Get Dirty.

Though the term “ecstasy” was coined by Dallasite Michael Clegg in the early '80s, the class of drugs known as MDMA had been around way longer than that.

In fact, the drug, which was initially developed by German pharmaceutical company Merck to control abnormal bleeding and which you crazy kids today call “molly,” was first patented on this day in 1914.

That's right, today is ecstasy's 100th birthday.

We're not saying you should mark the occasion by dropping any of the popular club drug this weekend, necessarily. We do, however, recommend doing lots of dancing, drinking lots of water, giving out lots of hugs and, y'know, not doing any abnormal bleeding.

Fort Worth Music Festival at Panther Island Pavilion
Come celebrate the creative forces that make Fort Worth the interesting and vibrant city it is at the two-day Fort Worth Music Festival. On the first night of this two-day fest, you'll enjoy opening acts such as Ronnie Fauss, Patriot, Billy Gibbons (of ZZ Top fame) and headliner Lucinda Williams. Like the variety of musical genres that will be on display, there will also be a variety of featured art exhibits and local vendors. — Chrissi Chetwood

Richardson Wildflower Festival at Galatyn Park
Kool and the Gang, Loverboy, Ed Kowalczyk, Vertical Horizon, Fastball, Marcia Ball and locals like Party Static and Cliffs of Insanity make up but a few of this suburban fest's Night One performers. — Cory Graves

Fork and Cork at Addison Circle Park
The annual food and music festival formerly known as A Taste of Addison returns for 2014 with selections from 60 of the city's restaurants, plus celebrity chefs and performances from bands including Prophets & Outlaws and Whiskey Folk Ramblers. — Stephen Young

Nelo at Granada Theater
Nelo may have officially formed in Austin and lived for a time in Athens, but its members first began playing together while attending high school together here in Dallas. Tonight's homecoming affair will also feature sets from Thieving Birds and Novel Ideas. — CG

Joan Osborne at Kessler Theater
Asking all the important questions since 1995. — CG

Dallas Comic Con Fan Expo at Dallas Convention Center
No longer just the full-blown Comic Con affair's sad little step-sister, this year's Fan Expo will feature appearances from nearly the complete casts of Star Trek: Next Generation, Firefly and The Walking Dead, not to mention Stan Lee, Christopher Lloyd, Judge Reinhold and Jeremy Shada. Who's Shada? He voices Finn on Adventure Time. — CG

Rue Morgue Presents: Nightmare on Elm Street at Trees
This show will serve as an after-party of sorts for Rue Morgue magazine's “Festival of Fear” portion of this weekend's Dallas Convention Center-held Comic Con. And true to its “Nightmare on Elm Street” name — get it? Trees is located on Elm Street! — this event will not only feature performances from fetish rockers the Genitorturers and Marquis of Vaudeville, but also a special appearance from Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund himself. — CG

Steven Michael Quezada at Hyena's (Dallas)
As somewhat serious as AMC's wildly popular Breaking Bad proved to be in its five-season run, it's kind of wild to think about how many comedians played substantial roles in the series. Think about it: Bryan Cranston was primarily known for his role as Hal on Malcolm in the Middle; Bob Odenkirk, who played Saul, starred in Mr. Show; stand-up comedians Bill Burr and Lavell Crawford played Saul's con-man Kuby and bodyguard Huell, respectively; and DEA Agent Steven “Gomie” Gomez was played by Steven Michael Quezada, who'll be showing off his funnier side with stand-up sets all weekend long. — CG

Pixar in Concert at Bass Performance Hall
The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra tackles the music of Pixar's greatest hits, from Toy Story to The Incredibles all weekend long, starting tonight. No word yet on if Mr. Potato Head is planning on attending, but I'm sure one of you more enterprising readers out there can make that happen if you really want. — PF

Multiple Exposures at Oak Cliff Cultural Center
Recently, the Dallas Observer called Kathy Tran one of the best concert photographers in town. And, hey, given her work for us, it's a sentiment we're inclined to agree with. Among the many things that set Tran apart is a style she employs using multiple exposures, which she's recently been developing through her concert photography and portrait work. The artist reception to Tran's first-ever gallery show will be held tonight out in the Cliff. — CG

