The Track Stops Here.

That limp fish handshake of yours says a new study is thanks to all that texting and other various phone scrolling you’re doing all damn day. Your hands are weaker. It stinks, but it’s science, so what can you do?

On the other hand — zing! — your smartphone also provides you with the answer to the eternal question, “So, um, what should we do tonight?” That is, so long as you live in DFW and you’re looking at Central Track. — Cory Graves

Show Support for Subway Through Deep Ellum at Stone Deck Pizza
Most Deep Ellum business owners, it seems, aren’t on board with DART’s proposed new D2 line. They’re meeting at Stone Deck, wearing green shirts, and then collectively riding the DART to City Hall, where the issue will be discussed at a board meeting. — CG

Ride to DART Board Meeting at Local Hub
Those not DART-ing to the DART meeting are instead opting to head there on two wheels. But they’re still wearing green, and winding up at that meeting. They don’t care how you get there folks, just get there. — CG

The Fixx at Granada Theater
And I said, “What about The Fixx?” She said, “I think I remember that band. As I recall, I think we both kind of liked it.” And I said, “Well that’s one thing we got.” Deep Blue Something opens. One thing leads to another. — Calvin Cashen

North Texas State Fair and Rodeo at North Texas State Fair Grounds
Dalton Domino is today’s headliner. A tractor pull opens things up. — CG

Otep at Trees
Nu metal: it’s still a thing. — CG

Alice Cooper Super Tuesday Party at Good Records
Before Alice Cooper’s performance at the Verizon Wednesday night, Good Records will hold a party/register to vote rally thing in honor of the godfather of shock rock. Another in-store appearance isn’t asking for too much, is it? — CC

Lance Hawvermale at The Wild Detectives
Come out and hear the mysterious journey of Lance Hawvermale’s engrossing character Gabe Traylin, an astronaut with a neurological disorder in which he cannot recognize a human face. — CC

Courtney Marie Andrews + Claire Morales + Ashley Myrick at The Wild Detectives
How’s this for incentive? Small Brewpub will give a complimentary beer to everyone that donates to support this event’s three featured artists. How’s this for incentive? All three of these ladies kick some serious singer-songwriter ass. — CC

W.A.V.E.’s Most Gruesome Hits at Alamo Drafthouse (Richardson)
A true oddity of the ’80s, W.A.V.E was a mail-order movie distribution company that created DIY horror movies on a shoestring budget. So, basically the ’80s equivalent of Netflix. For two nights, Alamo Drafthouse will screen the most unhinged and stomach churning clips in the W.A.V.E catalog. — CC

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