Cat Power's Just One of This Weekend's Many Killer Options.

Let's be real for a minute here: There's some cool shit going down in Dallas this weekend.

Big-name indie acts like Cat Power and Geographer will play to packed venues. Local hip-hop favorites A.Dd+ will drop new releases. A Frank Zappa cover band led by Frank Zappa's son will perform.

And that's just some of the music stuff. There's tons more beyond that!

Asides from the time you spent scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, you worked hard this week! You deserve a good time this weekend. Treat yourself to one.

Cat Power at South Side Music Hall
After releasing her first album in six years, Cat Power is on the prowl again (sorry!) and is touring once more. A notoriously mercurial performer, it's anyone's guess what the indie darling's show tonight will end up being like.

Joe Ely at Granada
Put down your Bruce Springsteen records for one minute and check out Joe Ely at the Granada. You'll dig it if you like The Boss, promise.

Zappa Plays Zappa at House of Blues
Getting Frank Zappa to do a show would be amazing but, alas, it's been an impossibility since his death in 1993. The next best thing? His son, Dweezil Zappa, whose Zappa Plays Zappa act is around to remind us of his father's greatness.

Mount Righteous at Rubber Gloves
After a hiatus, local favorites Mount Righteous are back! Depending on when you saw them before, they were either an acoustic marching band or a polka-punk band. Either way, they've got a lot of members — as many as 11 at one point back in the day. Also on this bill: New Science Projects, Spooky Folk and Two Knights.

Bro Safari at Lizard Lounge
You'll be shocked to learn that Bro Safari at Lizard Lounge tonight isn't a chance to seek revenge against high school bully dude-bros in a The Most Dangerous Game-esque fashion. Just a DJ.

Zestfest 2013
Zestfest is a food convention consisting of only the zestiest dishes and the zestiest easters at the Irving Convention Center. I think this means spicy food.

Geographer at Club Dada
Geographer, whose Myths album made it onto our top albums of 2012 list, performs tonight at Club Dada in what one would expect to be a crowded venue. Go see why we put them on that list.

Air Review CD Release Party at Trees
Air Review will be having a CD release party at Trees tonight for their new album, Low Wishes. Serious local Dallas music enthusiasts: Tonight looks like a good night to catch a show and grab a new CD for your car.

Appraisal Days at Heritage Auctions Galleries
Have precious family heirlooms but no gas money? Basically, from now until Sunday, the Heritage Auction folks will appraise items for free, and you can sell them through the company quickly. Now's your chance to turn those silly sentimental items into cold hard cash!

Dallas Critical Mass at Main Street Garden Park
Join other bike enthusiasts on a ride around the city. Starts at 7:30 p.m, so bring some reflective gear, too.

The O's at the Double Wide
Area folk favorites The O's and the The Double Wide go together like whiskey and pickle juice, which is to say surprisingly well!

Daughtry and 3 Doors Down at the Verizon Theatre

The Gourds at the Kessler Theater
Come for their cover of “Gin & Juice.” Stay because these guys are always solid.

Silent Disco at the Green Elephant
Nine DJs will play this event, and as many as three will play at a given time. Don't worry: You'll only be listening to one at a time, as you'll have headphones and three channels of DJs to choose from at this party, because that's how silent discos work. And also why they're awesome. That and the fact that, when you take your headphones off, everyone looks silly.

Ty Segall at Club Dada
Ty Segall's 2012 release, Slaughterhouse has earned the garage rocker a ton of much-deserved praise recently, so you might need to be prepared for a busy room at this one.

A.Dd+ Mixtape Release Party at Granada Theater
All the best hip-hop acts in town converge on the Granada's stage to celebrate the hotly anticipated new release from the ridiculously (and deservedly) popular A.Dd+ duo.

Air Supply at Verizon Theatre
Man, the Verizon Theatre is killing it this weekend.

Drive-By Truckers at Billy Bob's Texas
Alt-country lives!

The Juan Maclean at It'll Do
It'll Do continues its dominance of the dance scene this weekend with a set from the DFA-affiliated The Juan Maclean, who will be on hand to rock that deep house techno sound.

Terry Allen and Carrie Rodriguez at the Kessler Theater
Terry Allen is a sculptor who dabbles in music and is awesome at it. Carrie Rodriguez is talent as hell. This roots-oriented show is the perfect thing to take you down a few pegs this weekend.

DFW All-Stars Hoop'n for Hope at the Tommie M. Allen Rec Center
Pay five bucks, watch your favorite local rappers (Tum Tum, B-Hamp, Yung Nation) compete, help a good cause.

Hypnotic Donut Dash
Not a Simpsons-themed racing video game, this affair finds everyone's favorite stoner doughnut shop, Hypnotic Donuts, hosting a 5k race today at Fair Park. There will be free donuts, perhaps in an effort to create an endless cycle of calorie intake and calorie burning.

Comedy Show at the Texas Theater
With comedians Megan Mayo, Scott Crisp, Angel Rosales and Gary Saenz (plus a measly $5 entry fee), you can expect a night full of laughs.

14th Annual KNON Blues Festival at Poor David's Pub
Oh, hey! Another festival! (This one's been around for a while, though.)

Bad Times CD Release at 1919 Hemphill
Air Review? Who cares. A.DD+? Next. You've got a real album release party to go to.

PolaWalk in Deep Ellum
The “Pola” actually stands for “Polaroid,” not “Poland,” so drop your expectations of endless sausage and instead adopt a new passion for instant photography. Guests will receive a chance to use some pretty cool old cameras and take some photos home with them.

Strategies of Beauty Vol. 3 at Rubber Gloves
In a third installment of Denton bands getting together to throw a mini-music festival, Pinkish Black, True Widow, Shiny Around the Edges, Nervous Curtains, Strange Towers, Cerulean Giallo and Bitch Teeth will all be performing tonight at Rubber Gloves.

Green Grocer Opening on Lower Greenville
If Central Market isn't your style, and if Whole Foods just doesn't do it for you, then you'll be elated to know that a Green Grocer grocery store will be opening here in Dallas on Greenville Avenue today.

Jack Hanna at House of Blues
Steve Irwin style impersonator American zookeeper/performer Jack Hanna will be having a show today at The House of Blues. You can expect a lot of jungle animals and a lot of khaki shorts.

Free Day Show at Doc's Records
If the gods of money are not on your side today, fear not. This Fungi Girls, Street Arabs, and Not Half Bad at Doc's Records in Fort Worth is free to attend.

“WASTED” Food-Themed Art Show at 3409B Main Street
There's a lot going on with this event, but the themes are all the same. Food art. Food tastings. Food performance, maybe? Food lovers (meaning everyone with a tongue) should check this out and take home a pizza or a bucket of local ice cream. Or maybe a painting of pizza or ice cream.

Beware of Mr. Baker at Texas Theater
This documentary follows the life of drummer Ginger Baker, possibly known best for being in Blind Faith and Cream.

Rock 'n Roll Rummage Sale at Lola's Saloon
An event that needs no explanation (mostly due to the fact that the title says it all). Rummage around for some new equipment for your sure-to-be-famous musical act.

Punch Brothers at Granada Theater
Had enough folk-Amerciana music for one weekend at Granada Theater after watching Joe Ely? Too bad.

Nashville Pussy at Trees
“They stole my title! They stole it! I can't shoot this film now…” — Ron Jeremy, muttering to himself, upon learning about the existence of hard rock act Nashville Pussy.

Dustin Cavazos Album Listening Party at Studio 410
Dallas' hardest-working rapper offers free fajitas to anyone who comes to listen to his new album at this affair. Free fajitas, we said!


















































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