Power Up.

Welcome to the Tax Free Weekend edition of Things To Do This Weekend.

Now, we understand if going out in public this weekend isn't exactly at the top of your list of priorities. Heck, we plan on spending much of our time huddled under the covers ourselves, hiding from the swarms of folks clawing each other's faces off to save a measly seven-percent discount on back-to-school crap.

But don't hide away the whole weekend. There's too many good happenings going on that you most certainly won't want to be missing. — Cory Graves

Power Trip, Mammoth Grinder at Sons of Hermann Hall
If we know as much about Power Trip as we think we do, the Dallas hardcore heroes are probably doing some yoga and tossing fresh organic salads right this very minute in preparation for tonight's onslaught with Mammoth Grinder. Real talk, though: This one will be an all-out blitz as the notoriously rowdy performers pull out all the stops. Sin Motivo, Vulgar Display and Cross Me also perform. — CG

The Life and Times at Three Links
The Life And Times is a band that's hard to categorize. There's a bit of rock, soul, spacey grooves and a little punk in the mix. What that means is that there's going to be a song for everyone. Well, unless you're only into R. Kelly. Not sure if they've covered “Ignition” yet. Locals West Windows and Dome Dwellers open. — Chase Whale

Cowboy Mouth at Billy Bob's
The 2011 Louisiana Music Hall of Fame inductees' current lineup boasts former members of pop-punkers Jimmie's Chicken Shack, southern rockers Dash Rip Rock and new wave/punk rockers Red Rockers. Not that it matters with a band like Cowboy Mouth, whose albums have always contained a pretty varied collection of country, alternative and straight ahead rock. For as hard as the band's recorded output has been to pin down over the years, most agree that their live shows are simply thrilling, high-energy displays. — Cory Graves

Tim McGraw at Gexa Energy Pavilion
Tim McGraw has many talents, one of which is slapping anyone in the front row that touches his butt during his shows. All joking aside, the woman he smacked in the face mid-concert last month wasn't the first such interaction he's had with a fan. So, um, cool it on the grab-ass tonight. — CW

Roxy Roca at The Foundry (Free)
Hey blues brothers, listen up: If you haven't checked out Roxy Roca yet, you should. Blackbook Magazine hailed the nine-piece soul band as the best of SXSW 2013. And they're from Texas. What's not to like? — CW

Spooky Folk at Dan's Silverleaf
Since the Denton favorite played its “farewell” show in April 2013, Spooky Folk's shows have been sporadic to say the least. Tonight, the band will finally release physical copies its sophomore record — an album we simply adore, by the way — at what we can't help but feel might be one of its final performances. Let's hope we're severely mistaken about that. Just like the band's other “farewell” show, Satans of Soft Rock opens this one. — CG

Exit 380 (Album Release) at Cambridge Room
Local roots rock act Exit 380 is set to release its sixth studio LP at this show. Opening the show will be the band's labelmate Andrew Tinker, who produced Exit 380's album and performed on a few of its tracks. Jessie Frye also performs. — CG

Lollie Bombs Fifth Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Show at Pocket Sandwich Theatre
Save the tatas! Seriously: That is exactly what Lollie Bombs Burlesque is going for with its fifth annual breast cancer awareness burlesque show. All proceeds from the event will go towards the National Breast Cancer Coalition. — Chrissi Chetwood

Felipe Esparza at Addison Improv
Last Comic Standing winner Felipe Esparza is coming to Addison and he wants you to come laugh with him. Despite his terrible grammar, he's pretty funny. Catch him through the 10th at the Improv. — CW

Doc Scott at It'll Do
This British producer's been doing the drum and bass thing since right around the time when drum and bass started being a thing. So yeah: He's got cred. Better yet, he's got something different — at least so far as It'll Do, which mostly plays host to house music guests, goes. Local drum and bass scene fixture Katalyst opens. — Pete Freedman

Devin the Dude at Trees
Don't know Dev? Well, he's probably your favorite rapper's favorite rapper — meaning you've got a chance to check out rap's best-kept secret at this one. Expect lots of smoke in the air, too, if you catch my drift. — CC

Track Meet presents Angelfire 4 at The Crown & Harp (Free)
Them Track Meet boys — Ynfynyt Scroll, AiR DJ and Shooknite — are forever on the edgiest part of the cutting edge as the Dallas dance scene goes, be it through its vaunted “Slime Rave” affairs or this newer recurring bash, which now finds the crew holding court at Crown & Harp for the fourth time. The music, as you should know by now, will be progressive — dance music you don't have to think about but can and perhaps should — and, almost certainly, internationally flavored. The visuals, as ever, should too be on point, this time thanks to an onslaught of black lights. Expect things to get a little raunchy, and maybe make sure you're wearing a clean pair of jeans. — PF

