The Dog Days Are Over! Cats Everywhere Rejoice!

This weekend is so packed with cool events, if I hear anyone talking about spending the next few days catching up on CSI: Miami or doing laundry or anything pointless like that, I just might lose it.. First off, in the “big events” category, you should definitely check out VideoFest 25. It's going on the entire weekend with dozens of short films, experimental videos and documentaries. Meanwhile, if you're in Fort Worth (or if you just feel like visiting), the Fort Worth Music Festival has a pretty sweet line-up that's not to be missed, featuring the likes of Dr. Dog and The Reverend Horton Heat. Other shows this weekend include Florence + The Machine, The Hood Internet, Circa Survive, Victor Wooten and Christeene. Also, there's this thing called the State Fair of Texas?

So turn off CSI: Miami already. (Spoiler alert: Somebody dies.)

VideoFest 25 at the Dallas Museum of Art
So far, VideoFest has proven to be one of the coolest art showcases in Dallas. (Those who saw the projection on the Omni on Wednesday night can attest to that.) Tonight is no exception. From art classics like 1929's Man With a Movie Camera to Ethel (the new documentary about Ethel Kennedy), VideoFest encompasses everything you'd want in a video art show.

The Octopus Project at Trees
A consistently fun live band, Austin's The Octopus Project have mastered the use of light in conjunction with their catchy, experimental electronic pop beats. Update: Octopus Project has canceled due to illness. Zhora and New Fumes are still playing, though!

Day One of Fort Worth Music Festival
The two-day Fort Worth Music Festival kicks off today with a strong lineup including Hayes Carll, Reverend Horton Heat, Hudson Moore, Supersuckers and Whiskey Folk Ramblers. Fun fact: This festival was called Jazz by the Boulevard just a few years ago. Now Fort Worth's alll like, “You suck, jazz!” But metaphorically.

Red Wanting Blue at Good Records
Before their House of Blues performance, Red Wanting Blue, Ohio's most color-confused band, will stop by the Good Records for a more intimate performance. Beware, though: If red actually gets the blue it desires, purple will form.

Critical Mass at Main Street Garden
This group of cyclists are setting out to prove that two wheels are definitely a sufficient mode of transportation, despite the less-than bike friendly Dallas roads and monstrous SUVs that dominate them. But that's just what we need, right? Cars aren't all that great. I can store a bicycle in my apartment, but when I tried to do that with my car, all sorts of wreckage ensued. The group ride starts at 8 p.m., and, from there, the cyclists will dominate the roads, overturning every car in their wake and setting a new standard of road etiquette that demands bikes be taken seriously.

Christeene at Double Wide
The amazingly (and comically) vile rapper Christeene will be making her first-ever appearance in Dallas at the Double Wide tonight. The artist's website promises that “this shithole [The Double Wide] will be overwurked and overrun with the best of the worst for one night only.” Sounds like fun!

VideoFest 25 at the Dallas Museum of Art
Today is probably the most packed day of VideoFest, with more videos than your eyes can possibly take in. Be sure to catch the animated shorts, though, as they're always a crowd favorite.

Dark Star Orchestra at Granada
Are you into the Grateful Dead, but are too high to notice that the band playing for you isn't actually the Grateful Dead? Boy, are you in for a treat! Show up to hear an expansive list of Grateful Dead classics, and then go eat some Cheetos or something.

Pussy Riot Benefit Show at Rubber Gloves
You'd have to be living under a rock to not know what happened to the Russian feminist punk group Pussy Riot. But, in case you missed it, here's the story: Three members of the band have been jailed for “hooliganism,” which is apparently a serious crime and not something you get detention for in middle school. In true punk rock spirit, the Denton chapter of Radical Alliance for Gender Equality (R.A.G.E.) and the International Socialist Organization are putting on a benefit punk show in solidarity with the jailed band members.

Rock-A-Tron 5000 Music Festival at Where House
Rock-A-Tron 5000 will be bringing 15 bands to Fort Worth's Where House for a day-long party. Bands include The Queers, Guttermouth, Here Holy Spain, Scorpion Child and more. It's $15 for the whole show, so that's a dollar a band, math whizzes.

Texas Teezilla at Quixotic World
Do you ever get really upset that your clothes are super mainstream? Like that the JCPenny shirt you're wearing is screaming “CORPORATE.” and everyone else is wearing your same pair of Urban Outfitters shoes? Yeah? Then you should check out Texas Teezilla today. It's a gathering of independent clothing brands offering up designs you probably won't see anywhere else.

Florence + the Machine at Gexa Energy Pavillion
Did you know that the machine Florence tours with is actually a washing machine? It's true. When the Dog Days ended, Florence bought a cat, and that cat gets hair everywhere. Along with the machine, Florence is also bringing the Maccabees, a very sweet indie pop group that is best described as “precious.”

The Hood Internet at Club Dada
When The Hood Internet was at Hailey's this year for 35 Denton, it was all one huge dance party. Something about the mashups made everyone want to climb on stage and dance as if they were auditioning for a role on Step Up 3D. Will that happen again? It better!

Victor Wooten at Granada
Victor Wooten will be soothing your beleaguered soul with funk, jazz and some nice jams, while simultaneously polishing his five Grammys onstage as the Gods of Jazz lift up their sunglasses to look upon him with a smile.

Circa Survive at House of Blues
Change into your favorite black t-shirt: Circa Survive is back! Tonight is the night for aggressively loud prog-rock, high-pitched voices and probably a feeling deep inside your gut that tells you that you should feel sad for some reason.

VideoFest 25 At Dallas Museum of Art
Today's VideoFest 25 highlights include narrative shorts, a Texas filmmakers showcase and a panel called “Breaking Down Breaking Bad,” which will probably consist of panelists yelling “Magnets, bitch!” until everyone passes out.


















































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