Byron Nelson Championship at Four Seasons Resort and Club Las Colinas
Whether you're more interested in Jordan Spieth's chances at claiming victory at this hometown tournament or just getting plastered in the famed pavilion party, you should have a ball out in the 'burbs this weekend regardless. — CG

Young Tongue and Cutter at The Foundry (Free)
This show might be worth attending just to see the looks on the faces of The Foundry's regular weekend crowd as they try to figure out what the hell they're watching when local electronic noise-punk act Cutter takes the stage. Never mind the fact that this probably the best place in the entire city to catch a free outdoor show, the performance should prove an interesting experience for the bar's salmon-colored-shorts-wearing set. Fortunately, Austin indie-pop outfit Young Tongue is far more approachable. — CG

Bethan, Chambers and Daniel Markham at Three Links
For those who were bummed that Bethan's performance at last Thursday's Switch Creative event was rained out due to the #stormpocalypse, consider this one your makeup game. Denton's Chambers and Daniel Markham will join them this time around. — CG

Hares on the Mountain at Dallas Museum of Art (Free)
Every third Friday, the DMA stays up way past its usual bedtime for all kinds of after-hours programming and art-gazing. Stay up till midnight with the Denton-based, Irish-leaning folk-heavy act, Hares on the Mountain. Fortunately the DMA's Atrium is one of the few places in the building it's cool to have a drink. And, really, what are Irish drinking songs without drinks? — CG

Cake Jam at Dada
Here's your place to party on a budget this weekend: The first 50 people through the doors at this -topic- and Joonbug-organized hip-hop show and dance party will get in free. Once inside, you'll have free reign on a whole pile of free cupcakes and $2 tacos. Don't discount performances from A.Dd+, Tunk and Blue, the Misfit either. — CG

Chuck Mead at Sons of Hermann Hall
Journeyman Nashville picker and founding member of '90s alt-country pioneers BR5-49, Chuck Mead will be doing his solo thing at one of the oldest venues in town tonight. Maybe he'll even stir up of a mess of the place's fabled spirits in the process. — CG

Denton Laser Pool Party at Forum
There's no better way to bring in the three months of sleeping until 12 p.m., avoiding anything even slightly productive and sweating your balls off in the Texas heat that students call summer vacation than with a pool party. Well, that's what you thought. Over at the Forum they're upping the ante with the addition of — get this — lasers. Being one of the largest student living apartments in Denton, this event is sure to draw in more than enough UNT students, as well as students from neighboring cities. — CC

'til Midnight at Nasher Sculpture Center (Free)
The DMA isn't the only art museum staying open late tonight. But Jessie Frye and Madison King's respective performances at this one might be one of the most ideal spots in town to catch a show, period. Actually, this one will end early enough for you to hit up both museums' concerts tonight should you choose. — CG

Christeene at Double Wide
Shows from Austin “drag terrorist” Christeene are, generally speaking, not for the faint of heart. Performing while backed by her DJ, JJ Booya, Christeene, the brainchild of one Paul Soileau, puts on decidedly NSFW performances. To wit, the Christeene has described her performance style to interviewers as “a sexually infused sewer of live electro, dub step, R&B and unclassifiable stylings of vile shamelessness.” And the live show certainly lives up to that hype. Her last Double Wide performance, for instance, was an insane mishmash of performance art, R&B, hip-hop and a little bit of confession. Watching it was like watching someone who's completely fallen apart, but has found her happy place at the bottom. — Jeremy Hughes

Bombay Bicycle Show at Granada Theater
Bombay Bicycle Club's 2011 A Different Kind of Fix LP was one of those omnipresent albums that definitely solidified the band's status as one of the more popular indie rock bands of the past few years. It's a reputation this year's So Long, See You Tomorrow only cemented. Their cutesy, twee records are definitely a hit with the younger teen set, so that's who you'll probably be seeing at the show tonight. — Chelsea Upton

Shlohmo at Trees
The world of chilled-out, avant-garde, lo-fi jams and the electronic, dance world collide at 23-year-old producer Shlohmo's live sets. D33J and Jim-E Stack also perform. — CG

Rebirth Brass Band at Kessler Theater
Rebirth got its start on the streets of New Orleans' French Quarter in 1983. More recently — 30 years after that fact — the outfit finally won itself a Grammy. The onetime street performers' heavy funk sound has also fully become the sound of their city — especially in the wake of their being a focal point of HBO's Treme. — Jessica Petrocchi

