Push The Limits With Small Black.

Have you ever gone out and had so much to drink that you woke up somewhere you didn't recognize? Better yet: Have you ever gone out and had so much to drink that you woke up on a desert island?

Well, it happened to someone. And in South Carolina of all places.

How does something like this actually happen? Well, apparently, our man in question told police that he remembered going out to the bar and then swimming — for a long time. A long time, we assume, as he finally landed on a tiny block of land just off the coast of Charleston called Drum Island.

Don't worry: He's OK, albeit a little embarrassed.

Anyway, go out tonight, have fun and have a drink if you want. But don't get stranded. No, we're not really near the coast here in Dallas, but that doesn't mean you can't get into trouble.

Red Bull Sound Select: Small Black at The Prophet Bar
Tonight, we're at it again, curating another Red Bull Sound Select show. No matter who headlines these monthly affairs, we always find ourselves surrounded by good times and good people, and we expect that trend to continue as chillwave stalwarts Small Black headline this month's edition. As with all Sound Select shows in town moving forward, tickets are $3 with an RSVP here, and $7 at the door. Showing up early a must: Local acts Cutter and The Burning Hotels kick things off. — Jordyn Walters

Bonobo at House of Blues
Simon Green, also known as Bonobo, likes to grab samples from wherever he can to add into his layered, moody and intricate beats. Sometimes, it's deliberate — he'll go from record store to record store and paw through items to find possible samples. Other times, it's just because he heard a noise and liked it, which is why he always carries a tiny microphone around with him — so he can capture a sound whenever he hears it. He dropped coins into a fountain one morning and decided to record it. Then he hopped onto the train and recorded the sound of the automatic doors. That's what's so awesome about this guy; he's always recording a sound, and the majority of the sounds in his music were recorded by him and not conjured up digitally. Who knew all the sounds you usually tune out from everyday life could make music this good? — JW

John Legend at Verizon Theatre
The nine-time Grammy winner and recently engaged musician has a brand new album titled Love in the Future, and he's making his stop in North Texas tonight to promote it. He got his start in college, where he got to stay in Miami at Sandals (we've all seen the commercials) because he performed night and day in an a cappella group on the resort. He's come a long way since then, though. Obviously. — JW

Quasi at Dan's Silverleaf
The ex-husband-and-wife duo of Janet Weiss and Sam Coomes has been making music together since 1993, and a “little” personal break up hasn't slowed this former couple down much. Not only are they fantastic punk-rock musicians together, but they boast rather impressive resumes as well. To wit: Janet was the drummer in Sleater-Kinney and played stints with Bright Eyes and Stephen Malkmus, in addition to currently being a member of Wild Flag; Sam has played with Elliott Smith and Built to Spill. The Portland-rooted couple just released its double LP, Mole City, which has personally provided us with a few thrills as of late. After 20 years of making music together, it's either go big or go home with most acts. Lucky for us, this duo is opting for the former. — JW

Chelsea Light Moving at Trees
Chelsea Light Moving is a new(ish) band fronted by Thurston Moore, who, in addition to being Tegan and Sara's No. 1 fan, is of course the founder of Sonic Youth. His new aggressive rock outfit released its debut LP days before playing a set on the main stage at this year's 35 Denton festival, and it's in many ways a collaborative act. Moore has said he likes to think of this as a whole new band that he just happens to be a part of. As such, he isn't all that fond of people referring to the act as “Thurston Moore's new band.” But, c'mon, that probably isn't going to happen anytime soon. — JW

Ivan & Alyosha at Three Links
This band's shows are said to be effortlessly uplifting and, if that's not enough to get you out to see this group, well, we'll try some more. Ivan & Alyosha offer up a delicate blend of Mumford & Sons' harmonies, Fleet Foxes' melodies and, maybe weirdly, Imagine Dragons' resilient lyrics. Just imagine these sounds thrown into a blender, and you'll be pretty close to encapsulating the musical chemistry of Ivan & Alyosha. — JW

Black Tusk at Dada
These Savannah-based rockers have been together since 2005, when all the band's members originally lived on the same street. Their southern origins explain why they refer to their brand of sludge as “swamp metal,” and it also tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the band's sound heading into this one. — JW

Little Boots and Ishi at the House of Blues' Cambridge Room
English electropop darling Little Boots takes the stage at the House of Blues' small room tonight in support of her May-released sophomore LP, Nocturnes, which boasts a fine production pedigree thanks to contributions from such notables as Simian Mobile Disco and Hercules and Love Affair's Andy Butler. Local openers Ishi ain't suckers in the production department either, as we can now confirm that frontman John Mudd just wrapped a week-long writing session with one of the founding members of the U.K. garage icons Artful Dodger about week back. So, basically, if you go into this one expecting high production values, you won't leave disappointed. — Pete Freedman

Chevy Music Showcase Presents: Larry g(EE) and Animal Spirit at Queen City Music Hall (Free)
Tonight's free show marks the kickoff for Season 2 of the North Texas Chevy Music Showcase — which airs tonight, and every Thursday for the next several weeks, during Jimmy Kimmel Live!.It should be a good one too: Episode 1 star Larry g(EE), who'll perform live tonight, is one of the fastest rising acts in town. Earlier this week, the Dallas Observer called Larry g(EE) and his band “one of the best bets for a national breakthrough in 2014.” Fellow Season 2 act Animal Spirit opens. — Cory Graves

Hunters at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios
In a punk mood tonight? Denton's your destination. While the highly credentialed Quasi performs at Dan's, another boy-girl punk combo will take the reigns at RGRS: Brooklyn upstart Hunters' music is gritty, brash and just harmonious to be catchy. Local ice cream punks Street Arabs open. — PF

Bingo Players at Granada Theater
The Rattle & Roll tour with Dutch dance dudes Paul Baumer and Maarten Hoogstraten hits our streets tonight. With multiple chart-topping singles and sold-out venues internationally, they're making their way across the Atlantic to spread their blasty, pumped-up beats that slap and groove. Baumer, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, will likely not be present. But Hoogstraten has stepped up and will continue to play the twosome's shows solo until Baumer is well to get back to touring again. Special guest Bass Jackers and Mark J open. — JW

Laura Marling at Kessler Theater
Laura Marling has gained huge success in a short amount of time. She's reserved and quiet, believing that she doesn't need to speak unless it's necessary. She's soft-spoken, shy on stage, and the type that enjoys being alone without being lonely. That's what brought her to Los Angeles from London: She's more content and fixated on simplicity, which she says she easily finds here, rather than in England. The move has changed her music a little as well. It's still soft and birdlike, but there's an effortlessness within her words now, like she knows where she should go from here. Punk-folk master Willy Mason opens.– JW

The USA Film Festival Celebrates Bottle Rocket at Texas Theatre
This evening, Dallas-based non-profit organization USA Film Festival will honor Wes Anderson's debut film, Bottle Rocket, with a screening of both the feature-length film and the original short at the Texas Theatre. The night will also serve as a celebration of New York Magazine film critic and former Dallas Observer writer Matt Zoller Seitz' new book, The Wes Anderson Collection. The proceedings will also salute former Dallas-based actor (and Cosmic Cafe owner) Kumar Pallana, who made his debut in the film and passed away last month. — CG

Nervous Curtains at The Church
It's always pretty cool when a band (read: not just a DJ) takes over the Lizard Lounge's confines for a performance, and tonight should prove no different as dark local synth-driven outfit Nervous Curtains performs as part of the venue's always goth-inclined The Church weekly. — PF

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