Heaven Can Wait.

Recently, the World Health Organization came out and said processesed meats like bacon and ham are group 1, cancer-causing carcinogens. Bum-mer.

But, as the Daily Dot points out, similar studies have found that cigarettes and alcohol, kissing, the sun, breathing, deodorant, oral sex, eggs, candles, apples and using Facebook are likely just as deadly.

Being that none of us are long for this world anyway, we might as well make the most of what little time we've got left. What better place than here? What better time than now?

Meat Loaf at Verizon Theatre
The Dallas-born singer got his start on Broadway, then parlayed that success to a role in the biggest cult film of all time, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and singing with Ted Nugent before starting his own solo career. With his larger-than-life persona and balls-out performances Meat Loaf was one of the most commercially-successful acts of the '70s. His '77 album Bat Out of Hell is the fifth-highest-selling album of all time, moving over 34 million copies, though he didn't hit his peak until 2010 when he managed to cram the line “I can barely fit my dick in my pants” into his Hang Cool Teddy Bear disc.

Frank Turner at House of Blues
Just about every article you read about Turner find it pertinent to mention the English-born folk/punk musician's relentless touring habits. Never was this more apparent than during his last swing through town. After suffering a back injury, a doctor told Turner he'd have to come off the road to heal. Instead, he struck up a deal that allowed him to keep touring so long as he didn't play any more guitar for the rest of 2013, including that year's Granada stop. It was a long, long way to recovery from there, indeed. And before playing House of Blues this time through, he'll be over at Good Records signing autographs. See, he never takes a damn break.

Twilite Does Willie, Waylon and the Boys at Twilite Lounge (Free)
As they've done a time or two in the past, a who's who of local folkies, troubadours, honky tonk heroes and babies whose mamas let them grow up to be cowboys will be taking turns on the Twilite stage, swapping songs from the original Texas outlaws. To wit, tonight's participants include Ryan Becker, Grady Don Sandlin, Greg Schroeder, Daniel Markham, Tyler Curtis Rougeux, Wesley Geiger, Noah Jackson, Madison King, Zachary Fox, Billy Bones, Robbie Saunders, Raised Right Men, Grant Jones, Johnny Beauford and more.

Kevin Greenspon at Rubber Gloves
Kevin Greenspon's the kind of guy that's on to the next thing five years before any of the rest of us realizee it's cool. He was way ahead of the whole cassette ressurgence, too, starting up a mail order tape label several years ago. Tonight the L.A.-based one-man band will be bringing an abstract, electro-noise audio-visual performance to Gloves, where Kent Evans, Gin Hell, Ex-Muse Ensemble and Seth Shafer also perform.

Nosferatu at Texas Theatre
The full title of this one is Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, which is fitting, because local band Invincible Czars has written a live score for the film that it'll be debuting here. Music or none, it's cool to have the opportunity to view one of the surviving copies of the unauthorized 1921 Dracula plagiarism.

Larry g(EE) at Dada
Communion, a London organization helmed by one of the Mumford & Sons that “combines elements of live promotion, publishing and recording to create a hub for artists to develop and flourish.” Not exactly sure what that means for the local concertgoer, per se, other than that tonight's the organization's first local bill. It'll be headed up by Larry g(EE) with support from The Eastern Sea, Bee Caves and Safia.

Halloween Beer Dinner at The Libertine
Throw on your costume and munch on sweet breads and other guts, chili, quail and desert, each paired with spooky-themed craft brews, including one that clocks in at a whopping 16 percent ABV. Scary! Reservations required.

Historic Halloween Happy Hour at Lee Harvey's
Dallas has its share of ghost stories and famously haunted places. The one about The Lady of White Rock Lake has always been one of our personal favorites. Turns out, some of the city's earliest inhabitants are thought to be still hanging around, chilling at their old homes, which have sense become a part of Old City Park. At this happy hour event Dallas Heritage Village employees will hold flashlights to chin and discuss some of the eerie things they've experienced, while raising money for the favorite field trip destination.

Pegasus Reading Series at Kettle Art
Unlike the other reading that just went down at this same gallery, authors Joe Milazzo, Jill Talbot and Kathleen Winter will be reading from their most recent works while also wearing clothes. Hey, whatever turns you on.

Oddisee at Cambridge Room
Don't let Oddisee's Washington D.C. roots fool you. The rapper was raised in the bordering neighborhood of Prince George's County, Maryland, one of the wealthiest African American counties in the nation. He now lives in Brooklyn, a place recently at the center of Jimmy Kimmel's Do the White Thing parody. Things haven't been the roughest, which is why you'll hear more rhymes about arguably more timeless subjects than money and hos and all that.

Sick of Sarah at Three Links
Before U2's Songs of Innocence wormed its way all annoying-like onto your iPhone without asking, causing you to find Bono and Co. more insufferable than usual, Minneapolis all-female power pop outfit Sick of Sarah held the distinction of being the spammiest band around. The group's 2205 LP came bundled with BitTorrent software, automatically downloading itself to some 1.7 million pirates in the process. Tonight, though, you'll have a choice whether or not to hear their songs. Lost Element opens.

Pepper at Trees
Hawaiian reggae-rock trio Pepper is a Hawiian reggae-rock trio. You probably know exactly how you feel about that. Ballyhoo! and Katastro open.

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