Get in on the (Art) Conspiracy.

What a week, am I right? I'm sure you're glad it's over.

Last week was packed with shows thanks to Fun Fun Fun Fest's spillover, but, for now, things have slowed down.

You probably couldn't have handled that many decisions, anyways. It's like Sophie's Choice, but for bands.

Bad vibes.

Regardless, there are some pretty cool things going on this weekend. The Sixth Floor Museum is having witnesses to Lee Harvey Oswald's death come and talk about their experiences, which is probably unlikely to ever happen again. The Dallas Observer Music Awards and Art Conspiracy are happening this weekend, too.

Yeah, this weekend kinda rules.

Waka Flocka Flame at House of Blues
Waka is currently on tour for his second studio album, The Triple F Life: Fans, Friends & Family, which, due to the success of his Flockaveli debut, features guest appearances from big names like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Ludacris and B.o.B. He might be better known for his good fortune than his skill, but the fact that The Triple F Life debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard 200 speaks for itself.

Pegasus Plaza Outdoor Market
From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., you have the opportunity to browse thought the outdoor market for vintage items, stuff that is made made by hand, and food. Lunch break shopping is the best!

White Denim and Maps & Atlases at Lola's
White Denim plays in Dallas with relative frequency, so it's only fair that they stop by Fort Worth every now and then. Between them and Maps & Atlases, you're in for a lot of jamming. Pretty rad bill, really.

Walk The Moon and Family of the Year at Trees
Cincinnati indie pop-rockers Walk The Moon took their name from a Police song, but sound more like indie pop-rockers from Cincinnati. Still, their “Anna Sun” single is, like, all over the Alternative charts. That song's about a crumbling household!

Magic Milk ,Bad Design, Bukkake Moms and Joy Sores at Macaroni Island
Chicago's Magic Milk's brand of lo-fi garage rock is nostalgic and dark — sort of like sitting in a room with your cool moody brother who smokes clove cigarettes underneath his Velvet Underground poster. That shit's dope.

Caspa at Lizard Lounge
If you're down with dubstep, then rock the Caspa tonight. (Sorry.)

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals at House of Blues
It seems like blues-rock throwback bands have been en vogue for the past few years, but in 2012 that whole thing's dwindled a little bit. Grace Potter is still going strong, though, and it's probably because of her intense, gravely voice.

Rick Ross, Meek Mill and Machine Gun Kelly at The University of Texas' College Park Center
Ain't happening, turns out.

Dallas Observer Music Awards in Deep Ellum
With over 40 local bands playing at various venues in Deep Ellum, this is bound to be a great night. Also, you place votes for your favorite bands! Because winning is important in the grand scheme of things! Anyone that tells you otherwise is a loser, am I right?

Art Conspiracy 8 at 960 Dragon Street
Art and music are so closely intertwined, you'd think there would be more events like this that celebrate that connection. This event, held in an old Goodyear tire plant, features performances from Daniel Hart, The Burning Hotels and Blackstone Rangers, plus 150 or so pieces of art up for auction. Legit, it's one of the coolest events of the year. While there might be other music and art events going on this weekend, Art Conspiracy reigns supreme.

Switching Gears Grand Opening Party
The Switching Gears bike shop is moving to a bigger location — albeit still in Exposition Park — so in celebration of more space to stash some sweet handlebars, they are throwing a party. Drink beer from Deep Ellum Brewing Co. and hear music from Sealion, Missing Sibling and Lip Service. Also, peruse the bike helmets!

Polawalk at Ft. Worth Zoo
At this event, fans of instant film can gather with other fans of instant film, while taking instantaneous photographs of the animals at the zoo. This fascinates me on so many levels — you guys don't even know.

8 Bit Salute to the Troops at Kung Fu Saloon
The 8 Bit Salute is a party and charity event put on by Operation Supply Drop, a charity that distributes video games to soldiers in high-threat areas. Truly, a cause anyone could get behind. Or at least Uptown's newest Barcadia rip.

Oswald Has Been Shot at The Sixth Floor Museum
The Sixth Floor museum is bringing together five people who witnessed Jack Ruby kill Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963. It's gonna be insane. Gloria Campos from WFAA-TV will moderate. Holy crap. Conspiracies. So Dallas.

Tiny Thumbs: Breaking out at CentralTrak
The UT Dallas artists-in-residency building is hosting a pop-up arcade called Tiny Thumbs. They'll be playing a few great indie games, including Annie Anthropy's dys4ia. Rad.

Unconscious Collective Record Release at Bryan Street Tavern
Tonight at Bryan St. Tavern, Unconscious Collective (featuring the Stefan and Aaron Gonzalez of Yells at Eels and Akkolyte) will be releasing their first double LP, which is sure to be as heavy and dark as you would expect. Pinkish Black and Cerulean Giallo will also be performing.

Asher Roth at Trees
The 27-year-old rapper and pot advocate will be in Dallas tonight. So maybe light up in celebration? Pretend you live in Colorado.

Travel and Adventure Show at Dallas Convention Center
Who doesn't like travel and adventure? Seriously, who? This convention is pretty much dedicated exclusively to that, so chances are, if you've got enough cash and free time to go to a travel convention, you might be the type of person to drop a chunk of change on a vacation that your snooty friends will call “exotic.”

Mayday Parade at House of Blues
Tallahassee pop-punk group Mayday Parade might not be signed to Atlantic Records anymore, but they're still going strong. The band plans to start working on their new album this winter, but first they need to finish up their tour.


















































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