Make Damn Sure.

Get ready, everyone: This Sunday is officially Ninja Day in Japan — for wordplay reasons that are, admittedly, lost in translation.

But, hey, ninjas!

We personally plan on stretching the festivities into a three-day thing this weekend, which means that you may not see us out and about town these next few days. Just know that this doesn't mean we aren't enjoying all that North Texas has to offer; rather, it's just that our ninja skills are so on point.

To that end, here's where we'll be this weekend, even if you can't see us. — Cory Graves

Jamaican Queens at Crown and Harp
Detroit's Jamaican Queens makes music the band's members either call “trap pop” and “satanic doo wop,” which is to essentially say that the band blends elements of hip-hop with glam rock hooks and vocal harmonies in its dark, complex and unique sound. But there's more to Jamaican Queens than just that. This is a band that, without a doubt, is a product of its environment, a perfect microcosm of the city of Detroit. You can see all the facets of that culture in this band, and it makes for a compelling listen, with frontman Ryan Spencer commanding attention whether his voice is softly emoting or screaming bloody murder. And before helping ressurect 35 Denton next month, you can catch them in Dallas. — Jeremy Hughes

Lights at Granada Theater (Sold Out)
Diminutive Canadian electro-popper, Lights, dropped her fourth LP, Little Machines, back in September, which quickly rose to the top of that country's albums chart. The disc represents an welcomed expansion of everything the synth-heavy Canuck has put out to date. Meaning? If you liked her before, you'll really love her now. — Lauren Rushing

Ticketstock at Irving Convention Center
This weekend America's favorite sports radio station, our own KTCK 1310-AM will celebrate 21 years on the air with live on-air roundtables with the little Ticket's on-air personalities, concert from on-air band The Timewasters and autograph signings from Hall of Fame athletes like Randy Johnson. Most importantly, though, it means we never have to hear that damn Florida Georgia Line parody promo ever again. — Porschia Paxton

Disney in Concert at Meyerson Symphony Center
We don't know if we're elated or gassy, but we're somewhere in that zone, but for the first time this season the Dallas Symphony Orchestra will perform music from all your favorite Disney movies February 20-22, classics from Frozen, Aladdin, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and more. There will be a Disney costume contest one hour before the concert, but unfortunately, DSO doesn't understand cosplay, and it's for kids only. But hey, at least if you're a parent you don't have to find a babysitter, right? — Carly Seitz

Pauly Shore are Addison Improv
That's right: our favorite '90s weasel is kicking off a special weekend engagement in Addison tonight. So why not head out to one of his shows and ask him to “wheeze the juice,” or whatever? We're sure he just loves that. — Erika Lambreton

Eddie Griffin at Arlington Improv
It's kind of a shame. Eddie Griffin's one of those people who had a solid career a while ago. Y'know, a successful stand-up career, a TV show, some movies. Then something happens in the public eye and then that's all you can kinda think of. In Griffin's case, it was wrecking a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo, of which there were only 400 made, in front plenty of TV news cameras. — Mikel Galicia

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus + Behind The Screen Show at Texas Theatre
We've known since March that Buffalo Black's “Enter The Void” — one of our favorite songs of 2013, mind you — was going to be in Spike Lee's take on his Kickstarer-funded not-quite-vampire movie Da Sweet Blood of Jesus. Even cooler, was the fact that, when the thing finally went live last month, Buffalo Black's was that the song had also been chosen as the backing track for the film's trailer. It's fitting, then, that after they screen the thing at Texas Theatre tonight, Buffalo Black head up a behind-the-screen hip-hop show that also includes Blue, the Misfit, -topic, Lord Byron, Ark the God Given MC, Lily Taylor and the first-ever solo set from X, the Misfit. — Pete Freedman

Mod Sun at Trees
Formerly the drummer for Minnesota hardcore outfit Four Letter Lie, Derek Smith parted ways with the band in 2009 to pursue a rap career under the name Mod Sun. Unlike his previous gig, the five mixtapes and three EPs Smith's released thus far are much more easy going. F'real, Mod Sun is a happy as fuck rapper with a chill-ass flow that's mad relaxing. — LR

Charlie Daniels Band at Billy Bob's
Before his 1973 novelty song “Uneasy Rider” became a chart-topper, Charlie Daniels was a relatively unknown commodity. This was despite being a rather sought-after Nashville studio musician and recording bass parts for a number of Bob Dylan albums. And tonight, while he cycles through “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and his Geico commercial songs, you can also watch real live cowboys ride real live bulls. What a country. — CG