Fort Worth Music Festival at Panther Island Pavilion
Jimmy Eat World, The Airborne Toxic Event, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Jackopierce, Aaron Behrens & The Midnight Stroll, Air Review, Oil Boom, Quiet Company, Foxtrot Uniform, The Fox and the Bird, Ice Eater and TEAM* all perform on Day Two of this year's fest. — CG

Richardson Wildflower Festival at Galatyn Park
Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, Foghat, Hal Ketchum and The Wallflowers, plus locals RTB2, Andrew Tinker, Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, Bad Mountain, Nervous Curtains and Dead Flowers frontman Corey Howe are some of the highlights from this annual festival's second day. — CG

Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder at Verizon Theatre
Foreigner, for many, is a guilty pleasure band. But, in all honesty, it's hard to feel guilty about liking really perfectly crafted rock 'n' roll like this. The band has sold almost 80 million albums to date. And it just keeps going on and on. This version of Foreigner, we should note, is mostly a team of journeymen, with guitarist Mick Jones the only original member still in the band. Still, we caught the band during its last Dallas stop and highly recommend you do the same this time around. Sure, it's a bit corny. But, watching this band perform on stage, it's hard not to have fun. It's basically a Cialis commercial playing before your eyes. What's left of Styx offers main support. Longtime Eagles guitarist Don Felder opens the show. — JH

Fork and Cork at Addison Circle Park
Highlights from Day Two of the festival include a tequila tasting, bread-making and grilling classes, and performances from Pat Green, Madison King, Telegraph Canyon and Greg Schroeder. — CG

Trinity River Wind Festival at Trinity River Corridor (Free)
In the need to fly a stunt kite? Lucky you, the Trinity River Wind Festival is this weekend. Show and stunt kites will be keeping you on your toes. So, too, will being out in the great outdoors. This event is free, and located near the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. — Ashley Gongora

Byron Nelson Championship at Four Seasons Resort and Club Las Colinas
A band called Mockingbird Sun performs in the pavilion this evening. You'll be too drunk to notice. — CG

Comic Con After-Party at South Side Music Hall
This one not only features the opportunity to perform karaoke with a live backing band, but also performances from Dallas first — and only? — all-cosplay rock band, the IG-88s. Because of course it does. We're just going out on a limb here by guessing that the party will also feature a whole lot of people hitting the dance floor in costume. — CG

222 at The Green Elephant
As you might have gathered from its name, this twelve-hour dance party will run from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. Fool's Gold DJs Sleepy Tom and Bames will headline this sucker, which will also see sets from Booty Fade, Zach Witness, DJ A1, Feezy, J Who, Colly T, Dubble A and a whole heap of other local DJs whose weekly residencies you've probably ended up at one point or another. Needless to say, you should pace yourself out there, and mix in plenty of non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day if you plan on staying at this marathon dance session for awhile. — CG

My Bloody Valentine at Texas Theatre
The italics mean everything here: That is to say, before you get your hopes too high, just note this event is a screening of the 1981 Canadian slasher film and not a performance from the Irish shoegaze act of the same name. For what it's worth, Quentin Tarantino has cited the film as one of his favorites. And director George Mihalka will be in attendance for this special uncensored director's cut screening, too. — CG

Duro Futuro at Ware:Wolf:Haus
We'll make this one easy to understand: This is a tropical-themed warehouse party out in Trinity Groves. Not familiar with the new-ish DIY art space? Just plug 425 Bedford Street into your GPS and listen for the thumping bass. — CG

Sour Grapes Open Studio
The Dallas art and graffiti collective is opening its studio doors to everyone, allowing them to take a peek at what the group has been working on. Guests are invited to browse, hang out and even possibly purchase some of the art works. What's more, a dozen other nearby Oak Cliff-based artists are opening their homes and studios as well as part of the “Speedbump Art Tour.” Check the link above for the full list of participating artists and their respective addresses. — CU

Girls Rock Dallas Happy Hour at Black Swan
Girls Rock Dallas, the notable local organization which seeks to “empower girls and women through the use of music education to promote self-esteem and confidence by providing the opportunity to learn and express creativity,” has positively influenced dozens of girls since its inaugural camp a couple summers back. And a big part of the cash that keeps the nonprofit organization up and running comes from donations and fundraising events that the organization holds throughout the year. Speaking of: The group's next such event will take place here at one of our favorite Deep Ellum watering holes. — CG

