If You Like It, Then It's Probably Because Diamond Rings Is On It.

This weekend has so many things going on that you can't shake a fist at it. Unless, y'know, you have really big fists. Then your fists would probably be sufficient! The majority of what's going on is music-related — but don't fret. Even if you aren't really in-tune with the music scene, there's still something for you this weekend, we promise. I mean, hey, surely you've heard of Gotye, right? Stop lying. You have. But if he's too mainstream, there's also Grouplove, The Red Elvises, Stars, Gardens & Villa, and many more acts playing this weekend. Plus, there's a burlesque show and a few different outdoor markets to check out.

Gotye at Verizon

Did you know that Gotye wears that body paint from his “Somebody That I Used To Know” video 24/7? Learn fascinating facts like this (and more!) tonight when you see the Australian sensation bemoaning his failed relationship status.

Two Door Cinema Club, The Features, The Rocket Summer and Morning Parade at the House of Blues
Hope you don't have to work today, because this pretty crazy (and free!) affair — thrown in celebration of Josh Venable's Sunday night show, “The Adventure Club,” running for 18 years on KDGE 102.1-FM The Edge — is a daytime event, starting at 11 a.m. Did we mention that it's free? Yup! All these “Adventure Club” favorites for free. (Probably when you have to be at work or in school, though. Sorry!)

Dan Deacon at Dada
The electronic music scene in Baltimore has had quite the strong reputation in recent years, and much of the credit for that probably deserves to go offbeat electronic musician Dan Deacon's way. He's certainly the most prominent touring force of that bunch, having developed quite the following thanks to his high-energy performances, many of which he performs from a set-up right from the middle of a crowded dancefloor.

Legend of Zelda Symphony
The Nintendo series comes to life tonight in symphony form! May I suggest bringing your controllers and reenacting your favorite scenes from the games? Like the part where Link shoots arrows? Or the part where Link wears that sweet hat?

The Boobie Tube at Boiler Room
Apparently The Boiler Room in Deep Ellum is the place to go to tonight if you want to see some burlesque (and I'm not talking about the 2009 Christina Aguilera movie, although, real talk, you should go see that movie because it's straight ridiculous). This event has been dubbed “Boobie Tube” because the dancers will be dressed as classic TV characters. Also: Let's hear it for puns, am I right?

Mac Miller at Dr Pepper Stars Center
Young rapper Mac Miller (also known as “Easy Mac” and “Sonnyboy,” although he would prefer that only his mom calls him that), released his debut album Blue Slide Park last year after a slew of well-received mixtapes. Also: He's a real big hit locally, having sold out most of his Dallas shows to date. No surprise, then, that show promoter Scoremore used this show as an excuse to try out a larger venue than normal.

Roger Creager at Granada
After playing at the Granada often (he was last there in June), Roger Creager has decided to pitch his own tent onstage and just make it official: Welcome to Roger Creager's home, Dallas. Remember to wipe your feet before you walk inside.

New Order at Palladium
You may never get the chance to dance with Molly Ringwald at prom like you always dreamed you would, but you will be able to relive your '80s New Wave fantasies with New Order at the Palladium Ballroom tonight. Just don't expect any encores, as they're notorious for refusing to do that.

Gardens & Villa, Analog Rebellion and Skeletal Coast at Bryan Street Tavern
Gardens & Villa, who were previously in the area for 35 Denton earlier this year, will be back with their chilled-out indie rock tonight for a free show that also features the more energetic offerings of locals Analog Rebellion and Skeleton Coast.

Outdoor Market at Pegasus Plaza
Every Friday for the rest of the month, there will be an outdoor market right downtown at Pegasus Plaza. Each affair will include live music, crafts and vintage items. If you work downtown, consider this your excuse to head out for lunch instead of ordering delivery like you normally do in your attempts to liven up your cubicle-ridden hours.

Stars, Diamond Rings and California Wives at Granada
While California Wives' slightly jammy rock doesn't really fit in so much with the more dance-oriented music of bill-sharers Diamond Rings and Stars, all three bands are definitely fantastic. Particularly exciting is Diamond Ring's return to Dallas, as his latest single “I'm Just Me” foreshadowed that his new album will be a lot less minimalist than previous efforts.

Toadies at Billy Bob's
North Texas' favorite North Texas band (or at least one of them) ventures to Fort Worth tonight to at least in part help you relive the '90s, because, much as they may deny it, even they know that the Toadies album you still listen to the most is Rubberneck.

J. Charles & The Trainrobbers Album Release at Dada
The tear-in-your-beer-with-a-side-of-punk-anger Trainrobbers have a debut album ready for sharing called Upon Leaving and they're celebrating its offering with, like, seven other local acts sharing this bill with them. Who? Just Dove Hunter, The Dead Flowers' Corey Howe and Vince Tully, The Will Callers and The Dead Birds. Actually, that's just four more bands. Sorry about that.

Tennis at Trees
When they're not being unbearably cute, Tennis makes indie pop that is weirdly compatible with yacht rock. For a preppy person's guide to indie pop, check them out tonight.

Grouplove at House of Blues
Portland's Grouplove is exactly the kind of fun, happy band that we need in such tough times. Let them lift your spirit's with their delightfully cheery tunes.

Kenny Rogers at Winstar
Country music's Kenny Rogers should probably be your favorite septuagenarian, having gained success with hits such as “I Can't Unlove You” and “The Gambler.”

The Red Elvises at Sons of Hermann Hall
The Red Elvises are so all-over-the-place that they're almost genre-less. While the Russian-American band hasn't put out a new album in a few years, they're still reliably fun.

Reddit Halloween Party at Elm Street Bar
Have you ever been hanging out on Reddit, reading the fascinating comments posted by the other users and thought, “Hey, I'd p much like to meet these people IRL.” But not, like, the creepers from other parts of the world, and only the cool ones from Dallas? Well, tonight's your lucky night, as Dallas Redditors are gathering to celebrate in Deep Ellum to celebrate the sluttiest of holidays together this weekend! One caveat: It's a costume deal. And the best costumes win anime DVDs. Because of course they do this is a Reddit thing, c'mon.

The University of Texas versus The University of Oklahoma at the Cotton Bowl
Hey, it's a football game! You should watch the game! See the awesome field goals! Root for the team that has a closer geographic proximity to your hometown!

Urban Street Bazaar at the Bishop Arts District
On Saturday and Sunday, Urban Street Bazaar will host multiple parties selling vintage and handmade clothing.

The Afghan Whigs and Centro-matic at the Granada
After a run in the '90s so successful that people feel comfortable now referring to the Afghan Whigs as iconic, the band broke up in 2001, but not before their songs got markedly darker and frontman Greg Dulli's onstage antics developed quite the nasty reputation. Since reuniting in 2011, the band's songs have remained dark and Dulli's behavior has been much improved — both good things. Expect many a “Things were so great back then!” type at this set, which also features North Texas rock favorites Centro-matic, who themselves are quite deserving of the “iconic” tag.

Rufus Wainwright at the Meyerson
To be honest, he doesn't really look like a “Rufus” (he's not regal enough), but the Grammy-nominated songwriter has definitely earned the moniker with his many successes.

The Walking Dead's Season 3 Premiere at Sundown
I started watching The Walking Dead a few weeks back, and now I'm hooked. It's such an intensely emotional show that it really does seem better when you're in the company of others. That's why this Sundown thing is so awesome — because you don't want to be alone while dealing with zombies. Oh, excuse me: “Walkers.”


















































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