Embrace Sweater Weather.

In a sit down with the Guardian, whistleblower Edward Snowden talked about what really goes on at the NSA.

According to Snowden: “You've got young enlisted guys, 18 to 22. They've suddenly thrust into a position of extraordinary responsibility, where they now have access to all of your private records.”

And what do they do with that access? One thing they do, says Snowden, is to pass your nudes all around the office.

It’s like they say, though: The best revenge is living well. Since there's probably going to be some government workers combing through all the pics on your phone this weekend anyway, you might as well go out and have as much fun as possible, snap as many shots of your revelry as possible and take satisfaction in the fact that you're having all this fun while those dweebs are stuck at work. — Cory Graves

Boyhood at The Magnolia
Richard Linklater spent 12 years making Boyhood. It's a soulful movie about soulful people. And you just can't help but fall in love with it. For more info on the film, check out our full review here. — Chase Whale

Iska Dhaaf at City Tavern
Seattle duo Iska Dhaaf released its album Even The Sun Will Burn in March, a disc that was three years-in-the-making. It's full of highs you can dance to and lows you can cry along with, and it hits upon just about every genre of popular music there is at one point or another. O Conqueror and 3d Friends open. — Ashley Gongora

What Made Milwaukee Famous at House of Blues
The Schlitz-loving Austin band What Made Milwaukee Famous brings its Spoon-meets-Dr. Dog-inspired jams to the House of Blues. Austin's A. Sinclair opens; he formerly fronted DIY stalwarts Frank Smith. — CG

QuakeCon 2014 at Hilton Anatole
Still need something to help boost your sense of patriotism in the wake of how the World Cup turned out for Team USA? You should probably bet on something that Americans have a reputation at being good at — like playing video games. Through Sunday morning, you can watch thousands of gamers from around the world mutter obscenities under their breath as they show off just how good they are at killing each other in video games. What's more, attendees at this year's QuakeCon will get an exclusive look at Doom 4. Oh, and it's free attend. The schedule for all three days of gaming can be found here. — Chris Escarfullery

Saintseneca and Daniel Markham at The Foundry (Free)
Saintseneca released its second full-length album, Dark Arc, earlier this year on April Fools' Day. But the music is no joke. The album's title is self-revealing in itself, taking the band's Americana influences into what ringleader Zac Little describes as “meditations on doom.” Joining Saintseneca will be Denton's own Daniel Markham, whose Ruined My Life was one of our favorite local releases from last year. — CE

Grey Matter, Rebel Planet and Walking Art at Dada
Realstreetjams and YO! DALLAS present a night of live music, art, live graffiti and the freshest b-boys and b-girls battling out for break-dance supremacy. New Jersey prog/jazz/everything-in-between outfit Grey Matter headlines this one, which'll also feature performances from Rebel Planet, Walking Art and Faded DJs. Hope you remember how to pop and/or lock. — AG

Kevin Gates at Trees (Sold Out)
Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates has been the rapper to watch for a few years now. After the success of his mixtape The Luca Brasi Story, which Spin called “the best rap-related thing” last year, Gates hasn't stopped on his path to the top with two more mixtapes dropped since, each more successful than the last. In fact, this show at Trees is sold out. —Chrissi Chetwood

Austere Magazine's “Inferno Fashion Show” at 816 Montgomery Street
Denton's Austere Magazine likes to pride itself on being more than just a magazine — as if the publication hasn't proven itself already with its innovative landscape-oriented layout. This time out, they'll set the fashion world on its end with a fashion show inspired by Dante's Inferno. This event — which takes attendees through the nine levels of hell through the eyes of nine different designers from the North Texas, Austin, Portland and New Orleans — is sure to be unlike any you've ever attended. They'll even throw performance artists and contortionists into the mix for good measure. You won't want to miss it. — CC

Future Death, Ronnie Heart and Bummer Vacation at Three Links
Sure, Fort Worth newcomer Bummer Vacation has only played a handful of live shows to date. But its members share a long pedigree of performing: Vocalist/guitarist Paul Hernandez played bass with Sealion, vocalist/guitarist Ryan Torres-Reyes plied his craft with Skeleton Coast and the rhythm section, comprised of drummer Ricky Williford and Tyler Moore, splits its time performing with War Party. So the talent's there. And, at tonight's show, these talented gents will digitally release one of the better debut LPs you'll hear all year. Hear a track from the album and read our profile on the band here. Austin's Future Death headlines this one and Fort Worth's Ronnie Heart also performs. — CG

The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz at Texas Theatre
Before his death at the young age of 26, Aaron Swartz helped create the RSS feed, Reddit, Creative Commons and many popular online entities that remain prominent today. The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz covers Swartz's career, right up to his arrest by MIT police for some online hoopla we don't fully understand and his eventual, unfortunate suicide on January 11, 2013. Had he held on, he would have learned that he would be inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame. Quite a shame. Should you miss it tonight, this one's also screening on Sunday. — CW

