Sarah Jaffe Helps Inspire a New Pixar Short.

Over the course of the past five years, area singer-songwriter Sarah Jaffe’s registered a number of impressive accomplishments, including getting named “The Best of What’s Next” by Paste and performing in front of a national audience on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

But her latest notable feat just might be her most interesting to date: Jaffe is now a Pixar muse.

This morning, the famed animation studio responsible for such classics as Toy Story and Finding Nemo tells the Wall Street Journal that Jaffe’s music helped set the tone for a new short of theirs, which will earns its release in June of this year, as the opening treat to its upcoming Monsters, Inc. feature, Monsters University.

The short, called “The Blue Umbrella,” tells the story of a blue umbrella that falls in love with a red umbrella on a rainy day in a crowded city.

Apparently, the short’s creator, Saschka Unseld, was listening to Jaffe’s music around the time he came up with the idea, and he even used her music to score his test shots of the concept.

“She’s been there for me since the inception,” Unseld tells the WSJ.

And, this morning on Twitter, Unseld confirmed that Jaffe’s voice will appear in the final product, as part of a score penned by Jon Brion.

How cool is that?

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