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Before he tipped Google off to the bug he found, Russian hacker Kamil Hismautullin briefly had the power to delete any and every video on YouTube.

Considering how much time we all spend watching one viral video after the next on that popular timewaster of a site, that could have been a huge catastrophe. Luckily, though, a do-gooder like Hismautullin found the bug before it was ever exploited, to which he was kindly rewarded with a meager $5,000 check from the web giant.

Really, though: That's not a lot of cash, not considering just how massive the damage could have been. Alls we're saying is that amount doesn't provide much incentive not to exploit shit like this the next time around.

Fortunately, when/if YouTube ever does go down, there's plenty else do occupy one's time for those lucky enough to live in a place like North Texas. This weekend, for example, we've found upwards of 40 things to keep you busy. — Cory Graves

Nickelback at Gexa Energy Pavilion
Nickelback isn't the most well-liked band on the planet, but it still might be one of the absolute biggest bands on the planet just the same. The band's sold 50 million copies of its albums worldwide, and its last four releases have debuted in the top 10 on the Billboard 200. It's an interesting conundrum, that the most hated band in America is also the one selling the most copies of its albums. When we asked Scott Stapp, frontman of the similarly reviled/successful rock band Creed, about the phenomenon last year, he equated the band's haters to the Tea Party — that they're just the vocal minority. Sure, he's a certified wackadoodle, but the man makes a good point. — CG

Crawfish Mega Boil at Billy Bob's
For $20 here, you'll be treated to crawfish and fixins, and a set from honky-tonkers Mike & the Moonpies. Food starts at 4 p.m. and music at 6 p.m. Then stick around for the Sturgill Simpson concert that follows. — CG

Sturgill Simpson at Billy Bob's
In an era when the Jason Aldeans and Luke Bryans of the world have made country music the butt of most every music joke, Simpson's music is a breath of fresh air. His latest, which bears the misnomer Metamodern Sounds in Country Music sounds like a batch of lost Waylon Jennings tunes recently discovered in an attic somewhere. While many in the industry are calling him the genre's savior, Sturgill's awe shucks demeanor is a dead giveaway he's not concerned with any of that. Rather, he's just interested in making some really damn good country. And that he does. He's certainly slayed it every time we've seen him play live. — CG

Stars at Granada
Canadian indie outfit Stars is closely associated with fellow Canucks Broken Social Scene — to the point that they've even shared members at various points. Soundwise, the former takes cues from everything from classical to hip-hop, while leaning heaviest on the Smiths' end of the spectrum. Wild Moccasins open. — CG

Chomsky, Deathray Davies and Sealion at Kessler Theater
Talk about excess; it only takes 15 minutes to rock, and this nostalgia-heavy, all-local lineup will probably last three hours or more. — CG

Mad Max at Inwood Theatre
Before the new, Tom Hardy-led Mad Max installment comes out next month, get caught up on the once Mel Gibson-led franchise at this midnight screening. Brace yourself, it's going to be a long, explosion-fueled trip through post-apocalyptic Australia. — CG

Deep Ellum Arts Fest
Once again, there are some decent local acts playing the Deep Ellum Arts Fest. And, by all means, we hope people check them out some time — like, say, most any other weekend of the year. when the neighborhood's not bogged down in something that, yes, is in Deep Ellum, but certainly isn't of Deep Ellum. Far as we can tell, this thing's pretty much all about cheap and ugly jewelry, a food court food and those terrible spray paint and stencil paintings that “artists” make for tourists “while they wait.” — Stephen Young

Siberian Traps, Danny Diamonds, Old Potion at Rubber Gloves
Pre-teen drumming prodigies aside, it was probably Danny Diamonds' “rollicking set that alternated between old-school honky tonk and '90s alt-rock” at Dan's that was the most entertaining thing we saw this year at 35 Denton. Tonight, he and the band will share a bill with Americana-leaning acts Siberian Traps and Old Potion. — CG

The Demigs, Moon Waves, Pearl Earl at Double Wide
Ambitious Denton indie rockers The Demigs — seriously, who releases double LPs anymore? — head up a quite solid all-local lineup at Double Wide that also includes Dallas psych rockers and Denton's rather stellar, all-female psych trio Pearl Earl. — CG

Drowning Pool at Trees
Has there been a more polarizing local band to achieve mainstream success than this one? Really, just as many folks love the band as find listening to their songs a legit form of torture. Back in 2001, Drowning Pool broke through with their smash hit “Bodies,” which, remains the band's most recognizable song even a decade after the track's lead vocalist passed away. In 2003, the song was used by the military at Guantanamo Bay to interrogate suspected terrorists. — CG

Friday on the Green at Magnolia Green Park (Free)
Bring your blanket and set up on the grassy knolls of Magnolia Green Park for the first edition of Friday on the Green of the year. Holy Moly, High School Casesar and Jacob Furr will hold things down on the music end, and there'll be food trucks and craft beer vendors on hand, as well. Oh, and don't forget to bring the dog! — Jordyn Walters