Among Ravens at Texas Theatre
Just in time to miss July 4th — the time when the film is set — is Among Ravens. This film stars Amy Smart (Road Trip), Joshua Leonard (The Blair Witch Project) and Natalie Imbruglia (who sings that one song “Torn”), as a group of friends hanging out on Independence Day only to have life suck when an old pal comes back into the picture to shake things up. One night only. — CW

Wet Hot American Summer at Angelika Film Center
As a part of their After Hours series, The Angelika is screening David Wain's American classic, Wet Hot American Summer Every generation has a great summer camp movie, and this one's ours. — CW

The Royal Tenenbaums at Inwood Theatre
The Royal Tenenbaums is the film that really defined Wes Anderson's style of filmmaking — the tracking shots, the giant sets, the perfect symmetry, the color palettes, the timeless period settings and the recurring actors — and set the tone for every single one of his subsequent films. Starring some of the best talent Hollywood will ever have to offer (Murray! Hackman! Huston!), this is perhaps his most ambitious film to date, not to mention his best. Screening this weekend only. — CW

Cutter, Auxiliary Voice, and Drug Animal at Crown & Harp
Cutter, The Auxiliary Voice and Drug Animal playing back-to-back is like an acid trip gone awesome. Bring some mushrooms. — CW

'til Midnight at Nasher Sculpture Center
Since the summer nights aren't so bad lately, why don't you head on over to the Nasher Museum and catch some live music and a movie outdoors, picnic-style? This months, performers will be Fort Worth's Foxtrot Uniform and the film will be the Cary Grant classic, Bringing Up Baby. As always, the Nasher's 'til Midnight events are free, so there's that. —AG

Festival of Independent Theatres: Playtime at Bath House Cultural Center
If you haven't been paying attention to what Prism Co. has been up to, then you've been missing out. This up-and-coming theater will be holding showings of Playtime as part of the Festival of Independent Theatres going on at the Bath House. Playtime, a wordless movement piece by Prism Co. founder Jeffrey Colangelo, is about a man who is surrounded by things that make him happy. But every time he tries to find happiness in these things, he's brutally beat down by masked figures with pillows. — CE

Eric McFadden at Buzz Brews
Guitar virtuoso Eric McFadden is a member of George Clinton’s P-Funk All-Stars and Eric Burden’s Animals. He's also recorded with the likes of Les Claypool, Joe Strummer, Nels Cline, Mike Watt, Keb Mo, Bernie Worrell and our own Reverend Horton Heat over the years. So, yeah, he’s pretty incredible. Is it weird that he's playing an all-night breakfast joint? Yes. — CG

The Antlers at Trees
The Antlers just dropped its nine-track Familiars last month, and the fresh album has been received well by critics and fans alike. Familiars brings the band's music a little closer inland from the sea of reverb of its 2012 EP Underwater, while also staying true to the attention to detail and lush instrumentation that the band has become known for. It's a reflection on how the past can be a seductive place to wallow, and attempts to transcend it with jazz guitars, spacey electronics and haunting horns. Mean Montreal blues rockers Thus Owls open. — CE

The Neighbourhood at South Side Music Hall
Mysterious California quintet The Neighbourhood is currently supporting last year's I Love You. The band's combination of rock instruments and hip-hop aesthetics would seemingly make them a pretty compelling act to see in a live setting — especially if you're into Coldplay or Maroon 5. Travi$ Scott and White Arrows open. — Stephen Young

The Baptist Generals at Twilite Lounge (Free)
Was the Generals' latest record worth the 10-year wait? Definitely. The latest from Chris Flemmons and his merry band of Denton's finest is an intricately arranged, remarkably multi-faceted release. As always, though, it's Flemmons' warbling vocals that shine brightest. If you've heard Baptist Generals' music before, you already know that the guy boasts the most interesting indie rock voice this side of Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum. When he opens his mouth and lets his voice out, it's damn near impossible not to pay attention. And boy is that attention ever deserved. — Pete Freedman

Infest and Weekend Nachos at Vice Palace
One of the weekend’s far and away most interesting performances will take place this Saturday when a whole host of hardcore and power violence acts — most of which rarely if ever perform in town — will come to town. Originally, this show was set to go down in an old, abandoned bullring. Unfortunately, the ring flooded, and now it's set to go down in West Dallas' Vice Palace. California's Infest and Illinois' Weekend Nachos will top a bill that'll also include performances from Creator|Destroyer, Mindless, Chest Pain, Lacerations and Mean & Ugly. — CG

