Make Your Tuesday Super.

Welcome to Super Tuesday, named as such due to the dozen states — including Texas! — holding primary elections today. Texas is an open primary state, meaning you can strategically opt to vote in your own party’s primary, or for the worst person in the other party’s primary.

Because we can’t remember a crop of candidates as batshit insane as this one, here’s a handy guide to help figure how to best cast your vote.

And just to make this Tuesday a little more super, we’ve put together another handy little guide to help figure out where to (hopefully) celebrate your favorite candidate’s victory after the polls close this evening. — Cory Graves

Bar Politics: DISD Edition at Eight Bells Alehouse
Bar Politics is Dallas’s self-proclaimed very own Daily Show, tackling hot-button issues plaguing our great city over drinks with various special guests. This time, they’ll be taking on one of the more controversial issues, the Dallas Independent School District, everything from Pre-K to standardized testing. With them will be guests Mike MacNaughton of Dallas Friends of Public Education and Eric Nicholson from the Dallas Observer. — Paul Wedding

Melanie Martinez at South Side Music Hall
The biggest knock on reality singing competition The Voice is the fact that it has yet to really break a big superstar. Season 3 contestant Melanie Martinez just may be one of the closest things the program can hang its hat on. Since competing for #TeamAdam in 2012, she’s signed to Atlantic and released a debut album last summer. Interestingly enough, that disc’s biggest hit was penned by former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi. Guess she likes to keep it real. — CG

Lil Uzi Vert at The Prophet Bar (Sold Out)
Philadelphia’s Lil Uzi Vert is on The Left Right tour with songmate Playboi Carti. If you haven’t heard any of these guys, please take a moment to remedy that. They have a familiar trap sound, but not quite. They have more to say and with more skill than the Young Thugs and O.T. Genasis of the world. Uzi Vert’s mixtape, Luv is Rage, is up to 25K downloads on Datpiff. Hope you got stuff to roll and cups to double up, because you might need them. — Roberto Aguilar

Top 8 Tuesday at The Prophet Bar
Top 8 Tuesday, as most should know by now, is a time to relive the angsty years of studded belts, snake bites and black bangs. This Tuesday, Travis Bryant of Terminal will be playing an acoustic set. So, yes, it’s time to sing along to all your Myspace favorites. — RA

Pale DÄ«an, Psychic Killers, Wave Swinger, Honor System at Rubber Gloves
King Camel has put together a very stirring show in Denton. Pale DÄ«an, now calling Austin, Texas home, brings a dream-pop type of weird-folk that includes steady beats, twinkling guitar and howling vocals. Psychic Killers from Denton are a bit more grating and boisterous. A perfect example of psychedelic evil-wave. Wave Swingers, also from Little D, are a caustic duo that make noise-love on stage — so many tricks up their sleeves. Finally, there’s Honor System from Dallas, which is very atmospheric in its approach to experimental noise as opposed to confrontational. — RA

George Thorogood & The Destroyers at Majestic Theatre
George Thorogood is probably the only exciting thing to come out of Delaware. OK, that’s kind of mean. There is Dogfish Head Brewery, that counts right? Anyway, he’ll be riding his motorcycle onto the stage and drinking alone. No, wait, he’s playing with his band, The Destroyers, which will be drinking with him, and playing some good ol’ bad-to-the-bone rock ‘n’ roll. The Edgar Winter Band joins in as the special guest. — RA

Hear Fort Worth First Tuesday at Lola’s Saloon
Hear Fort Worth is an initiative started by Texas Music Office director Brendon Anthony and the Fort Worth community to shed some light on the city’s music scene. The timing seems a little strange considering how much success has been coming out of Cowtown as of late, but it never hurts to bolster the strengths of a community. Every first Tuesday of the month, Hear Fort Worth is holding a show in a different venue, each time showcasing up-and-coming talent in the area. Members of The Quaker City Night Hawks will be doing their regular Torquila Tuesday thing as well. — RA

Glenn Kaino at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Glenn Kaino is a big deal. He’s a sculptor by trade, but his art reaches far beyond statues and clay pots. He makes anything from giant installations to neon aqua tanks. As part of the Tuesday night lecture series at the Museum of Modern Art, Kaino will be sharing his artistic philosophy, his life story and other interesting aspects of his life. This event is free and open to the public. — RA

To find out what else is going on today, this week and beyond, check out our events page.

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