Get Filthy with John Waters.

Yesterday former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez was arraigned for allegedly murdering two men outside a Boston club. Why should you care, necessarily?

Well, according to the DA in the case, Hernandez' reason for shooting the two men stemmed from the fact that they had accidentally spilled a drink on him earlier in the night and never apologizing for it.

That said, should you spill a drink on an especially psychotic-looking stranger be sure to buy them a new one, offer to pay for their dry cleaning bill, and for the love of God, say you're sorry.

John Waters Does Dallas at Kessler Theater
Counter-culture pioneer and indie cinema provocateur, John Waters, is coming to The Kessler to get weird and wild with Dallas in celebration of his new book, Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America. Waters, the pencil-mustached director of transgressive cult trash — and we mean that as a compliment — such as Pink Flamingo and Cry-Baby, will be performing a one-man vaudeville show, discussing his most chaotic career moments, collaborating with the late, fabulous Divine, and getting into filth as a youngster in Baltimore, among other oddities. — Chase Whale

Geezer, Mang at Double Wide
If you're going to go and choose a band as conventional as Weezer to pay tribute to, you're definitely going to need some sort of gimmick. Fortunately for Geezer, dressing up as old folks during its shows isn't its only one; the band also incorporates lyrics to all kinds of other '90s jams into Weezer classics — think about a verse of Violent Femmes' “Blister in the Sun” mixed into the middle of “Island in the Sun.” Sharing the bill is Mang, quite possibly the world's only Ween tribute band. Rawk. — Cory Graves

The 1975 at House of Blues
It's hard to say exactly where Manchester dance rock outfit The 1975 took its name from. Surely it has something to do with its slightly retro-leaning influences but exactly which is hard to say. Passion Pit's members weren't born until the late '80s, so no luck there. INXS didn't come along until the late '70s, so it's probably not a nod to them either. They do sound vaguely like something that might have played during a John Hughes flick, but again, that was the '80s. Oh well, it's probably best not to think too hard about it. — CG

AT&T Patio Sessions at Sammons Park (Free)
Dallas-born troubadour Vanessa Peters is perhaps better known globally than she is in her own backyard, thanks in no small part to her work with Italian instrumental outfit Ice Cream on Mondays. Still, her own solo work is notable in its own right, and 2012's The Burn the Truth the Lies even wound up on our own Best Albums list from that year. Peters is currently working on a pair of follow-ups to that one, so there should be plenty to take in tonight at this free show. Fellow Dallasite Rahim Quazi opens. — CG

DJ Sober's Birthday Party at The Travis Basement
If you've lived in Dallas within the past decade, you've heard (or heard of) DJ Sober. List the projects and events he's been involved with and you'll run out of ink. The dude's fully ingrained himself into the culture of the city at this point. Listen: There's a reason this mild-mannered guy's so revered — he's given the people something to dance to for quite a long time now. So tonight, let's give back and join him in celebrating his birthday in grand fashion at The Travis, where New York's DJ Chris Devlin will be this week's special guest. — Brian Knowles

Charlsie Grace Birthday/Benefit Show at Dada
Tonight marks the 28th birthday of local promoter Charlsie Grace, whose booking outfit The Artist Collective was instrumental in helping revive Crown and Harp's reputation as far as the local music scene goes. Grace was recently diagnosed with Huntington's Disease, and as such, tonight's proceeds will be put towards her medical costs and allow her to see some new specialists. An additional benefit for Grace will be held on June 20 at Lola's in Fort Worth. — CG

Barefoot at the Belmont
As you might have guessed, this intimate poolside show with Memphis singer-songwriter Valerie June and Denton's Doug Burr has long been sold out. What can we say? It happens every single week with these things. That said, if you want to attend at least one of these Belmont-hosted affairs this spring, we'd suggest checking the link above for a list of upcoming performances and noting when tickets go on sale. — CG

Alex Dezen, Billy Harvey, Salim Nourallah at AllGood Cafe
Alex Dezen (frontman of The Damnwells), Los Angeles singer-songwriter Billy Harvey and local rocker/producer extraordinaire Salim Nourallah are currently touring the country as a trio jamming together on each other's songs. Tonight's locally-held songswap probably serves up better chicken-fried steak than any of the trio's other stops, though, we're guessing. — CG

Trans Am at Three Links
Maryland post-rock trio Trans Am have been at it since 1990. Its current album, X is appropriately titled for several reasons, the least of which being the fact it's the band's tenth full-length. Then ten tracks, which range from Krautrock, to metal, synthpop, prog and everything in between, are also best enjoyed when cranked to ten, or in Roman numerals, X. New Fumes and Jack Dover open. — CG

Two Tons of Steel at Dan's Silverleaf
In a perfect world, everyone would be able to catch San Antonio rockabilly outfit Two Tons of Steel at legendary Texas venue Gruene Hall where it performs every Tuesday all summer long. Being a workday and such for most of us, though, this much shorter drive — or in some cases walk — over to Dan's is probably a much more viable option. — CG

The Matrix Re-loaded at Alamo Drafthouse
Re-enter The Matrix with the Alamo Drafthouse's Tough Guy Cinema series. With live explosions, tumble down the Rabbit Hole with Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity as they battle The Machines and the menacing Agent Smith, dodge bullets, and bend the laws of physics with their fists of fury. — CW

Vardonne Trunk Show/Launch Party at Factory Girl
Feature designers. Feature vendors: Kristen Everett (Vardonne), Sellers & Sellers, and Heather Mayo (Capsule). Live music. Glitz and glamour. Complimentary valet and cocktails. Why are you still reading? All this and more will be found at Deep Ellum boutique Factory Girl this evening. If you want to beat all the cool kids to the punch, secure a spot by RSVP-ing at here. — CW

Quebe Sisters at Klyde Warren Park (Free)
Eat your heart out, Wilson Philips, there's a new trio of sisters taking over the music world. (Okay, a little dated, but work with us here). Dentonites Graces, Sophia and Hulda Quebe (pronounced Kway-bee) are the Quebe Sisters Band — or as we like to call the Fiddle Sisters — will be playing a free show with The Dallas Symphony Orchestra as part of the Music Thursday series at at Klyde Warren Park. Bonus: Show up at 12:45 p.m. for the Ideas in Bloom discussion with the band, grab some food, then return for the show. — CW

Soil at Trees
With tonight's Dallas show being the third to last stop on the band's tour, longtime Chicago metal band Soil is sure to be firing on all cylinders. Low Gear, The Crimson Veil, and Never Mind the Darkness open. — Chrissi Chetwood

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