Dave Matthews Band at Gexa Energy Pavilion
The fact that this show takes place after SMU has already let out for the summer is a crime. Boy, are those visor-wearers going to be pissed when they find out Dave Matthews was in town over summer break. — SY

TunnelVisions: Mural Unveiling at Kettle Art
Six weeks after 30 local artists gathered at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival to take part in a live mural competition, all of their efforts will finally be unveiled at this event. What's more, the four-by-eight-foot panels will be arranged to form a 32-foot-long walk-through tunnel at Kettle a la the old Good-Latimer tunnel. Then the pieces will be individually auctioned off. Because, just like the Good-Latimer tunnel was leveled to make way for DART, all good things eventually must meet their end. — CG

Home By Hovercraft, Blackstone Rangers, Borrisokane and Bashe at Three Links
Local, theatrically-minded chamber pop outfit Home by Hovercraft and Austin's Borrisokane continue their mutual admiration for one another after covering each other's tunes a while back. Come to think of it, it's kind of a wonder Young Tongue — which performs at The Foundry on Friday night, and also appears on that same comp — aren't appearing on this bill as well. Instead, locals Blackstone Rangers and Bashe should do quite nicely. — CG

Moving Units at Dada
Not long ago, Macaulay Culkin and a band of fellow pizza-loving stoners/pranksters had the pleasure of disappointing several hundred North Texans all at once. To be fair, when you pay $15 to watch a coked-up former child star beat on a pizza box and sing Velvet Underground parodies, you pretty much deserve whatever's coming to you. In any case, Los Angeles dance-punk outfit, Moving Units, served as that particular evening's lone bright spot. It would stand to reason they probably picked up a few new fans at that sold-out affair, too. — CG

RC's Birthday Bash at The Prophet Bar (Big Room)
Every week, Erykah Badu's musical director R.C. Williams and his band The Gritz lead Dallas' best and most consistent weekly event in town in this venue's small room. To celebrate Williams' birthday tonight, The Gritz will host a special weekend performance in The Prophet Bar's big room. They'll be joined by N'Dambi and Choklate, who'll perform tonight as well. — CG

Asian Festival at Main Street Garden Park (Free)
Unlike the festival held in this same park last Saturday — which aimed to showcase the best of the Texas music scene — this one is intended to just the opposite. Here, they'll celebrate all Asian everything. — CG

Primal Fear at Trees
German heavy metal outfit Primal Fear may have started as the side project of a Judas Priest cover band — such a good one, we might point out, that frontman Ralf Scheepers was at one point under consideration from that band to replace departed vocalist Rob Halford — but they've since gone on to release 10 studio efforts, the most recent of which was released this past January. — CG

Byron Nelson Championship at Four Seasons Resort and Club Las Colinas
Be there when this year's champion is crowned. — CG

Mint Condition at House of Blues
Tonight, the House of Blues welcomes to town '90s R&B heroes Mint Condition. Maybe it's just us, but their '91 hit, “Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)” totally holds up. — CG

Richardson Wildflower Festival at Galatyn Park
Local ex-pat Michael Martin Murphey, Lonestar and Jack Ingram round out a final day of this year's festival that's mostly comprised of tribute bands otherwise. — CG

KNON Car Show and Concert at Bowlounge
Other than suped-up rat rods and show bikes, this event will feature a bill as wide as the public radio station's diverse lineup of programming. To that end, Dead Flowers, Quimikos Del Son, The Paul Byrd Blues Band and The Derailers each perform. — CG

Swapping Block at Strangeways
Just like they did back in February, DJ Sober and a handful of his crate-digging buddies are hosting an old-fashioned record swap at Strangeways this weekend. Aside from rare, handpicked vinyl, there'll be plenty of throwback concert posters, VHS and cassette tapes, and old t-shirts, too. — CG

Naked Day in the Park at Klyde Warren Park (Free)
No, there won't be a mass of bare-fleshed exhibitionists descending on the usually-so-kid-friendly deck park for this one. But that's probably for the best. This event, which derives its somewhat deceptive name from a sponsorship deal with the Naked juice company, will feature free outdoor yoga and bubble soccer. The first 100 people to the park will also receive a free yoga mat, too. So there's that. — CG

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