Mustache & Panty Productions Presents: “Choice Cuts” at Sue Ellen's
For its regular first Friday show this month, Mustache Envy brings together a crop of fan-favorite drag kings, including performances from Jake St James, The Fun Size, Damien Dupree + Elle Ay'Elle, Guy Mackswell, Buck Wylde, Jimmy D'Stone Ty and Jette Blaque, which will be followed up by the usual round of queeraoke. — CG

Have Mercy at Dada
Before joining the Vans Warped Tour later this summer, Baltimore's heavy-leaning punk/emo outfit Have Mercy headlines this one. Ask them about the Nisha Call and opening acts Weatherbox, You, Me & Everyone We Know and Head North. — CG

Things of Earth at Three Links
Instrumental Dallas hardcore act Things of Earth heads up a heavy-ass Three Links bill that also includes Strange Wilds, Narrow Head and Clear Acid. — CG

Scott H. Biram at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
The Texas-born Scott H. Biram is known as something of a rebel. He once played a show from a wheelchair with IVs still dangling from his veins not long after he'd been in a serious car wreck. It's this doesn't-give-a-fuck attitude that's made the self-proclaimed “dirty old one-man band” a joy to watch. — CG

Swans at Trees
Swans was one of the more influential and confrontational bands of the New York No Wave scene, what with frontman Michael Gira's gritty persona and his lyrical penchant for the aggressively religious. After forming in 1982, the band broke up in 1997, only to reform in 2010. The band's 2014 To Be Kind LP was produced by local studio ace John Congleton and features multi-tracked vocals from fellow Congleton-devotee St. Vincent throughout the record, too. Little Annie opens. — Chelsea Upton

Kiesza at Granada Theater
For the second night in a row, the Granada hosts a Canadian-based act, this time the Calgary-born, rising deep house star Kiesza. With a background in ballet-training, a stint in the Royal Canadian Navy and a degree from Boston's presigious Berklee College of Music, the “Hideaway” singer is what one might call the complete package. — CG

The Pin Show at The Bomb Factory
Celebrate Dallas fashion at this show, which features over 120 looks from more than 20 Dallas designers being displayed on the catwalk, on the catwalk, yeah. — Trace McCaslin

Bad Religion at House of Blues
This weekend, the iconic San Fernando Valley punk band Bad Religion will offer up a batch of the same notorious, anti-authoritarian, political and religious tunes that they've been playing for over 30 years now — some serious music, if ever there was any. OFF! and Fat By the Gallon open. — Heather Abbott

Quaker City Night Hawks, The Cush, Calhoun at Kessler Theater
In the past few years, dozens of bands have popped up around the region to proffer a sound that blends Texas blues with country undertones and then tosses in a hearty dose of distorted electric guitars. But few in the genre stand out like Fort Worth's Quaker City Night Hawks — something that is especially true of live settings, where the band truly, truly shines. — CG

Come in Your Costume at Texas Theatre
Dallas electro-rockers Fair Use Video presents its multimedia album Pieces of a Story on the stage and screen at Texas Theatre. Paco Estrada also performs, and costumes are encouraged. — CG

soundfounder at Crown and Harp
Tidals will release its debut full-length cassette — which is being put out by Wizardvizion — at this show, which'll also include performances from Botany, Cygnus and DJ Bilal. A secret after-party will follow, but we're guessing you'll have to show up to this one to find out just where that'll go down. — CG

Doug Burr (Album Release) at Good Records (Free)
Next week, Doug Burr will officially release his fifth LP, Pale White Dove, a raw and electrified batch of tunes that stands in stark opposition to the frail, folkstuff of 2010's O Ye Devastator. A few days before that — this Saturday, to be exact — Burr will celebrate the album's release with a performance from the vaunted Astro-Turf stage at Good Records. For now, check out the new video for ballsy blues romper “White Night — Black Light” here. — CG

Fast & The Furious Marathon at Alamo Drafthouse
Is the new, seventh installment of the Fast & the Furious the best in the franchise? Vin Diesel seems to think so, saying the only two things that'll keep it from winning the “Best Picture” Oscar next year is the fact that it's both an action flick and a sequel. Probably the best way to end the debate is to buy a single ticket and watch all seven films back to back to back. This weekend, you can do just that. — CG

House Harkonnen (Album Release) at Three Links
Big amps. Loud guitars. New tunes now available for purchase. Three good reasons to head out to House Harkonnen's EP release show this weekend. Need a few more? Duell, FOGG, The Spectacle and Mountain of Smoke open. — CG

