A Handy Guide To Figuring It Out For Sure.

This recent turn in which North Texas just keep getting hit with a shitload of earthquakes is pretty nuts, you guys.

But, also, once you look past all the seismic implications, it’s a little cool too, isn’t it? I mean, this kind of thing doesn’t happen around here all that often. Or, well, it didn’t used to. But, for whatever reason (see: fracking), it’s the new norm.

Emphasis, of course, on “new.”

That’s one interesting thing about Quake Season ’15: We’re all experiencing this stuff for the first time together! So, yeah, that’s fairly cool.

But it also leads to some false realities. For instance: How do you know you’ve just experienced an earthquake and not, say, a nearby train or truck rolling by? It’s tough to say when we’re all still in this learning stage.

Fortunately, this quiz we just threw together should help in that regard. Take it!

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