The Artist Estate Sale at Two Bronze Doors
Here's your chance to support a local artist. A handful of up-and-coming artists are throwing an everything-must-go sale of their work at Lower Greenville DIY space Two Bronze Doors. There will be textiles, small furniture, paintings, sculpture and artist books up for buying, so come with a lot of cash (only!) in hand and leave with a number of cool shit nobody else will ever have. — CW

Zorch, Ice Eater, Cleanup and Bummer Vacation at Lola’s
Headlining this one is Zorch, the Austin-based electronic outfit whose music borders on happy hardcore, and which we once saw organize a dodgeball game in the middle of its set. Local bands Ice Eater and Cleanup also perform, and Bummer Vacation kicks things off with a set that will also mark the digital release of its debut album. — PF

Girls Rock Dallas Summer Showcase at Kessler Theater
Don't be confused: This event isn't named “Women Rock Dallas” ad for good reason. Fifty talented girls ranging from ages 8 to 17 are going to perform original rock 'n' roll songs at this Kessler Theater show. To add to the challenge, these girls created their songs in just five days. — Jessica Petrocchi

New Madrid and Equals at The Foundry (Free)
New Madrid is still relatively new to the game, having debuted its Yardboat album in 2012. This year, the band came out with its sophomore album, Sunswimmer, mixing its blues rock tendencies with hints of lo-fi psych rock. The members of Equals, on the other hand, all hail from different cities within our fair state and will bring a little more energy to their instrumental set. Tracts, their LP from this year, is filled with math rock influences and is certain to have you bobbing your heads throughout the night down at The Foundry. — CE

Kiss Army, Crude and Tattooed at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill
Both KISS and Motley Crue each made stops at Dallas' Gexa Energy Pavilion earlier this week. If you missed one or both of those shows, this pair of tribute acts has you covered. KISS Army, in particular, has honed its act so well over the last 18 years that its hard to distinguish them from the real thing at this point. Of course, the pounds of grease paint they slather on their faces surely helps with that to a degree. — CG

Toology at House of Blues
Earlier this week, Tool explained to Rolling Stone that the reason it hadn't been able to release any new music for the past eight years was because of a drawn-out court battle that's cost the band millions. It doesn't look like that legal battle will end any time soon, either. That said, it's safe to reason this Tool tribute is probably as close as you'll get to seeing the real thing for a good long while. — CG

The Mavericks at Granada Theater
Sure, members of Dallas' NBA franchise have been known to hit the town and party late into the night. But, no, that's not what's going on here. Rather, the country-steeped garage band of the same name plays the Granada two years deep into its reunion. Take dat witchu. — AG

Telegraph Canyon, The Madisons and J. Charles & the Trainrobbers at Dada
Sure, 2009's The Tide and the Current came out a full five years ago — crazy, right? — but Telegraph Canyon never really went away. Austin's The Madisons and Dallas' J. Charles & the Trainrobbers open. — CG

Moonbather, Diamond Age, Peopleodian at Dan’s Silverleaf
According to this sick poster, local band Diamond Age will be celebrating its newest EP, Private Victories, which was released early last month, this Saturday. Joining the band's much-delayed release party will be Moonbather — which recently released a pretty badass little EP of its own — and Peopleodeon, thus ensuring a night of experimental electronic music mixed with elements of shoegaze and psych over at Dan's Silverleaf. Tickets are $7, and the show kicks off at 10 p.m. — CE

Punky Reggae One Year Anniversary Party at Single Wide (Free)
For a solid year now, DJs Benjamin White and Gabriel Mendoza have held down this recurring event at the Single Wide. At this anniversary edition of the duo's Punky Reggae Party, they'll be joined by special guest DJ Jason Harris, who'll be spinning the brand's patented blend of punk, reggae, dub, post-punk, ska, hardcore, rocksteady and two-tone, oi! Oh, and they'll also be giving away vinyl copies of the first three Ramones albums to a trio of lucky attendees. — AG

Two-Year Anniversary Party at It’ll Do Club
The best dance club in Dallas is pairing up with San Francisco-based deep house DJ Miguel Migs for an ultimate celebration of two year's worth of good times. You best wear your boogie shoes because — and trust us on this one — dance-offs will ensue. And with a sound system like It'll Do's, there will be no hiding in the corner. Don't fight it. Just get your back up off the wall and get down on it. — Zoe Mattioli

Dead Flowers, Bad Mountain and Van Sanchez at Double Wide
Bad Mountain may be one of the newest members of Dallas' exceedingly crowded Americana scene, but in a few short months frontman Jesse Anderson and a rotating crop of backing musicians that often includes members of Somebody's Darling, Goodnight Ned and The Texas Gentlemen have already become something of a standout act in its own right. Anderson's innovative and underrated guitar playing and headstrong live showings are a big part what's helped set Bad Mountain apart from many of its like-minded contemporaries. Coming armed with a strong set of tunes that sound familiar but fresh? That also helps. Dead Flowers headline this one and Van Sanchez opens. — CG