Otis the Destroyer at Rubber Gloves
Hailing from Austin, TX, and placing itself within the genre “Sexy time,” Otis the Destroyer is sure to please. The band's sound, if you want to be more serious, makes a pretty straight forward rock sound, which you can hear for yourself on its debut EP. An equally sexy trio of poppy Denton-based acts — Cozy Hawks, The Birds of Night and Timothy Jarrod Smith & Hot Coffins– open. — CS

The Paychecks at Shipping & Receiving
After dropping the banjos, these four onetime members of 100 Damned Guns have been kicking around in this much-twangier version of its past self for three years or so now before finally dropping a debut LP back on Halloween. That Mark Ryan-produced disk is every bit as convincingly old-school as current leader in that clubhouse, Sturgill Simpson, too. We dig it a lot, anyway. The equally old school country leaning locals Shotgun Friday, The Hazardous Dukes and Raised Right Men open. — CG

Asleep at the Wheel at Kessler Theater (Two Shows)
In the span of the band's 40-year-long career, the Ray Benson-led Asleep at the Wheel has recorded 20-plus studio albums, charted more than 20 singles and earned itself nine Grammy's. They currently remain the main driving force keeping alive the style of Texas swing originated by Bob Wills in the '30s. Tonight they'll perform two shows in a theater perfectly befitting the band's storied history. — CG

The Misteries at Three Links
There's a greater than zero chance you've never heard of The Misteries. That's OK. The local supergroup of sorts played only one show last year. And even when it did, the band was but one of over 40 that performed at The Prophet Bar as part March's third annual Big Folkin' Festival. Point is, you shouldn't feel too bad if the band flew completely under the radar. But you're probably more than aware of the band's individual members. Or, more likely, the dozen-or-so local acts with whom they perform. The band is the brainchild of Matt and Dan Mistery (Matt McDonald and Daniel Creamer, respectively), and filled out with a smattering of their Texas Gentlemen bandmates — who also back acts such as Wesley Geiger, Larry g(EE) and Leon Bridges — and Midlake drummer McKenzie Smith, who you might have also seen keeping time for Sarah Jaffe. And with a couple shows under its belt already this year, it's safe to assume there won't be too many folks who aren't aware of these guys this time next year. Auxiliary Voice and Salim Nourallah open. — CG

Monster Jam at AT&T Stadium
Here's all you need to know about this one: While there will be four separate Monster Jam events simultaneously taking place in four separate states tonight (including one in Canada!), and while each of them will feature a version of the world famous Grave Digger truck (yes, it's still around), only the one going down in Jacksonville, Florida tonight will be helmed by the truck's original driver, Dennis Anderson. Oh, well. — CG

Ticketstock at Irving Convention Center
Capping off second of the little Ticket's two-night ragonk-a-thon is a free concert from local heroes — and big P1s — the Old 97's. Makes that trek down I-114 to the ICC totally worth it if you ask us. — CG

The Pin Show Presents: Scene at Trees
Calling itself a “fashion concert,” Scene brings together a pair of local bands (read: French 75 and Diamond Age) and four alumni of the Pin Show's annual independent runway event. Rock out while Nha Khanh, Nine Muses, Emmanuel Tobias and Lucy Dang showcase their latest designs. — LR

Monsters of Mock at Gas Monkey Live
How many people, we wonder, have purchased tickets to Guns N' Roses concerts in the last couple of decades, only to have the thing cancelled last minute thanks to the batshit antics of Axl Rose? Needless to say, that won't happen at this show, which will be headlined by Guns 4 Roses, the self-proclaimed ultimate tribute to the classic, Appetite for Destruction-era lineup. Joining them on the bill are tributes to Metallica, Aerosmith, Journey and a fake Def Leppard that features (gasp!) a two-armed drummer. — LR

The Sidekicks at Sons of Hermann Hall
Steve Ciolek and Matt Climer have played in a number of bands called The Sidekicks since attending the same high school in Cleveland. Or does that make it the same band? Over the years, anyway, the band(s) have shifted styles and changed backing members a number of times, finally landing on a style of punk that's more poppy than gritty, with a few nods to acts like Hot Water Music thrown in, to boot. — CG

Punk Rock Karaoke at Three Links (Free)
Think you do a pretty decent Johnny Rotten, Henry Rollins or, hell, Chrissie Hynde? You do? Well, this one's for you at Three Links. All you have to do is show up, wait for your live backing band to start up, and scream your head off. It's really that easy. Oh, and be sure to get there early, as the band will only do each of the available songs on their list once. — Stephen Young

