Hear Katy Perry Roar.

Some people will do almost anything for their 15 minutes of fame. Some accidental, some downright planned. But most are asinine and regretful.

So let's examine this guy, whose stupid act cost him more than embarrassment. Seems 21-year-old Anthony Wunder thought it would be hilarious to run through the field during last Saturday's Ohio State football game. He didn't get very far before Ohio's coach body-slammed him into the ground, though. And that tackle? It looked just as painful as it did embarrassing.

Well, now things have just gotten worse. Wunder has been stripped of his scholarship, which covered his expensive housing and tuition.


Fans, we know you love Katy Perry just as much as we do, but if there's a lesson to be learned here, it's to learn from Mr. Wunder. Enjoy this — and/or whatever event you may end up at tonight — from your spot off the stage. — Chase Whale

Katy Perry at American Airlines Center
In the race to put on the most glamorous show, Katy Perry is in town to razzle and dazzle her onstage theatrics and song props. For every ticket sold, a buck will be donated to Children's Rights & Emergency Relief Organization. And for the Dallas shows, duo Tegan & Sara is opening. — CW

Shonen Knife at Dada
Shonen Knife is often the first band that comes to mind when someone says “Japanese punk group,” and that's probably because of their close association with Nirvana and Sonic Youth. The group first formed in 1981 and has achieved worldwide recognition, and was one of the first Japanese bands that broke into international markets. Oklahoma's Skating Polly and Dallas' Party Static open. — Chelsea Upton

Cash'd Out at Gas Monkey Bar n Grill
San Diego tribute band Cash'd Out have called the “next best thing to Johnny Cash,” which is probably hyperbole at its greatest. Still, the band has won some pretty big awards in the tribute band world. That said, this should be a rockin' good time. — CW

AT&T Patio Sessions at Sammons Park (Free)
The Roomsounds is a rootsy, rock 'n' roll band from Dallas that's currently working on a record at the famed Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. RTB2 is a perpetually awesome, blues-based rock duo. Together, these acts make up the hardest rocking set this usually acoustic-based weekly event will have seen in a bit. — Cory Graves

Kill the Noise and Milo & Otis at Trees
I can't tell you how great MTV Music Award winners Kill the Noise will be this evening, but if they rock as awesome as this animated flier, it's going to be one hell of a good time. Milo & Otis and Ape Drums open. — CW

The Phuss at Three Links
Just behind “sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll,” rock music's most enduring mantra has got to be “live fast, die young.” It's a saying that Josh Fleming, Trey Alfaro and Forrest Barton of Dallas hard-rocking trio, The Phuss, are intimately familiar with, to be sure. Hell, the band's upcoming third long-player, On the Prowl sounds as much like a band of miscreants trying its damnedest to live up to that maxim as it does a concept record glorifying that whole “leave behind a pretty corpse” cliche. Between churning, '80s-esque metal licks and frontman Fleming's frequent screams — which tread a territory between Vince Neil's coked-out “Shout at the Devil” caterwaul and Dave Grohl's own '80s-mining wails on “White Limo” — it's possible to pick out several references to the “live fast, die young” notion peppered throughout the course of the disc's breezy eight tracks. And before the band leaves on tour, it'll play its kickass new material for the hometown crowd. Before heading out to this one, you can check out our review of On the Prowl and listen to some of the band's new tracks here. — CG

Wreckless Eric and John Wesley Coleman at Fred's Texas Cafe (Free)
Despite the fact that his biggest and perhaps only hit — “Whole Wide World” — can still be heard locally on KXT on a weekly basis, Wreckless Eric never really got his due. One of the founding fathers of simple-but-clever, three-chord '70s pop-punk movement, the performer born Eric Goulden has maybe best known for drunken onstage antics. We couldn't imagine the 60-year-old still hits the sauce quite so hard these days, though. Fuzzy Austin pop-smith John Wesley Coleman, on the other hand, should pick up the slack in that department quite effectively. — CG

Interpol at South Side Ballroom
Have you heard the new Interpol record, El Pintor yet? I haven't, but if it's anything close to Our Love to Admire or Turn on the Bright Lights, I'm going to love it. Fun fact: El Pintor is an anagram of the band's name. — CW

Anthony Jeselnik at Addison Improv
Besides his perfectly groomed hair, the other thing that makes former Jimmy Fallon writer and Comedy Central Roast veteran Anthony Jeselnik so funny is his dry, deadpan delivery. The utterly serious yet nonchalant tone in his voice makes it all the more jarring/offensive when he drops an AIDS joke into the mix — and loads funnier as well. — CG

Hands on a Hardbody at Theatre Three
Has Larry Flynt capitalized on the title of this documentary-turned-musical yet? Color me shocked, if not. This Dallas musical theater adaptation, however, is about 10 down-on-their-luck Texans competing to win a brand-new truck. The allegorical play has a lot of charms and is sweeter than the simple description. Catch it on Thursdays through October 19th. — CW

Nas: This is Illmatic at Angelika Film Center (Dallas)
All he needs is one mic… and one documentary. Nas: Time Is Illmatic is a documentary is about Nas' upbringing that shaped his prominent debut album, Illmatic. Also featured in the film is Fab 5 Freddy, Alicia Keys, Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes and Pharrell Williams. — CW

2014 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour at Texas Theatre
Short films don't get enough love at film festivals. Most press and fans are out to catch the stars and the movies the aforementioned are starring in. Which is why it's so pleasing Sundance is trying something new — taking the shorts each year on “tour,” showing all of them from that year in one block (one showtime) around the world. Tonight, you can catch the Dallas show at the Texas Theatre. To see what shorts that will be playing, click here. The animation shorts screen on Sunday, October 5, at 5 p.m. — CW

Loud on Stroud Vol. 16 at 411 Stroud Street
It's generally not our policy to post links to house shows in our “things to do” posts. That said, don't point fingers this way if this one gets shut down by the cops or whatever. At the same time, this lineup looks too stacked to completely ignore. Mink Coats, Bummer Vacation, Bad Beats, Pearl Earl, Gross Bitch each perform at this one. It should be good times, to be sure. — CG

Paolo Nutini at Granada Theater
It's been five years since Paolo Nutini released a new album, but he's back with a romantic vengeance with his latest, Caustic Love. And thanks to a little thing we like to call ACL spillover, you can catch the Scotland native crooning his new soulful songs off the album tonight. — CW

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