Go Big With Young The Giant.

You know what sounds like an awesome prank? Posing as your neighbor, posting ads requesting naked dudes to start showing up at your house, then waiting by the window for the fun to begin.

Videotaping the incidents to relive later makes things even funnier.

Thing is, fun as it sounds, such tomfoolery is liable to get you banned from the internet for good.

And that? That would just be the worst.

I mean, how are you supposed to know what's going on this weekend if you can't access Central Track?

Young the Giant at South Side Ballroom
Young the Giant has been playing together in one capacity or another since 2004 when the band were known as The Jakes. Its debut full-length under the current name didn't come until 2010. Anyway, the group's amassed quite the following in that time, as well evidenced by the fact that they sold out The Prophet Bar's big room last year. They played a packed private show at Three Links in 2013, too. If you missed that show, you really missed out. Let's just say this act probably ain't playing a show that intimate for a good, long while. — Cory Graves

Pretty Things Peep Show at Kessler Theater
See our our Anti-Valentine's Day post for more information about this event.

Kaela Sinclair, Small Topography, Goldeen, Bashe at The Prophet Bar
Denton newcomer Kaela Sinclair's debut, released last fall, has got all the ingredients the 23-year-old UNT jazz program graduate might need to become the Little D's next big thing. To that end, Sun & Mirror features production from Midlake's McKenzie Smith and string arrangements courtesy of Daniel Hart and The Polyphonic Spree's Buffi Jacobs. She'll be performing tonight with a handful of the area's most promising experimental, electronic, indie music. — CG

'80s vs '90s Prom at Double Wide
If prom wasn't all you'd hope it'd be (and there's a 85 percent chance it wasn't), have a do-over tonight at the Double Wide. Embrace the '80s vs '90s theme of the night, too; the bands for the evening will be revered area tribute acts The Rich Girls (Hall & Oates) and The Clinton Years (all '90s everything). — H. Drew Blackburn

Valentine's Day Massacre at Moxley Manor
See our our Anti-Valentine's Day post for more information about this event.

Thin Line Festival in Denton
Musical highlights for today include performances by RTB2, Robert Gomez, Danny Rush, Jessie Frye, and a dozen or so others, plus the first chance to buy blind pre-sale tickets to next year's 35 Denton festival. — CG

Love is Blind at Dark Hour Haunted House
See our our Anti-Valentine's Day post for more information about this event.

Valentine's Double Feature at Lakewood Theater
Timeless classics are always a safe bet when looking to impress a Valentine's date. After dinner, let Rick Derek and the Cupid Quartet croon your sweetie with Rat Pack-era favorites before the lights dim and a showing of Casablanca follows. Here's looking at you, kid. — CG

Valentine's Day Pop-Up Shop at The Bell Jar
The way we see it you can play this one two ways: You can pick up some Cakewalk sweets for your sweetie and commemorate the occasion with a snap shot via Photo Wagon's mobile photo booth, or just load up on macarons and pig out with your besties. Either way it's hard to be disappointed with a mouthful of homemade macarons. — CG

Booty Stew, Party Static at Crown and Harp
If you're going to potentially pigeonhole yourself with a word like “party” in your band name, you sure as hell better exude the very “no fucks given” essence that such a word implies. Fortunately, Party Static's debut EP — which is full of impudent talk-y vocals, siren-like screams, fuzzy bass lines and songs that range from bratty (“I Want”) to reckless (“Sex in the Neighborhood”) — most certainly finds the band living up to its name. Tonight the funk maestros in Booty Stew will also debut their new sax player. — CG

Peter Ligon: It's Getting Dark, Too Dark to See at The Safe Room
Ligon's latest batch of work were all painted at night, outdoors, his canvases illuminated solely by moonlight. Needless to say, they look much different when viewed in an indoor scenario. Still, the series, which shows moonlit art in its rawest form, is a fitting exhibition to take your date to this Valentine's Day. — Porttia Portis

Mini Kiss at Big Al's McKinney Avenue Tavern
See our our Anti-Valentine's Day post for more information about this event.