Dr. Who Day on the Square in Denton
Earlier this week, an official Dr. Who comic set in Denton was released. It's currently on sale at More Fun Comics and Games. Delighted by the fact, the Whovian mayor of Denton drafted up a proclamation, officially making Saturday Dr. Who Day in Denton. Prance around the square dressed as your favorite doctor or TARDIS and make the most of it. Sounds like a pretty good time — zing! — CG

Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson at Winstar World Casino
Willie Nelson is simply one of the biggest national icons to ever come from the great State of Texas. His discography contains over 60 studio albums, 10 live albums and 27 collaborative albums, and he's sold 40 million of those albums in the United States alone. During that time, he's written dozens of songs that have become country standards, including “Pretty Paper,” “Hello Walls,” and “Crazy.” As expected, he's received just about every award ever and been inducted into just about every type of hall of fame that's out there, including eight Grammy's and a Kennedy Center Honor, which is perhaps the highest honor a performing artist can receive. His contributions to country music alone make him a legend — and that's before even taking into account his acting career, his work with Farm Aid, his annual picnic, his work as a disc jockey or his political advocacy. The guy's just a living legend. Hell all three of these guys are, really. What an incredible lineup they've put together here. — CG

Beat Swap Meet No. 3 at Dada
Buy/sell/trade rare, old school vinyl at this cratedigger's paradise while DJs spin some wax from their personal collections. Admission is only $3 with a canned good, too. — CG

Iras Szn at Dada
There's a long list of worthy acts performing at this one, so we'll get right down to it; they are Brandon Fxrd, Devy Stonez, K. Vation, Terrence Spectacle, Danny Cainco, with DJ sets from DRNRDX, Larce Blake, Daily Breed, Aaron Tarrant, Jeff LaFonque and Berry Banks. — CG

Dan's Silverleaf and Little Guy's Movers Crawfish Boil at Dan's Silverleaf
Starting at 4 p.m., it'll be all-you-can-eat Crawfish at Dan's. Jay-B and the Zydeco Posse will help set the mood. — CG

Fea at Wits End
Currently, San Antonio punks Girl in a Coma are in the middle of a self-imposed year-long hiatus — the band's first in 12 years. In the meantime the bands rhythm section (read: drummer Phanie Diaz and bassist Jenn Alva) have joined forces with guitarist Annette Iglesias and singer Theresa Moher for the even punkier, Ramones-leaning Fea. Hence the ladies decision to each adopt “Fea” surnames. The Crazy Ivans, It Hurts To Be Dead and Fervent Roze open. — CG

Lakewood Brewing Tap Room Expansion
Lakewood Brewing is celebrating its taproom expansion as part of its regular Saturday tour this weekend. Free admission begins at 5 p.m., with sold-out VIP and general admission parties at noon and 1 p.m. — Porttia Portis

Shlohmo at Trees
The world of chilled-out, avant-garde, lo-fi jams and the electronic, dance world collide at 24-year-old producer Shlohmo's live sets. — CG

Mad Men Watch Party at Twilite Lounge (Free)
The upcoming second half of the seventh season of Mad Men marks the beginning of the end for the series. Only seven episodes left! That said, you'll probably want to pour over this Rolling Stone primer on the series as a refresher course before heading to Deep Ellum to catch the season 7 premiere on Twilite's patio. Hey, it's probably the one Deep Ellum venue Don Draper would be caught dead in. — CG

Sure Thing Comedy Tour at Rubber Gloves
After stops in Dallas and Arlington earlier in the week, Austin invades Denton this Sunday for a dirt cheap night of comedy. For just $1 or $3, you'll get to enjoy featured comedians Mac Blake, Austin's funniest person of 2013, and Duncan Carson and Brenadn K. O'Grady, who founded Austin's popular Sure Thing comedy showcase. — CG

The Last Unicorn at Alamo Drafthouse
This 1982, Japanese-animated classic was way ahead of the Anime boom. Still, the Jeff Bridges, Alan Arkin, Angela Lansbury vehicle grossed a ton of cash at American boxoffices. For this pair of showings this Sunday, screenwriter Peter S. Beagle will be in attendance, too. — CG

Swingers & Made Double Feature at Granada Theater
Vulture once referred to Swingers as being “like Clueless for guys,” which is to say that most every dude in his 30s can probably recite much of this movie's dialogue by heart. In any case, it was successful enough that, five years later, writer Jon Favreau wrote a follow-up film for he and his bestie Vince Vaughn to star in. And when Made was released, it was marketed as “Swingers meets The Sopranos.” This pairing is so money and it knows it. — CG

Donut Beer Brunch at LUCK
If you like libations with your dessert, LUCK is doing another beer flight and sweets pairing, this time with donuts courtesy of Glazed Donut Works. Four flavors of donuts will be paired with four different brews from Revolver Brewing and more. Supplies are limited — they sold out of donuts in less than 30 minutes last time they did this — so get them while they last. — PP

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