about overcoming the one-hit wonder status that he was anointed with soon after the buzz wore down on 2015’s “White Iverson.”

Speaking of Grammy winners, Dallas producer Symbolyc One just recently dropped a new track he co-produced with A-Trak. Called “Believe,” the song features Quavo and Lil Yachty, and it feels like it has a real shot to be a hit for all involved. Quavo and Yachty are both having a moment right now and the production on the track features a perfect summer vibe.

When it comes to big summer singles, the Dallas-raised Demi Lovato is too campaigning for a hit. The former local recently released the video for “Sorry Not Sorry” after finishing up a week-long series of house parties with lucky fans, including a hometown edition in Southlake. The video was shot during a similar bash hosted by Lovato with her friends at her own home. It features a whole of “sorry not sorry” behavior. Surprise, surprise.

Not to be out done in headlines this summer, Erykah Badu recently took a break from her world tour to surprise her dear friend Dave Chappelle and Donnell Rawlings during the triumphant return of legendary radio hosts Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito on their new NPR podcast. The Queen of Neo-Soul called into the show and shared a story about meeting Rawlings at an open mic and expressed some gratitude toward Chappelle for his friendship with her over the years. Watch out for Badu’s entrance at the 26:20 mark in the below embed.

If you’re still on the lookout for folks making a grand entrance, may we suggest checking out the debut album from new Denton band Avery Boner & The Blonde Dicks?

The 15-track album was released a couple weeks ago but it’s still fresh enough for a first-listen.

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