Princess Bride Quote-a-Long at Alamo Drafthouse
See our our Anti-Valentine's Day post for more information about this event.

Supercross at Dallas Cowboys Stadium
This shindig features all sorts of motorsports-related activities. And an ass load of energy drinks, too. (That't not just an assholish assumption, by the way, Monster Energy is sponsoring today's slate of events.) — Pete Freedman

Neutral Milk Hotel at Majestic Theatre (Sold Out)
In the '90s, there was a band called Neutral Milk Hotel. The band was made up of several people from Georgia who all played in different bands. They made experimental indie music and played kooky instruments, such as saws. They sang off-key and wailed a lot. Emotions were experienced and important feelings were described in oblique lyrics. They became so well thought-of that they immortalized themselves on the Mount Olympus of indie rock. The lead singer, Jeff Mangum, basically quit music shortly after achieving levels of fame unheard of for an indie rocker at the time. He recorded indigenous music in Eastern Europe and experimented with noise, but shunned touring or reviving NMH. In the past few years, though, Mangum has picked up the yoke again, and decided to head back on the road for a few solo tours. He enjoyed his time back so much that he's gotten the band back together and is now touring the country as Neutral Milk Hotel once again, playing the group's beloved album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. It's sold out, but hopefully you have a ticket so you can go cry with a bunch of 30-year-olds reminiscing their salad days. — Jeremy Hughes

My Furry Valentine at Main Street Garden Park
See our our Anti-Valentine's Day post for more information about this event.

Thin Line Festival in Denton
Highlights include the Visions audio/video experience at Andy's, and performances by A.Dd+, The Boombachs, AV the Great, Sebadoh, and a dozen or so others. Oh yeah, and of course there'll be lots of filmage going on, too. — CG

Josh Abbott Band at Southern Junction
See our our Anti-Valentine's Day post for more information about this event.

White Lies, Frankie Rose at Granada Theater
For their third EP, last fall's Big TV, UK post-punk trio White Lies stripped away some of the layers from their big sounding early discs, resulting in their most melodic effort to date. Dum Dum Girls/Vivian Girls alumnus Frankie Rose opens this one with her blend of noise rock and moody synth pop. — CG

El Ten Eleven at Dada
Instrumental post-rock power duo El Ten Eleven love using looping pedals to create huge sonic works. At the same time, they hate it when you call them a math rock duo, which they decidedly are not. Maybe next they'll decide to finally be fed up with reviewers that continue to use tired lines like “I can't believe two guys create all that sound,” to describe the band's efforts. Austin-based indie-electro duo Bronze Whale open. — CG

Wayne “the Train” Hancock at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill (Inside)
Wayne “The Train” Hancock's blend of western swing and old-time honky tonk are the closest thing you'll find to the sounds of Hank Williams Sr. these days — especially now that Hank III's begun to lean so heavily on his punk and metal sides. He'll hold things down on the venue's indoor stage tonight while Austin metal outfit, The Sword, performs outside. — CG

The Sword at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill (Outside)
Frequent Metallica tour mates The Sword continue touring in support of 2012's Apocryphon. That latest release from the Austin-based sludge-metal act features the same time-tested heavy doom of their previous albums, so don't go to this one expecting to have your life affirmed or anything. Still, you should be able to get your [hard] rocks off tonight all the same. — Stephen Young

Maze, Bel Biv Devoe at Verizon Theatre
Folks, I must warn you… of a rhythmic, R&B sensation throwback concert you can't miss out on! '90s hip-hop trio Bell Biv DeVoe is back on the road, hungry to hit the stage and drive you out of your mind with a selection of songs both old and new. With BBD being joined on this bill by Maze — of “Joy and Pain” fame — this night is your chance to take your old skool dance moves, vintage bucket hat, and boo thang out for a night to remember. — Zoe Mattioli