The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival at Gexa Energy Pavilion
What happens when you mix a full day of downing Rockstar energy drinks with all-day metal and rock bands? The longest adrenaline rush ever. Over 15 bands are playing this one — including Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Korn and Cannibal Corpse — so bring ear plugs, a fondness for turn-of-the-millennium nu-metal and maybe an extra clean shirt. — CW

Armageddon at Granada Theater
Before blowing up the world with giant space-robots, Michael Bay tried to blow up the world with a really goddamn giant asteroid. You've already seen this movie and don't care what I have to say, but maybe you will at the Granada, where folks will be riffing on the movie as a part of the spot's Summer Mockbusters series. You can even join in on the fun by tweeting jokes, which will also show up on the big screen. — CW

Ten Hands at Kessler Theater
Although they fell off in popularity close to two decades ago, the Paul Slavens-led Ten Hands managed to accomplish quite a bit in the late '80s and early '90s to long cement its status as local legends. The band will look to placate nostalgic fans with this reunion performance — its third of the year by our count, and second at this particular venue. Hey, we're not complaining. — Porttia Portis

Loretta Lynn at Bass Hall
Country darling Loretta Lynn has been a prominent musician for quite some time. Long enough that an Academy Award-winning movie was based off one of her hit songs, if nothing else. Hey, that's pretty powerful! Interestingly, her swing through town comes days after fellow legend Wanda Jackson was here, as Jack White so famously helped rejuvenate both women's careers. — CW

Foam Wonderland at South Side on Ballroom
The LA-by-way-of-New Jersey, self-taught DJ and sometime Diplo collaborator Brillz will make 'em dance tonight with his brand of trap music cuts. Not that it's all that hard to get a room full of folks who showed up to a massive foam party moving. We imagine they'll likely show up primed and ready. Heroes X Villains and Triad Dragons will also be at this thing. — CG

Hot Nut Riveters at Dan's Silverleaf
Picking up where Guy Forsyth's Asylum Street Spankers left off, his assemblage of Hot Nut Riveters similarly mixes comedy into its own brand of all-acoustic, recession-era traditional Americana jams. Hope the bartenders at Dan's know how to make Old Fashioneds! — CG

Phobia at Dada
Even if we didn't know anything about Phobia or the rest of the bands playing at this show tonight, the show's flyer makes it pretty clear that each of the performers are into death, Satan and fire. So bring some earplugs and a mean attitude. Cleric, Pissed Grave and Hellwar open. — CW

Ron White at Will Rogers Auditorium
Over the past several years, Ron “Tater Salad” White has been one of the top three grossing comedians on tour, thanks in part to his association with the Blue Collar Comedy tour. He's also managed to sell over 10 million CDs and DVDs along the way, proving that there is some truth to his famous “You can't fix stupid” catchphrase after all. Hey, we kid! — CG

The Whispers at Verizon Theatre
If you look at any of The Whispers' publicity stills, you'd assume these guys have to be joking. They're like something you'd seen on an episode of Tim and Eric. But you'd, of course, be dead wrong. These guys are a prominent a capella band that had been around for some time. Jokes on you: They're actually pretty great, too. — CW

Five-Year Anniversary Party at Trees
Aside from that legendary Nirvana show at the venue that everybody likes to bring up all the time, Trees has hosted more than its share of legendary nights since it initially opened in 1990 — a bunch of which we've chronicled right here. There was a three-year period not all that long ago, though, where the venue stood closed and its future was uncertain, to say the least. Thankfully, five years ago now, Clint Barlow came along and poured his life's savings into reviving the place and once again making Trees one of the city's standout rooms. Helping Barlow and Co. celebrate Trees 2.0's fifth birthday are Jonathan Tyler, The Soft White Sixties, Cody Jasper and The Roomsounds. — CG

Filter at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
We really liked Filter best when they were a screaming, industrial rock outfit — y'know, before they went all soft . That's to say we'll take the “Hey Man, Nice Shot” Filter over the mellow balladry of “Take a Picture” Filter. Lucky for us, then, that the band's latest album is a return to its hard rock roots. — CW

Sango at Three Links
Blessed be we, for if ever there were a golden era for alternative electro-R&B, we're in it now. And Seattle-by-way-of-Michigan producer is among the new kings of this hill, having earned acclaim for his remix work on tracks for Drake, The Weeknd, Little Dragon and Aaliyah. These days, though, he's touring the country and pimping his own work, as heard on last year's North. Wanna feel more-than-moderately sexy while just-this-side-of-halfheartedly grinding? This performance marks your best chance this weekend. — PF