Trash Bash Music Stash at Two Bronze Doors
A wise man once sang “You only get what you give.” If you're interested in free coffee, booze and rock shows, you should feel inclined to give back by way of helping pick up trash on Lower Greenville. Your co-workers-for-the-day will meet at 10 a.m. in the Trader Joe's parking lot. — CG

“Oscar de la Renta: Five Decades of Style” at George W. Bush Presidential Center
The “Oscar de la Renta: Five Decades of Style” retrospective goes up today over at the George W. Bush Presidential Center, and will remain there until October 5th. From outfits designed for First Ladies Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Reagan to evening gowns worn by celebrities like Jennifer Garner and Anne Hathaway, the exhibit will cover the depth and variety that de la Renta has explored from the beginning of his career to today. Tickets for the George W. Bush Presidential Center, typically costing $16 for adults, will be raised $1 for the duration of the exhibit to help support it. Hours and pricing can be found right here. Parking (which is very limited) costs $7, so parking at the Mockingbird DART station and taking a Museum Express or SMU Express bus that'll drop you off at the Presidential Center might serve you better. — CE

Deep Ellum Outdoor (Indoor) Market at Sons of Hermann Hall
In celebration of its fourth anniversary, the people behind the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market will be setting up shop inside of the Sons of Hermann Hall this Saturday. What does that mean for you? First off, rain or shine, you'll be in good hands. Second, you'll get everything you've come to expect with the outdoor market (musicians, food trucks, vendors, etc.) and the Sons of Hermann bar all at once. If the A/C isn't enough for you to keep cool, you can step outside and take advantage of the the water games and Popsicles available outside. — CE

Grand Opening at Bishop Cider Co.
For a couple weeks now, North Texas’ first cider brewery has been serving up a couple dozen popular ciders. Today, though, the folks at Bishop Cider Co. will be tapping the kegs of the first three varietals brewed right here in town. It’s a momentous occasion to be sure, and one you can celebrate with a flight of local cider, slices from Zoli’s and music courtesy of The Roomsounds, all of which are included with the cost of admission to BCC’s official grand opening shindig. — CG

Group Therapy Vol. 2 Release Party Extravaganza at The Where House
Need a quick primer on the Fort Worth rock scene? Look no further than this all-day showing at which Fort Worth indie labels Lo-Life and Dreamy Soundz will release their second annual Group Therapy compilation. Like last year's version of the tape, this one — which features new songs from Son of Stan, War Party, Sealion, Bummer Vacation, Britt Robisheaux, The Road Soda, Doom Ghost, Bitch Bricks, Fogg, Slumberbuzz, The Ape Hangars, Patriot, Year of the Bear, Street Arabs, The Fibs, Vicious Firs, Vacations, The Cush, Andy Picket and Toy Gun — was recorded live at Fort Worth venue The Where House back in December. At this one, most of those bands will perform full sets at the venue. — CG

Craig Owens at Sons of Hermann Hall
In this intimate acoustic showing, Chiodos frontman Craig Owens will invite fans to take in his music from a closer-than-usual vantage point. He'll be performing music from the bands Chiodos, D.R.U.G.S and Cinematic Sunrise, all of which he fronts, plus his solo material. Owens has promised “a few other surprises” during this four-day Texas tour, as well. — AG

Scarface, Doughbeezy at The Prophet Bar
Turns out he didn't die in the movie! Wait, no. Wrong Scarface. Also: Belated spoiler alert! Tonight's Prophet Bar event actually features the Houston-based rapper, not the character popularized by Al Pacino. He'll be joined by fellow Houstonian Doughbeezy as well as special guests Drama tha King, Mozez the Great, Tha League, Raw Elements, and Que. P. — Trace McCaslin

A Sunny Day in Glasglow at Lola’s
Up until this year, shoegazers A Sunny Day in Glasgow's sound has been heavily awash in reverb and various effects. But after changing producers, songwriters and vocalists prior to recording this year's Sea When Absent, the band took a major shift forward while slightly cleaning up its still very dreamy sound. Animal Spirit and Shake the Moon open. — CG

Video Games: The Movie at Texas Theatre
I know this doesn't sound as fun as actually playing them, but there's a cool documentary out called Video Games: The Movie. It's produced by Zach Braff, and you've probably made up your mind now and stopped reading. But if you're still with me, definitely give this doc a chance. It's here to build an awareness on the history of video games, how they are put together and marketed. A cool educational film, if you will. — CW

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