The Reddit Page Dedicated To Dallas Is Full Of Gems, So We Dove In And Compiled Our Ten Favorite Posts From The Past Few Months.

The r/Dallas forum is a great place to discuss and post any type of content regarding our fair city. With over 300 thousand members, they share news stories, memes, lost pet posters and interesting happenings. But mostly it acts as a support group for everyone who has to endure Dallas traffic.

As frequent lurkers of the subreddit, we thought it would be fun to compile our favorite posts, limiting it to 2022 for the sake of timeliness. Maybe this will be a new bi-monthly thing, who knows?

So here’s the top 10 recent posts that show of Dallas’ colors best (again, mostly traffic-related.)

Dallas apartments are getting way too expensive.

Texas drivers would literally rather fight the Devil himself than drive normal.

How far does the stack go?

We love this. Why would you do this?

Digging up old bones.

No jokes here, just a nice photo of a nice gesture. 🙂

The talent is immeasurable.

380 is just one big stoplight.


We hope you find her, man.

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