Don't Stop. Pop That.

Our favorite headline of 2014 — and a new possible spinoff idea for Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise — has to be the one about the ghost ship of cannibal rats headed for the Scottish coast. We have a feeling that one won't be topped for some time.

For now, just be glad that you don't live in the U.K., where hundreds of starving rats will soon break land in search of anything to eat but each other. Also, take heart in the fact that, when you head out this weekend, you'll do so in a town where most of the vermin is of a more civilized, public transportation-riding lot.

Pleasant Grove and Crushed Stars at Kessler Theater
What a busy year it's going to be for local drummer extraordinaire Jeff Ryan. Earlier this week, the Todd Gautreau-led band for which he drums, Crushed Stars, released a critically acclaimed full-length. Adding to his workload is the recent reformation of another Ryan outfit, the onetime local luminaries Pleasant Grove, which will release a “lost” album of its own this year as well. At this show, as he has so many times before, Ryan will pull double-duty. — Cory Graves

Mason Jennings at Granada Theater
During his current solo tour, Jennings will attempt to pull off the near-impossible task of capturing the attention of a 1,000-capacity venue audience with nothing but an acoustic guitar, his simple vocal melodies and some emotive, poetic lyricism. Lily Kershaw opens. — Cory Graves

Pop That! with Special Guest: The Party at It'll Do
After a one-month hiatus, our no-holds-barred parties thrown in tandem with DJ Sober — Pop That! — will return with a few changes. For one thing, we're no longer throwing these parties on the first Friday of the month, as has been the case to date. And we're dropping the cover charge from $10 down to $3. Oh, and one more thing: At our first bash back, we're hosting a reunion of favored '00s Dallas DJ collective The Party. It will be the first time that Sober, Select and Nature have shared decks in a live setting in almost five years. — Pete Freedman

David Garrett at Winspear Opera House
Former child prodigy and German pop crossover violinist David Garrett will perform tonight at Winspear as part of Capital One Bank's Bravo series. This record-breaking artist, who at the age of 13 signed to a German recording company, has released a total of 14 albums. Currently, he's in the middle of his “Crossover” tour, which sees Garrett incorporating classical compositions into contemporary pop songs, such as Coldplay's “Viva La Vida” and Queen's “We will Rock You.” — Porschia Paxton

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned at Verizon Theatre
Like most Tyler Perry-produced stage vehicles, the title of this one tells you everything you need to know about its plot. Unlike those other plays, though, this one doesn't star Perry in drag as the titular, scorned female. — Cory Graves

Somebody's Darling, Kentucky Knife Fight, Dead Flowers at Double Wide
Fans of Kentucky Knife Fight's dueling guitar licks, frenetically hip bass lines and fist-pumping choruses should consider themselves especially lucky that the St. Louis outfit was still able to come to town after their tour van was stolen, illegally sold to a scrap metal yard and compacted into a cube just a couple days before their current tour was set to take off. Oh, Rage Cage. We hardly knew ye. — Cory Graves

Punk Rock Karaoke at Three Links (Free)
Think you do a pretty decent Johnny Rotten, Henry Rollins or, hell, Chrissie Hynde? You do, eh? Well, this one's for you. All you have to do is show up, wait for your live backing band to start up, and scream your head off. It's really that easy. Oh, and be sure to get there early, as the band will only do each of the available songs on their list once. — Stephen Young

This Will Destroy You at Lola's
Though half of post-rock outfit This Will Destroy You's members hail from North Texas (the other half hail from Austin), the band's reach these days spans several continents. Last year — when the band wasn't busy suing the “I Am Second” campaign for stealing their music — the band even recorded a live triple-LP in Reykjavik, Iceland. Datahowler and Nathan Brown open. — Cory Graves

Pinkish Black, Bludded Head, Terminator 2 and Drug Mountain at Rubber Gloves
It's not rare to find four of the area's heaviest and complex acts sharing the same bill, no. But it is a bit of an anomaly for so much racket to be made with so few guitars. In fact, only one of the four bands on this bill even uses the instrument in its sets. — Cory Graves

Ziegfeld Follies at Texas Theatre
The 73-year-old theater will bring history back to its walls once again in the form of the screening of Ziegfeld Follies. This 1946 musical comedy, inspired by the Broadway production of the same name, showcases onetime Hollywood royalty Fred Astaire and the ever-witty Lucille Ball. But, before dipping into the popcorn, check out the huge market in the lobby and peruse the massive crop of ladies fashions they'll have available for purchase. And stick around after the film for the costumed dance party, too. — Porschia Paxton