Logan's Run + Behind the Screen Art Show at Texas Theatre
Although the 1976 film Logan's Run has some pretty dramatic (and not incredibly well-received) differences from the acclaimed science fiction novel that it was adapted from, the film still pops up every now and then to remind people that it still exists. This is the Fort Worth-shot movie (what's up Water Gardens?!) that asks its audience: What would the world be like if, due to population control, you were killed automatically at the age of 30? — Chelsea Upton

Sub Oslo at Three Links
Sub Oslo is an improvisational band from Denton, that's plays psychedelic-ambient dub for 20 years now. The band was formed by Miguel Veliz and Quincy Holloway, who were roommates at the time. Since then, the band has expanded to include a total of eight members. When Sub Oslo performs live, they have a live visual artist to display visualizations projected onto a screen, and incorporate a mix engineer, allowing performances to be different each time. Not only is it a concert, it's a trippy art show, to boot. Don't miss it either, because it's the band's first local show in something like a decade. Pinkish Black and Tidals open. —LR

Vice Palace Presents: Cold Hearts Pre-Party at Josey Records
Before his other show later on this same evening over in the Cedars, VP will help one of the area's newest/biggest record shops break in its newly-installed stage by bringing in Teen Slut (a Hex Cult side project), Cygnus vs Wanz Dover, iill and ABACABA, a Denton band making its Dallas debut at this one. — CG

Vice Palace Presents: Cold Hearts at Pariah
On Saturday, the moving Dallas music venue known as Vice Palace will host a dance party at the Pariah (1505 Gano St.), where Covextion (aka E.R.P.), Blixaboy, Max Oepen of the Black Dotz, M. Parks, VJ S(eye), Party Static and Hex Cult are set to perform. The dance party is BYOB, all ages and only $5 before midnight and $8 after. —CS

Burning Hotels at Lola's
Fort Worth promoter, Blackbox put together a pretty solid bill to celebrate its third anniversary. More than one of these acts have covered The Cure before, just to let you know what kind of night it's going to be. — CG

Claire Morales (Album Release) at Rubber Gloves
Old Potion guitar/harmonica/vocalist Claire Morales will release her debut album, Amaranthine at this show. Before that, you can check out her Maria Muldaur-like yodel from the distort-folk album's first single, “Prettier,” and a couple more tracks that were featured on her just-released Violitionist session here. Pearl Earl, Chinakski, The Fury and Grace London open. — CG

Assassination City Roller Derby at Thunderbird Roller Rink
Derby girls have some pretty powerful hips. They can knock each other down with one fell swing. It's definitely something to see. And you can, on Saturday, February 21. Lone Star Assassins will face off Viva La Revolucion at 7 p.m., followed by a match between the Deadly Kennedy's and Ruby's Revenge. Oh, and the event is BYOB (no glass though). Aluminum beer pyramids make a much better sound when knocked over by a flying body, anyway. — CS

Taking Back Sunday at South Side Ballroom
Yup: post-hardcore rockers Taking Back Sunday are still totally a thing. The band even put out a new record last year, Happiness Is, which was referred to by some critics as “more grown up” than some of the band's past efforts. We're guessing the chance to re-live some of the nostalgia from your emo days is probably the bigger appeal here, though. — LR

Logic at South Side Music Hall
Last time Logic was in town, Maryland's favorite rapper had yet to drop his two-years-in-the-making debut LP. Under Pressure was finally released back in October, and the emcee is just a much better rapper than he was nine months ago. Meaning? This one's going to get pretty hype. — LR

Mardi Gras Texas Style at Fair Park
If you're one of the few people who doesn't repeat the cliche line “I like all kinds of music, except country,” Mardi Gras Texas Style! is the music festival for you. The event will feature — count 'em — 28 Texas country bands, food and a banging Mardis Gras celebration. Tickets are $35 in advance and $45 at the door. And before you ask, no, beads don't pass for currency. — CS

The Wedding Singer & Rock Star Double Feature at Granada Theater
One of our biggest takeaways from last weekend's big SNL: 40 celebration was a much-needed reminder that a real long time ago Adam Sandler actually used to be funny. The Granada will further drive that point home with a screening of one of the last flicks he shot while still in his prime. And when the credits roll on that one, they'll screen Rock Star, the Marky Mark vehicle that explains how Journey ended up with a Filipino karaoke singer as its frontman. — CG

