Lay The Smackdown.

We recently ran across a headline that read “Obama Looks Just As Awkward Wearing A Virtual Reality Headset As You Do.” Presidents, they’re just like us!

But, really, why would anybody expect anything different. President Obama is a people, too, just like you. He’s not an all-powerful super being or anything. In fact, we hear he has to rely on sites just like this one to find out what cool new things he’s going to do with his Tuesday night. — Cory Graves

WWE Smackdown at American Airlines Center
Not quite the pivotal episode that the post-Mania edition of RAW was, the WWE’s first trip back to town since that record-setting affair is sure to excite great many a folk. At the very least, John Cena, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are set to take on Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles in a Six-Man tag match. — CG

Planet of the Apes at Alamo Drafthouse (Richardson)
Always wanted a valid excuse to yell, “Take your stinking paw off me you damn dirty ape!” to the guy using your armrest at the movies? Well today you can! Catch a screening the original version of this sci-fi classic this weekend. Just don’t spoil the twist ending for any of the N00Bs you happen to run across. Soylent Green is people! — Jessica Petrocchi

Comedy Open Mic Night at Dallas Comedy House (Free)
Somewhere out there, there is a VHS tape of you being caught off guard by the prompt to “Say something funny!” Well, you blew it. You froze. But it’s OK. We’ve all been there before. And, thanks to Dallas Comedy House’s Tuesday night open mics you’ve now got the perfect venue in which to redeem yourself. Or, you know, just to watch that one guy who totally thinks he’s the funniest guy in the office bomb magnificently. — CG

FXXXXY — Cartel Shawty Listening Party at Off the Record
We don’t know too much about the emcee that goes by FXXXXY other than he’s 20 and is a resident of Dallas by way of Los Angeles that’s gotten cosigns from notable rappers like Earl Sweatshirt, and who has been featured in our Songs of the Week column a number of times. Also, he put out six EPs last year, and has a new project called Cartel Shawty, which people can hear for the first time in full tonight. But you’ve got to RSVP to get in. Details in the link above. — CG

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