Ticketstock at Dallas Convention Center
This weekend, America's favorite sports radio station, our own KTCK 1310-AM The Ticket, will celebrate 20 years on the air by going back to where it all began: 1994. The little Ticket's on-air personalities will celebrate with 20 years of their favorite moments, not-safe-for-air stories, an anniversary concert from on-air band The Timewasters, and autograph signings from 1994's biggest star athletes (i.e. Pudge Rodriguez and Michael Irvin), among others. Most importantly: It means we never have to hear that damn “What Does the Fox Say?” parody promo ever again. — Porschia Paxton

Jason Eady (Album Release) at The Live Oak
Granbury's Jason Eady won over fans of the Texas country scene when his pop country-bashing “AM Country Heaven” became a top 40 hit back in 2012. Tonight in Fort Worth, he'll celebrate the release of his follow-up LP, Daylight and Dark, which he hopes will further endear himself to fans of stripped-back, classic-leaning country. — Cory Graves

Man Factory (Album Release) at Queen City Music Hall
Six years ago, when Arlington power-pop outfit Man Factory decided to compose a rock opera centering around the 12 main characters from Street Fighter II, it was just supposed to be a joke. Specific finishing moves and character endings, they figured, could be referenced pretty easily for comedic effect in song. And, as a bonus, it'd give the band, whose previous output mostly consisted of witty, humor-filled garage pop tunes the chance to take on a more dramatic direction without having to get too serious in the process. Somewhere along the way, however, things ended up getting pretty out of hand. The recording process dragged on. So did the years. “It definitely did start out as a joke,” says guitarist/vocalist Austin Sevener, “And then it was like, 'We should actually sit down and do that.' And that progressed to, 'God we have to get this done.'” Now, with the release of Street Fight: Round Three!, the third and final volume of Man Factory's Street Fighter rock opera, they've done just that. — Cory Graves

Brillz at Lizard Lounge
The LA-by-way-of-New Jersey, self-taught DJ and sometime Diplo collaborator will make 'em dance tonight with his brand of trap music cuts. So too will JACQ and Johnny Funk, for that matter. — Cory Graves

Jesse Dayton at The Rustic
While Dayton is, perhaps, best known for penning the material for and portraying part of the tongue-in-cheek honky-tonk duo Banjo & Sullivan in Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects and a member of the psychobilly outfit Captain Clegg & the Night Creatures from Zombie's Halloween 2, he's actually quite well-respected within the industry. Case in point: The Austin native has turned in session guitar work on albums for most of the members of The Highwaymen. — Cory Graves

Reggie & The Full Effect at Dada
Depending on your age, you either really dug Reggie & The Full Effect back in high school or you have no clue what we're talking about. If you are of that certain age, your fandom was largely due to the fact that this side project band for The Get Up Kids keyboardist James Dewees had the propensity to never take itself too seriously. Nearly every move the band has made has been an in-joke, from its off-kilter song titles to its albums that either looked like radio promos or appeared to be just empty jewel cases upon initial examination. After calling it quits in 2008 and briefly touring again in 2010, Dewees is back to touring full-time once more, this time in support of his 2013 Kickstarter-funded No Country For Old Musicians. Guess high school really does never end. — Cory Graves

The Menzingers and Off With Their Heads at Lola's
Hardcore punks The Menzingers hail from Scranton, Pennsylvania, so we recommend barraging them with as many references to The Office as you can. You'll totally be the first person to ever do that, we promise. — Cory Graves

Sarah Jaffe, Zhora and Sam Lao at Granada Theater
Sarah Jaffe is pretty undeniably the biggest DFW-based artist going at the moment. And with the additions of Zhora and Sam Lao to this bill, it's pretty clear that this is the biggest all-local lineup that has happened at the venue in — literally — weeks. — Cory Graves

Sealion, The Cliffs of Insanity and Toy Gun at Three Links
Deathray Davies frontman John Dufilho describes the sound of his new, Princess Bride-referencing Cliffs of Insanity trio as “fuzzy + reverb + punk rock + surf beat.” Fortunately, for those that missed their somewhat low-key debut gigs last fall, the band will perform tonight betwixt Deep Ellum surf-punk kings Sealion and Fort Worth garage rockers Toy Gun. — Cory Graves