Common Kings at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
Common Kings has got to be the only band with over 180,000 likes on Facebook that doesn't have a Wikipedia page. Like, seriously, why hasn't anyone shown it some love on Wiki yet? Someone needs to get on that. Anyway, the group plays some pretty sweet pop/reggae/R&B music that you should really check out live, when they play a show with Blue Twenty2's, on Saturday. — CS

HeartByrne at Dada
This ain't no party. It ain't no disco. It is an Austin-based Talking Heads tribute, though. This must be the place. — CG

Magic Mike at Alamo Drafthouse
With people so riled up about Fifty Shades of Grey, it makes perfect sense to bring Magic Mike back to the big screen, if only for one night. That's because, even with a female director adapting a book written by a female author, Shades “proves female sexuality is still Hollywood's biggest tabboo.” Dakota Johnson's character spends much of the film in the buff, while the male lead, Jamie Dornan never shows off the goods, which leads one to wonder who this film was really made for? On the other hand, Channing Tatum and his bare ass have you squarely in mind, ladies. — CG

Chinese New Year Celebration at Crowe Collection of Asian Art
Haven't made any headway on that goal to lose five pounds as per your New Year's resolution? Gained five instead? Well, have no worries. Chinese New Year is giving you another chance. And you can celebrate at the Crow Collection of Asian Art for fee. There will be plenty of traditional Chinese arts and crafts activities, face painting, fortune telling, dance performances, fireworks and more to enjoy. — CS

Thin Line Presents: Black Joe Lewis at Dan's Silverleaf
Is Denton's documentary film festival secretly its best music festival as well? Bands like Austin's Black Joe Lewis that brings its combination of vintage blues, soul and R&B to Dan's tonight might just prove it to be. The band was formerly known as Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, but don't worry, the name change is not the result of a cocky lead singer who wanted to be on his own. It is still the same band; the members just wanted a shorter name. Jessie Frye and Criminal Birds open. — CS

BT & tyDI at Lizard Lounge
Grammy-nominated producer and composer, BT, has written tracks for the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Peter Gabriel and 'N Sync and provided music for films like The Fast and the Furious, which is to say he's got some skins on the wall. He's currently on tour with fresh-faced Australian DJ, tyDI, and locals Johnny Funk, Raydar, Shaolin and DJ Yosh will provide further support. — CG

The Last Two People on Earth at Eisemann Center
Not to be confused with Will Forte's new futuristic one-man Fox sitcom, this is Mandy Patinkin and Taylor Mac's two-man vaudevillian jaunt that's made its premiere in Richardson week ago, and ends its run after this Sunday show. — CG

Gone With the Wind at Alamo Drafthouse
Kick off your Oscar night with a screening of 1939 “Best Picture” winner, Gone With the Wind. When adjusted for inflation, the film's $3.3 billion take makes it the most financially successful film in the history of cinema. In hindsight, some of the film's portrayals of racism and marital rape have been criticized, still, if you've never seen it, it should be on your bucket list. Just know going in it'll require a four-hour commitment. — CG

Power Trip at Rubber Gloves
If we know as much about Power Trip as we think we do, the Dallas hardcore heroes are probably doing some yoga and tossing fresh organic salads right this very minute in preparation for tonight's onslaught out in Denton. Come tonight, though, it'll be an all out blitz as the notoriously rowdy performers pull out all the stops, along with S.H.I.T., Sin Motivo and Vulgar Display, which also perform. — CG

“Movie Award” Watching Party at Texas Theatre
You don't want to go to work, school or wherever else you'll need to talk to other humans and be that one person that didn't watch The Academy Awards. You will feel out-of-the-loop. And yes, it will likely be a little embarrassing when someone asks you what you think about Leonardo DiCaprio getting passed over for yet another Oscar and you respond with something like, “Really?! He didn't get one again?!” Because the day after this year's Oscars, you should know what happened. Don't rely on our possibly incorrect predictions. Rather, go watch the awards at Texas Theatre, and guess some winners for a shot at one of 50 gift cards the theater will give out. — CS

Thin Line Presents: Seryn at Dan's Silverleaf
A few months after the band relocated to Nashville, Seryn's back in Denton for a hometown show to close out Thin Line Fest. More importantly, the band just released its long awaited sophomore LP, copies of which will be available at this show. Kaela Sinclair opens. — CG

Local Education at Three Links
King Camel's Local Education returns tonight with some of the most obscure acts he's booked to date. That said, Moth Face, Prism Cloud, Michael J Slack and The Delay In The Universal Loop are still worth showing up for. You probably should, too, you might learn something. — CG

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