Be Fall Out Boy's No. 1 With a Bullet.

Last week, the story of one Lebanese restaurant's latest promotion delighted the web: Per the restaurant, diners who left their phones within the custody of its staff during meals would receive 10 percent off their checks.

It's a policy we hope catches on here in the States as well. And soon.

Really, though: How much better is life in the real world than the ones that reside in the countless screens that now pervade our existences? Try it for yourself: Leave your phone back at the crib when you head out on the town tonight.

Sure, you might not get a discount on admission to any of tonight's goings-on, but you will most certainly find it rewarding. That, we promise.

AT&T Patio Sessions with Jeff Whittington at Sammons Park
Though his main gigs are as the producer of KERA 90.1-FM's “Think” series and as the host of the program “Anything You Ever Wanted to Know,” Whittington's no stranger to the rock world: He formerly toured with The Hundred Inevitables, a band that also counted Toby Pipes (Little Black Dress/Deep Blue Something), Nolan Thies (Little Black Dress) and Taylor Young (The O's) among its ranks. And his recently-released Whittington LP features guest performances from Young, John Dufilho (Deathray Davies), Jeff Ryan (The Baptist Generals), Dale Huddleston, Eric Neal and production from Grammy winner Stuart Sikes. — Cory Graves

Diarrhea Planet, The So So Glos and Not Half Bad at Dada
Apologies to Beyonce, but Nashville outfit Diarrhea Planet just might be the most photogenic band of all time. It's also one of the loudest. That, of course, should be expected from a band with five guitarists, an endless repertoire of rock poses and a shortage of shirts. — CG

Leon Redbone at Kessler Theater
Between performing the Mr. Belvedere theme song, the “this Bud's for you” jingle or the “Baby It's Cold Outside” duet with Zooey Deschanel that played during the closing credits of Elf, Redbone is no stranger to moving pictures. Better still, though, are his boozy vocal stylings and the throwback, New Orleans-y romps in his classic catalog. That being said, our favorite thing surrounding his aura is the undying rumor that he's just an alter ego adopted by Frank Zappa after that icon faked his own death. — CG

When Dallas Rocked at Texas Theatre
In his new documentary, which makes its formal debut tonight, former Buddy magazine editor Kirby Warnock makes the case that in the 1970s Dallas was considered the music hub of the entire southwest. Check out the trailer, which immediately comes out of the gate questioning Austin's self-proclaimed status as “the live music capitol of the world.” Check out the trailer here. — CG

Joe Buck Yourself at Lola's
This Buck rose to fame as the guitarist for punkabilly outift Th' Legendary Shack Shakers and later as the upright bassist and sideman to several of Hank III's projects, including the hardcore hellbilly band Assjack. These days, he focuses the bulk of his time on his “bona fide evil motherfucking, one man band” Joe Buck Yourself. Whiskey Dick and Convoy & The Cattlemen open. — CG

Dov Davidoff at Addison Improv
We've seen Davidoff's brand of comedy referred to as everything from “ADHD” to the more diplomatic “high-energy.” As potentially off-putting as that labeling is for a lot of folks, though, it hasn't kept this comedian from becoming a staple on Comedy Central over the course of the past few years, with appearances on Chappelle's Show, Premium Blend, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and his own special. — CG

Cleric at Good Records (Album Release)
Dallas death metal outfit Cleric celebrates the release of its debut LP for Tofu Carnage Records at the Lower Greenville record shop this evening. We've heard that vinyl copies of the band's Gratum Inferno will come pressed on yellow wax with red “blood” spatters and gold foil-stamped inner-sleeve graphics. We know the like-minded Vulgar Display will join in the festivities, but whether this show lives up to the craziness of Power Trip's in-store show at the shop last year remains to be seen. — CG

We Butter The Bread With Butter at Sons of Hermann Hall
German death metal act We Butter The Bread With Butter has managed to separate itself from the loads of similar bands its country has produced. How? Well, layered on top of the usual demonic vocals and copious double bass drumming is an unusually poppy synth that serves to make the whole thing approachable to even the least-seasoned hard rock fans. And maybe that's the point. While the band is more than credible enough to be embraced by European death metal faithful, a somewhat tongue-in-cheek approach — the band's members have admitted at various points over the years that they began the project as a sort of joke before evolving into a more serious thing — and decidedly Zorak-like lead vocals make the band just as much a commentary on the genre as a whole as it does one if its current figureheads. — CG

Saxon at House of Blues
While German death metal is happening over at Sons of Hermann tonight, English metal pioneers Saxon will attempt to relive the glory days across town. Fozzy (read: the band fronted by WWE wrestler Chris “Y2J” Jericho) and Halcyon Way open. — CG

Anthony Streeter Benefit Concert at Trees
Much has been written about Drug Mountain/Bludded Head band member Nevada Hill's battle with skin cancer in the past few weeks, but another member of the local music circle has been fighting a medical battle of his own of late. The friends and family of longtime Deep Ellum employee Anthony Streeter are throwing this benefit features four local '90s-loving cover bands to help shoulder some of the medical costs from his recent MS diagnosis. To that end, Guns For Roses, Pearl Gem, Nearvana, and Arm Tha Homeless will all perform. — CG

Beer and Cupcake Pairing at Craft and Growler
Maxine's Killer Creations has been tweaking a few new recipes that include local craft beers in the list of ingredients. At tonight's tasting, participants will receive cupcakes made with Revolver's Blood and Honey, (512)'s Pecan Porter, Martin House's Pretzel Stout, and Deep Ellum's Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout, all paired with a glass of each cold brew. To reserve a spot for tonight's pairing, you'd better email Maxine ASAP. — CG

Lil Debbie at West End Events Center
Former White Girl Mob member, model, fashion designer, rapper, Kreayshawn pal and twerker friend Lil Debbie heads up this, the first of many shindigs that culture mag Cosign and up-and-coming concert promoter Intelligent Grind say they have lined up in the coming months. A live performance from Brain Gang, plus a DJ set from Internet Trap God, gets the night started. —CG

Fall Out Boy at Verizon Theatre
During its four-year hiatus, the members of Fall Out Boy learned a harsh lesson: Nobody gives a crap about any of these guys' solo projects. Frontman Patrick Stump admitted as much through a 1,500 word post on his blog, in which he detailed what it's like to be a 27-year-old has-been. Stump, who also lost 60 pounds during the band's break, was pelted with comments like, “We liked you better fat,” throughout his failed 2012 solo tour. Together, though, the band remains a force to be reckoned with — in certain circles, at least. The fact that this spring's comeback album reached No. 1 on the charts proves as much. — CG

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