Doug Burr, Kristy Kruger at AllGood Cafe
On this eve, This American Life-approved singer-songwriter Kristy Kruger and Denton folkster Doug Burr will again attempt to share the stage — this time after their previously scheduled performance at the lauded chicken fried steak-serving eatery was cancelled during #Icemageddon. —Cory Graves

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou at Texas Theatre
The Oak Cliff theater celebrates the 40th birthday of its longtime bartender — and Baptist Generals video star — Susie Sue, who has been able to return work following a back surgery last March. To celebrate, they'll be showing a screening of her favorite film. In conjunction with the screening local, artists will auction off Team Zissou-themed artwork to benefit local dog rescue charity Duck Team 6 and to help relieve Susie Sue of some of her medical bills. — Cory Graves

Ryan Bingham at Billy Bob's
The gravel-voiced Americana singer-songwriter — and co-author of the Oscar-winning song “The Weary Kind” from 2009's Crazy Heart — hits up the legendary Fort Worth honky tonk. — Cory Graves

Hypnotic Donut Dash at Fair Park
Not a Simpsons-themed racing video game, this affair finds everyone's favorite local stoner doughnut shop, Hypnotic Donuts, hosting a 5k race today at Fair Park. There will be free donuts — perhaps in an effort to create an endless cycle of calorie intake and calorie burning. — Trace McCaslin

Ten Hands Reunion Show at Kessler Theater (Sold Out)
Back in September, KXT host and eclectic keyboardist extraordinaire told us he and the rest of the members of his jazz-influenced '80s outfit Ten Hands would be playing their “first gig in more years than we would like to admit.” Hope you got your tickets to this one back then, though, because this sucker's sold out. — Cory Graves

Wasted (Back for Seconds) at The Basement Gallery
More than 30 Texas artists are coming back for a second helping of this junk food-themed art show, which features prints, sculptures, drawings, photographs and jewelry inspired by (and in some cases made from) junk food. Fittingly, they'll have tons of free junk food on hand for consumption purposes, as well. — Porttia Portis

Favio Moreno: The Metaphysical World at The Public Trust
This new exhibit from Dallas artist Favio Moreno focuses on the metaphycal aspect of humanity. To accomplish this, he's depicted vital human organs as crystals and gems in order to exude to the fragility of life. — Porttia Portis

Show Me the Munny at Strangeways
If you're into designer toys — and, let's be real, who isn't — you're probably familiar with Atama, the local store that slings these things up at Mockingbird Station. For this affair, the shop heads to Strangeways for a party featuring raffles, a photo booth and live DJ, and, of course, more Munnies than you can shake a stick at. — Chelsea Upton

Ricky Skaggs at Arlington Music Hall
If it's got strings, Ricky Skaggs can play it. Now approaching his 60s, the former child prodigy has shared the stage with the likes of Phish, Emmylou Harris, Old Crow Medicine Show and The Raconteurs, among others. Expect the consummate showman to put on one hell of a mandolin clinic at this one. — Cory Graves

Turquoise Jeep at Dada
Turquoise Jeep is not just a rap collective, but a lifestyle brand, a clothing line, a record label and a series of viral videos. More than that, says its members, “It's the art of expression.” — Cory Graves

Tecmo Texas at Three Links
After traveling to Madison, Wisconsin, last year to compete in the nation's biggest and longest-running Tecmo Super Bowl tournament, Dallasites Brett Michael Strawn, Chris Derow and Chris McDonald figured a similar event might work well back home in Dallas. This weekend, the pair will put that theory to the test as they host a 32-player tournament at Three Links in the hope that it'll act as a learning experience, of sorts, in their quest to grow the event into the nearly 300-player spectacle that the national tournament has become. — Cory Graves

Kristopher Roe at Three Links
After the Tecmo Texas trophy has been awarded and all the gaming consoles have been cleared out of the room, Kristopher Roe will perform at Three Links. Roe is perhaps best remembered for being a member of The Ataris, that pop-punk band that rose to some semblance of fame on the back of their cover of Don Henley's “Boys of Summer.” — Cory Graves

Figure Drawing Practice Session at Macaroni Island
Bring your own art supplies and $5 to help pay the nude model, and the proprietors of this Denton house venue will provide some tips to help hone your gesture drawing skills. Just please don't be that dick that thinks it's OK to snap cell phone pics of the model. C'mon. — Cory Graves

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