Gut It Out.

People do a lot of regrettable things when they're bored. Take Riley Swearingen, for instance. He was recently so bored he decided to get drunk and give a cop a Wet Willie.

Not smart.

Of course, there's no need for that kind of stupidity — and certainly not in a place like Dallas where you've got all kinds of things going on to keep you out of trouble. — Cory Graves

Dave Mason's Traffic Jam at Granada Theater
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and co-founder of the legendary band Traffic (with Steve Winwood), Dave Mason will be here tonight for a trippy experience at the Granada. He'll be playing a lot of those early tunes, albeit sans Winwood. No word yet if he'll have mushrooms or acid handy, but his guitar playing will no doubt be out of this world. — Chase Whale

Mike Doughty's Question Jar Show at Lola's
Soul Coughing frontman Mike Doughty will be performing at Lola's tonight. Fun fact about Doughty: He was once approached to write and record a new song for the hugely popular Twilight franchise. The song, titled “Dive Into the Un,” was eventually rejected due to its subject matter, though. I guess that's just what happens when you write songs about goth kids dropping LSD and stealing porn from train station newsstands. Anyway, at this “Question Jar” show, he'll be intermittently answering questions that the audiences places in a jar on the stage. — Erika Lambreton

AT&T Patio Sessions at Sammons Park (Free)
For the penultimate edition of the Performing Arts Center's free, weekly local music offerings, Fort Worth's Calhoun will head things up. As we've said about a million times before, though, it's the opening set from Catamaran that really gets us excited: The band's infectious “All Around” single doesn't seem to get old no matter how many times we hear it — and, yeah, we've heard it a ton. — CG

Gwar at Gas Monkey Live
Earlier this year, Gwar found itself facing a hard decision as how to best replace founding member Dave Brockie after he passed away due to a heroin overdose. In what's being called the comedy shock-rockers' most shocking movie yet, the band recently introduced a new character into its realm named Vulvatron, who is set to become the most prominently featured female member of Gwar in that band's 30-year history. Sticking with the band's long-established lore, the character apparently shoots fake blood out of her giant prosthetic breasts during the band's performances. Because why wouldn't she? — CG

TTNG at Dada
Math rock is one of those really contentious genres. Some people are obsessed with the never-ending cerebral exercise that comes with trying to comprehend the often discordant onslaught of hammer-on/pull-off guitar playing. For other folks, it can be an effective tool to use in a Guantanamo Bay-type interrogation. Let's face it: You already know which of those camps you fall into. To that end, you probably already know you feel about British math rockers TTNG (formerly known as This Town Needs Guns), too, for that matter. Emma Ruth Rundle and Mylets also perform. — CG

Mavs Run This Town 5K at American Airlines Center
Mavs madness is about to begin on the court, but the boys have been throwing some cool events lately. Tonight, a new one: The team is sponsoring a 5K run through Victory Park and the Design District. But that's not all. There will also be live music by Old 97's, a beer garden provided by Michelob Ultra, a Mavs 2014-15 game ticket giveaway and more. Register here if you haven't already! — CW

Acid Witch, Child Bite and Unconscious Collective at The Boiler Room
Acid Witch is a horror-themed metal act from Detroit, the same city from which Insane Clown Posse's brand of horror-themed rap also originated. Unlike ICP, Acid Witch's own campy spin on the genre has a bit of a smarter, tongue-in-cheek vibe to it. Fellow Detroit art rockers Child Bite and experimental Dallas jazz trio Unconscious Collective open. — CG

Brew Haha Comedy Series at Panther Island Brewing
Laugh until Allergeez comes out of your nose at the Panther Island Brewing stop on the Brew Haha comedy series. In addition to stand-up sets from a handful of local comedians, your ticket will score you a tour and three tastings of Panther Island's brews. — CG

Rear Window at Angelika Film Center
All month long, the Angelika will be celebrating one of the most prominent directors of all time, Alfred Hitchcock. Tonight, the four-time Oscar nominated Rear Window is on the docket. It's free and screens out front of the Angelika. With this nice weather, it's going to be a nice night for outdoor movie-watching. Just remember to BYOB (blanket), and lawn chair, too, if you're feelin' it. — CW

PUP at Three Links
Who wouldn't want to see a band named PUP? People with opinions, I suppose. The name sounds sweet and cuddly, but it's actually an acronym for Pathetic Use of Potential. It makes sense; at its core, this Canadian band is all punk rock. Speaking of potential, the band's got loads of it, with Rolling Stone calling them one of the “breakout rock acts” of 2014. See them tonight with Hard Girls and Jack Thunder & the Road Soda. — CW

Mother Hips at Dan's Silverleaf
The Mother Hips are on the same label as Tom Petty, the Black Crowes and the late, great Johnny Cash, which is fitting because this Bay Area outfit makes a pretty earthy brand of pop-oriented bar rock itself. Good thing they ditched the idea of being just a Led Zeppelin and Jane's Addiction cover band. — CW

Two Tons of Steel at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
By its name alone, Two Tons of Steel is a band I'd want on my side during a fist fight. For what it's worth, this San Antonio-based rockabilly and Texas country hybrid plays “louder and faster” than other similar sounding outfits. To wit: You're just as likely to hear an Elvis cover as a Ramones tune at this one. Austin's Jesse Dayton opens. — CW

The Orbans at Vagabond
The Orbans playing at Vagabond tonight is a big deal for the venue. Why? It's the first time they KXT-adored Fort Worth indie-rockers have ever played there, duh. Also? There's no cover, either, so there's that. — CW

Skeleton Coast at The Where House
Though dreamy Fort Worth outfit Skeleton Coast officially disbanded over a year ago when its frontman Bobby McCubbins moved to Washington. It's played a show or two since then, most recently opening for Gardens & Villa at Dada earlier this week. This show will officially mark the band's final performance, and serve as something of a debut for McCubbins' new solo dream pop outfit, Goldd. Bummer Vacation, Blackstone Rangers, Tidals, SuperSonic Lips and Yung Wave also perform. — CG

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