Whiskey Folk Ramblers at Twilite Lounge (Free)
The Whiskey Folk Ramblers will be performing live at Twilite Lounge on Saturday. The best part? There is no cover so you'll be able to afford all the whiskey you'll drink trying to keep up with the band and their fans. And there will be two sets of music, so there'll plenty of time to dance and drink up. Because there's no better way to make yourself feel better post-Valentine's Day than drowning one's sorrows. — JH

Craig Ferguson at McFarlin Auditorium
The Scottish-born comic — and most underrated late-night talk show host going — will perform stand-up tonight on the SMU campus. — CG

Jeff Dunham at American Airlines Center
We're not really sure whether to be impressed or disappointed here. The fact that the Dallas native has become the third-highest-paid comedian in the U.S. behind only Seinfeld and Chris Rock is certainly something to be proud of. The fact that people are willing to shell out so much money to watch a ventriloquist act in 2014, though, is pretty bewildering. Like you can even tell if his mouth is moving from all the way in the balcony of the AAC, anyway. — CG

Crispin Hellion Glover's Big Slide Show at Texas Theatre
If there's anything certain about the somewhat reclusive Hollywood oddball, Glover, it's that his personal appearances are never straight forward affairs. Just ask David Letterman, who was once famously very nearly kicked in the face by Glover during an appearance on The Late Show. Maybe, like Glover said in the years following the incident, he was in character, or maybe he really is just a bit nutty. In any case, he'll be performing some dramatic narrations, showing a slide show, screening his film It is Fine. Everything is Fine. at holding a Q&A tonight at Texas Theatre. — CG

Dinamo Azari at It'll Do
When Azari performed at the club back in November it was originally supposed to be a full band thing. Because his group called it quits shortly before that performance, though, he was forced to do the gig alone. Expect his set at It'll Do tonight to find the DJ on much steadier footing this time around. — CG

Dom Kennedy at Trees
Rap music? Sounds like my kind of party! — CG

Blackstone Rangers (Album Release) at Crown and Harp
Ahead of the west coast portion of their upcoming national tour local synthgaze trio Blackstone Rangers will make their upcoming release, Descendant, available tonight, a little more than a week ahead of its national release date. Also on the bill are Austin's Knifight, and Oklahoma acts Depth & Current and Power Pyramid, the latter of which has never performed in Dallas. — CG

For the Love of the Artists at Kettle Art
Is it ironic that starving artists are generally among the first people to lend their support, time, and talent to philanthropic causes? Or is their good nature maybe part of the reason they're starving in the first place? To thank the artists who recently participated in the Kettle Art's For the Love of Kettle fundraiser, the gallery is now hosting an event where all money raised goes directly to the artists. — CG

Swapping Block at Strangeways
DJ Sober and a handful of his crate-digging buddies are hosting an old fashioned record swap at Strangeways this afternoon. Aside from rare, handpicked vinyl, there'll be plenty of throwback concert posters, VHS and cassette tapes, and old t-shirts available as well. — CG

Learn to Curl at Dr Pepper Star Center (Farmers Branch Location)
Try out everyone's favorite winter Olympic sport at tonight's DFW Curling Club two-hour open house. No equipment is required, so don't let the fact that you don't own your own regulation curling broom deter you from this one. Organizers do, however, recommend warm clothes and tennis shoes. — CG

Thin Line Festival in Denton
Musical highlights from the festival's final day include performances from Calhoun, Slobberbone, -topic, Cozy Hawks, and a dozen others. — CG

Crispin Glover at Texas Theatre
For his second night in town Glover will show the first part of his two-part slide show — because of course a guy like Glover can't just show his slideshow in order — and screen the film What Is It?. — CG

Manowar at House of Blues
Just because the new season of Game of Thrones hasn't started yet doesn't mean we can't still watch a band of aging, leather-clad warriors sing old power metal tunes about sword play and dragon slaying. Death to false metal! — CG

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