Dream That Bill Murray Might Come To Town.

Last weekend, we celebrated our right to not work on the first Monday of the month of September. This weekend, it's back to the regular two-day schtick. Maybe you can call in sick on Monday and have yourself two Labor Day weekends? The good news is that this weekend, much like the last one, is packed with tons of fun things to do. Free Week at Rubber Gloves in Denton may be winding down, but you can still make it to their Friday and Saturday night shows. Also? Lyle Lovett will bring his giant hair to the Majestic. And all day long on Saturday, you can drink to your heart's content at the Untapped Festival.

DHS Entertainment Presents Free Week Friday featuring Bad Design, Street Arabs and Vinyl at Rubber Gloves
Rubber Gloves' annual free week tradition is coming to a close, but you still have two shots at getting in to a free show. The first one is tonight with Bad Design, Street Arabs and Vinyl. Pinch those pennies!

Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, Brain Gang Blue and The Mohicans at Prophet Bar
In the past year, two out of four members of the talented and young Los Angeles-based hip-hop supergroup Black Hippy — Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q — have made stops here in Dallas. Tonight, with Jay Rock and Ab-Soul coming to the Prophet Bar, the second half marks Dallas off its checklist in one fell swoop. They'll have to bring their best to this show, though. They're joined on this bill by a couple of Dallas' finest in opening acts Brain Gang Blue and The Mohicans.

Annie Hall Lookalike Contest at Texas Theatre
I hope the winners of the Woody Allen and Diane Keaton lookalike contest before tonight's Annie Hall screening fall in love, because the only thing Annie Hall is missing is a happy ending.

Fair to Midland at Granada Theater
It's been a mixed year for Fair to Midland, who finally released their fourth album, but lost two longtime band members, Jon Dicken and Brett Stowers. This isn't their first lineup change, though, so chances are the band is weathering it well.

Southern Fried Chickie at Sons of Hermann Hall
Southern Fried Chickie is a one-woman play by Christy McBrayer, and she plays 10 different, but decidedly Southern, characters in it. What can this Mississippi native teach us about the South? Probably what we already know: Southern people are hilarious!

Lyle Lovett at Majestic Theater
Yes, Lyle Lovett is an amazing Americana singer-songwriter, especially because, over the years, he's proven to be a master at crafting poetry-like lyrical content. But let's talk about his hair for a moment: What's going on with it? Did Lyle see Eraserhead one too many times? Is he being followed by a hurricane? Inquiring minds.

Olivia K Trunk Show at Factory Girl
Jewelry designer and musician Ariel Saldivar will be launching her Fall 2012 collection at Factory Girl on Saturday. Saldivar's jewelry aesthetic takes a pretty unique approach, as she uses geodes in her designs, so it'll be interesting to see what she comes up with next.

Final Boss of the Internet at Conduit Gallery
Conduit Gallery's newest exhibition, Final Boss of the Internet, opens today and runs through October 6. The work is primarily about digital narratives in the Internet age, using video installations and Tumblr.

Bill Murray Can Crash Here at Where House
For weeks now, the Internet has been abuzz with rumors that Bill Murray has been wandering the country, looking for some place where he can crash each night. Tonight's event finds the Where House cashing in on those hushed talks and hosting a show while angling to be Murray's temporary home for the night. The stacked lineup includes The Long Shots, Oil Boom, Fungi Girls, Gunga Galunga, The Hanna Barbarians, DJ Son of Stan and, hopefully, Bill Murray on an accordion.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti at Granada Theater
The king of lo-fi is bringing his turbulent stage performance back to Dallas. Ariel Pink has acknowledged that his songs aren't meant to be played live, and that's the reason he gives for the negative audience reaction he frequently receives. Still, whether this show is a delight or a train wreck, it'll definitely be a spectacle.

35 Denton Presents Free Week Saturday featuring A.Dd+, Shiny Around the Edges, Idiots and Atomic Tanlines at Rubber Gloves
As if last weekend's Hot Wet Mess wasn't enough, the folks behind 35 Denton are back again this weekend, presenting a show as part of Gloves' Free Week. This show features adored Dallas rap duo A.Dd+, adored Denton experimental outfit Shiny Around the Edges, a band with enough self esteem to refer to itself as Idiots and Atomic Tanlines, who got a shout-out from Reggie Watts at the Hot Wet Mess. Me? I get atomic sunburn lines and zero shout-outs from Reggie Watts. But that's just my lot in life.

Untapped Festival at Trinity Groves
The lifelong friends that are beer and music come together this Saturday make your weekend incredibly awesome. The daylong event will feature over 50 brewing companies, plus with music by Givers, The Antlers, Akron/Family, and more.

Texas Tomato Fight at Fair Park
Participants will pay $50 dollars for the privilege of taking out their aggression with the help of tomatoes hitting them in the face at this event. Even though hurling tomatoes at people is my No. 4 favorite hobby, I don't think I can justify its price. Why do people with so much expendable income need to throw tomatoes, anyway? Keep fruit tossing where it belongs, as a lower-class endeavor!

Tyga, Kirko Bangz and Iggy Azalea at Palladium Ballroom
Tyga is famous for writing the biggest strip club anthem of 2012 with “Rack City.” Kirko Bangz is famous for being Houston's most prominent half-Mexican, half-African-American rapper going. Iggy Azalea is famous for getting into a feud with Azealia Banks and for being Australian-American. See them perform in ascending order of fame at this show!

Rockstar Recovery at LaGrange
Apparently rock stars recover by doing yoga. Who knew! It actually does sound kind of relaxing, but bending myself into a pretzel (that's what they do in yoga, right?) while fighting a hangover sounds like more than I could bear. Maybe not you, though?

Rob Schneider at Addison Improv
Schnieder is famous for playing the most obnoxious man in the room and for playing a character with different names in each film even though they're essentially the same character. Like most SNL alumni, Schnieder started his career with stand-up comedy, so this return-to-roots might explain the current lull in Mr. Obnoxious's movie career.


















































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