Let's All Go To The Bar.

It's funny how things change over time — like words, for instance.

Take the word “awful,” which was originally used to describe something that was, well, “full” of “awe”-inspiring qualities. Since a lot of things can inspire awe — including not-so-great, sometimes even frightening things — the meaning of “awful” started to take on the more-negative “awe” connotations by the time the similar, more-positive word “awesome” came into the lexicon.

Interesting, right? Just not as interesting as this: Turns out the word “nimrod” came to mean “idiot” thanks to Bugs Bunny of all people.

How so? Funny story.

You see, as the more scripture-familiar among us might already know, Nimrod was a king in the Bible who was renowned for his hunting skills. But, as one helpful Redditor recently rediscovered, the meaning of “nimrod” changed when a sarcastic Bugs Bunny diss on his foe Elmer Fudd's hunting skills went over audiences' heads. Seems people just thought Bugs was using a funny word meant to mock Elmer's idiotic tendencies. Anyway, the whole thing just kind of snowballed from there. And now “nimrod” means “idiot.”

My point? Even if you're not sure about going out tonight, a look at the below, very awesome list of things going on this evening could change your mind — and, just maybe, the way people view your sometimes-awful reputation in the future. So I implore you: Give this rundown a look-see and see if there's something of interest to you. It's not that idiotic of a concept, is it? Of course not: The hunt is half the fun, ya nimrod. — Pete Freedman

Deer Tick at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill
Deer Tick is a road-worn bunch that really puts the “alt” in alt-country. As rowdy as the band's typical, beer-soaked, country-tinged sets are, the band also splits its time as a rather convincing Nirvana cover act. So dead-on is that cover outfit of theirs, in fact, that frontman John McCauley even sat in with Nirvana's surviving members when the band was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year. Tonight, though, Deer Tick will just keep things fast and loud as they help Gas Monkey Bar and Grill celebrate its one-year anniversary. — Cory Graves

The Growlers and The Garden at Dada
The laid-back West Coast outfit The Growlers refers to its blend of fuzzed out '60s rock and folk-country as “Beach Goth.” Its new album, released earlier this week, further complicates things with sharper-than-before songwriting and even more influences that now touch on things like disco, punk, New Wave and most everything between. Also appearing on this bill is The Garden, a California-based, twin-fronted, punk-infused band that boasts a similarly hard-to-pin-down sound. — CG

Sebastian Maniscalo at Addison Improv
Sebastian Maniscalco may look familiar — if, perhaps, you've ever seen Vince Vaughn's standup documentary from 2006, Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days & 30 Nights – Hollywood to the Heartland. That film only pumped out a few LOLs, but this jokester has had some practice since then. — CW

AT&T Patio Sessions at Sammons Park (Free)
Even at its new, later time — that'd be 6:30 for those of you keeping track at home — you'll still have time to catch acoustic performances from Dallas' Cassie Holt & The Lost Souls and duo Haylee & Amanda for free on the AT&T Performing Arts Center's lawn, grab a bite off a nearby food truck and still make it out of there in time to catch another event or two later this evening. — CG

Jim Florentine at Hyena's (Fort Worth)
Remember Crank Yankers? That show on Comedy Central where they prank called folks and then placed the audio from those calls over visuals of puppets making them? Florentine, who voiced the show's Special Ed character, will be here to perform his hit jokes — and, no doubt, to remind you that he's not just a one-tick pony, as he's also a co-host on VH1 Classic's That Metal Show. Laughing isn't required, but it is suggested — CW

The Aquabats at Trees
Judging from the the photo Trees picked to promote this show on its website, the Aquabats! look like they know how to party — although the same can probably be said of most folks who wear superhero costumes to work. Anyway, this band hails from the days of ska and real punk, so, in this case, that knowing-how-to-party bit probably is true. — CW

Vinyl Thoughts 5 at Quixotic World
Better start lining up early if you plan on making it into the fifth Vinyl Thoughts art show. The custom vinyl toys made and displayed by this year's 70 participating artists are all available for purchase — and buyers just get to walk right out with them on the spot. It adds another level of urgency to the event, for sure. Also? Unlike previous Vinyl Thoughts, this one will have a “Mad*l Makers” theme in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Mad*l blank created by Jeremy Madl, who'll make a special guest appearance tonight. One more thing worth knowing: Free adult beverages will be available on-site — for the adults, at least. — CG

Booktoberfest at Lakewood Brewing Company
It's National Literacy Month! And, to celebrate, Lakewood Brewing wants to get you drunk! Proceeds will go to local kids in need and toward shipping off some much-needed books to needy children in Asia and Africa. So, hey, tomorrow's hangover is one you can feel good about having. — CW

The Filthy Six at The Prophet Bar
Nick Etwell's two main gigs are nothing alike. Like, at all. While the trumpeter has toured the globe extensively with the Grammy-winning, multi-platinum folk rock outfit Mumford & Sons, his first love has always — always — been big band music. For the past decade, Etwell's fronted the Blue Note Records-style jazz outfit The Filthy Six. But, unlike Mumford, that band had never performed west of Ireland until a few months ago. To find out more about this show, check out our interview with Etwell here. — CG

Oktoberfest at Panther Island Pavilion
There are lots of places you can go to celebrate Oktoberfest. But Fort Worth's Panther Island Pavilion is where you need to be. It's here where you'll find all the German beer, food and games that this debauchery-filled affair has to offer — and on the grounds of Cowtown's go-to festing spot, no less! No dress-up is required. Neither is immediacy: Oktoberfest runs on these grounds through the 27. — CW

Buena Vista Social Club at Texas Theatre
The Texas Theatre is screening Wim Wenders' (Paris, Texas) classic Buena Vista Social Club in 35mm. But, before the showing, Cigar Art Oak Cliff will be handing out, free, hand-rolled cigars. No, you can't smoke them inside. But, hey, free hand-rolled cigars. — CW

Citizen Cope at House of Blues
While Citizen Cope's Dallas performance is listed on the House of Blues' website as “an intimate solo performance,” the Live Nation site seems to indicate that there will be a full band at the show. Why are you playing with our emotions, Cope? — CW

OFG.XXX Presents: The Funeral & The Twilight at Vice Palace
Since the dawn of the Internet, the more neanderthal-like among us have decided that all-caps, all-the-time typing is A-OK. Case in point? Check out OFG.XXX's Facebook event. But don't let all that yelling stop you from catching the Funeral & The Twilight, Hex Cult, Wet Dreamer, Tracey Yemen and a secret guest tonight. Or, if it really bothers you that much, let it. You're probably not welcome here anyway. — CW

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