Quiz: Is This A Bomb Or A Clock?

You’ve probably heard about it by now — y’know, as it’s been trending on social media and everything. Hell, even the President of the United States chimed in.

But in case you haven’t, here goes: Yesterday, Irving Macarthur High School freshman Ahmed Mohamed, 14, was arrested and interrogated by Irving police for bringing what law enforcement is calling a “hoax bomb” into school.

In reality, Mohamed just brought into school a homemade clock he’d built — a project he’d hoped to show off to his teachers and classmates. No such luck there: Instead, the school’s administration freaked the fuck out, unable to process the fact that a brown kid named Ahmed and also Mohamed brought a thing to school with wires on it. In their eyes — and even in the eyes of the Irving Police Department, too — Mohamed’s contraption was clearly a bomb or at least something meant to look like one.

Come. The. Fuck. On.

Or, wait, maybe we’re just being too harsh on these people. Maybe discerning between a bomb and a clock isn’t as easy as we all are assuming it is.

Might as well put your Jack Bauer hat on and see if you can tell the difference for yourself with our handy quiz on the matter, posted below for your taking pleasure.

Good luck!

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