Dove Hunter, American Werewolf Academy, Naptime Shake at Double Wide
Dallas Americana outfit The Naptime Shake's performances are few and far between these days. Hell, the group almost cancelled this one, too, when multi-instrumentalist Chris Mayes recently broke his ankle. Alas, the band has decided to soldier on with a last-minute replacement musician that was able to learn a few of the band's tunes. That said, don't expect the Shakes to play too long tonight. Fret not: American Werewolf Academy and Dove Hunter will carry this one home. — CG

Roy Davis Jr. at It'll Do
Any purists out there who somehow feel as if Doc Scott's Friday night gig was too drum-and-bass-y for this decidedly house-y venue should feel right at home at this one, which features a Chicago house pioneer that bears no relation to Sammy, as “Davis Jr.,” turns out, isn't a surname. Davis, of course, is. My point: Roy Davis Jr. is related to Roy Davis. Or so one presumes. Anyway: Expect a wide-ranging, thumping-yet-soulful set for the heads. — PF

Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Kentucky Knife Fight and Birds of Night at Lola's
Kentucky Knife Fight isn't quite the erratic hillbilly battle it sounds like. The band's members hail from St. Louis, and, far as we know, they have all of their teeth. Check their teeth out for yourselves at Lola's as they perform alongside local favorites Whiskey Folk Ramblers and The Birds of Night. — H. Drew Blackburn

Young Scooter and Crit Life at The Prophet Bar
We can't say that “Colombia” rapper Young Scooter's music veers far from what you would expect from the typical Atlanta trap rapper, no. But we can at least say that it's hype as shit. Check him out at The Prophet Bar, where he'll perform alongside G.U.N., Blacktag and ever-rowdy Crit Life crew. — CC

Leon Bridges & the Texas Gentlemen at Live Oak Music Hall
Up-and-comer Leon Bridges has been winning over audiences in the Fort of late with his simple yet undeniably authentic brand of retro soul. He's as charismatic a character as he is a snappy dresser, which is to say that he just might be North Texas' quote-unquote Next Big Thing. Yeah, we're going there. Even more impressive: The guy only picked up the guitar a couple years ago. — CG

Flea Harvey's at Lee Harvey's (Free)
Art, antiques, kitsch, collectables, breakfast tacos and Bloody Marys? Sounds like we got ourselves a nice little Saturday. — CG

Garage Sale/Record Swap at Rubber Gloves (Free)
Record shopping is one of the great American pastimes. It's cool to browse and take a chance based off the cover art alone sometimes, right? Right! Because that's how you find hidden gems. And that's why you should head on down to Rubber Gloves for this record swap. If you're looking to make some quick cash, bring some of your own lesser-used records. Everyone wins. — CW

7 Seconds at Three Links
Back in March, Kevin Seconds helped Three Links celebrate its one-year anniversary with a solo acoustic set. Now he's back — and, this time, he'll be accompanied by the rest of his noted '80s hardcore outfit. The Copyrights, PEARS and Bullet Machine open. — CG

Metalachi at Trees
Metalachi is not your typical mariachi band. Metalachi, as its name implies, is a mariachi band that covers metal songs — the first of such group of its kind, or so the band's press materials insinuate. But this act does more than just that, of course. Over the course of one of its numerous previous stops through town in the past year or so, the band sprinkled in its takes on such traditional mariachi standards as “Volver Volver,” “Mariachi Loco” and “La Bamba” among its expected covers of Guns N' Roses' “Sweet Child O' Mine” and Bon Jovi's “Livin' on a Prayer.” It was an infectious offering, for sure. Mad Mexicans and Palamino also perform. — Erika Lambreton

Fashion Arena at Dallas Arboretum
The Fashion Opera is back with its seasonal showcase of fashion, art and theater. Mary Kay and Shea Moisture will be sponsoring this one, and you can also expect a long list of different vendors, plus several of Dallas' best designers and their collections. —CC

The Local Hang at Double Wide
A few years ago, Central Track's fearless leader — one Pete Freedman — masqueraded around town under the name Playlister P. For over a year, he'd pop up monthly at The Libertine for his regular “Local Hang” series, during which he'd play nothing but songs from North Texas-based acts both old and new. After a years-long hiatus, that series now returns, albeit it at a new home. And that's not the only the thing that'll be different this time around: Freedman's DJ name is allegedly Grand Master Little Bitty Big Ass Bitch, these days, too. — CG

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