Spite Your Face.

Did you think that, at some point today, you’d wonder to yourself whether or not Godzilla has a penis? Did you think you be pointed at 1,000-word article attempting to answer that very question?

What can I say, some things you just can’t plan for. On the other hand, things like the manner in which you’ll spend your evening can be squarely accounted for well in advance. Let us point you in the right direction. — Cory Graves

Thirsty Thursday at Dr Pepper Ballpark
Like all Thursday Rough Riders games, this contest against the Corpus Christi Hooks will feature $1 domestic drafts and $2 craft and imports. Even better, one lucky fan will win a life-sized bobblehead of the team’s ambassador of fun, Michael Gruber. — CG

Ninkasi Last Band Standing: Duell vs Supersonic Lips at Lola’s Saloon
Locals Duell and Supersonic Lips will battle it out as part of the summer-spanning concert collaboration between Untapped Fest, Spune and Oregon’s Ninkasi Brewing Company. Dubbed Last Band Standing, it’s like battle dome, except with a soundtrack. — Calvin Cashen

Lokal 1 at Dada
Dada’s unveiling a novel new concept. Get this, three local acts and one local DJ all perform on the same bill with no touring bands in sight. What?! Get out of here! Locals Dezi 5, Rat Rios, 88 Killa and DJ Christy Ray all appear on this inventive inaugural outing, hosted as an introduction of sorts to the venue’s updated outdoor stage set-up on its back patio. — CG

Retox at Three Links
Justin Pearson of The Locust brings his other Los Angeles hardcore band, Retox, to town to head up this bill, which also features Wreck & Reference, He Whose Ox Is Gored, Some Ember and Silent. — CG

Black Pussy at The Rail Club
History is filled with rock ‘n’ roll urban legends that sound just plausible enough in the grand scheme of rock debauchery to not be written off right away. (We’re looking at you, Rod Stewart.) One such tale claims that Mick Jagger initially intended the Rolling Stones’ 1971 hit “Brown Sugar” to be called “Black Pussy,” which the label deemed too racy. Whether or not there’s any truth to that tale, it’s a pretty significant an indicator of how far our society has come — or regressed, depending on who you ask — that a band of ’70s-influenced rockers from Portland can adopt the name and find places to play year after year. — CG

Idiocracy at Alamo Drafthouse (Richardson)
Mike Judge’s comedy-turned-documentary is back on the big screen to warn us all what will happen to our crops if Donald Trump is elected president come November. This very expensive global warming bullshit has got to stop. — CG

Aaron Aryanpur at Hyena’s Plano (Free)
Aryanpur has a sharp delivery and expert timing, but those aspects alone aren’t enough to explain how Aryanpur has become one of the best — and most respected — comics in DFW. He talks openly onstage about his life, and he’s able to find terrific, singular comedy in deeply personal matters. That willingness to be honest and vulnerable with crowds is what makes him an irreplaceable performer, and also helped his debut album reach the top spot on iTunes’ comedy chart. — Alex Gaskin

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